30 September 2021

Another Fake Hate Crime

This does not accomplish what they think it accomplishes. (With appologies to Iñigo Montoya.) Hate crime? Black man arrested for ‘n-word’ graffiti, swastikas at Emory University

In August, someone painted several racist and offensive slurs on a building at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Police have just arrested a black man for the crime.

And as for keeping the public informed...

Police reports indicate that Emory officials became aware that the actor was a black man in early August, but never informed the campus or the press. This allowed the belief that the crime was racially motivated to perpetuate.

Because how would admitting that the hate-crime was mostly a hoax advance the narrative. No telling how he really feels about Jews; that may have been actual hate.

Vaccine Passport App Not Secured

Is anybody Shocked that an app built quickly didn't consider security? Portpass app may have exposed hundreds of thousands of users' personal data

Private proof-of-vaccination app Portpass exposed personal information, including the driver's licences, of what could be as many as hundreds of thousands of users by leaving its website unsecured.

On Monday evening, CBC News received a tip that the user profiles on the app's website could be accessed by members of the public.

First the CEO said, "there was no breach, you lying criminals." Then it was, "The breach only lasted minutes." It lasted long enough for people to find it, and report it to them.

OK then. I totally believe him when he says that. Not really.

Hat tip to Don Surber.

Hawaii Is Usually Very Anti-2nd-Amendment

Couple that with how prosecutors HATE self-defense, and this story is very unusual. No Charges in Fatal Road Rage Incident

Prosecutor Steve Alm says the driver who was stabbed was the unprovoked aggressor and that there’s not enough evidence to disprove the other driver acted in self-defense. A spokesperson for the prosecutor says Gerald Waialae appeared to be intoxicated and intentionally rammed the car of the man who later stabbed him.

If someone "intentionally rams" my car, I am going to assume - even in absence of intoxication - that he means to do me harm.

Apparently the prosecutor saw things that way as well.

Self-defense is a human-right. Though I would not count on it being recognized as your legal right in Hawaii. (Hat tip Keep and Bear Arms.)

Stupidity or Malice?

Are people that stupid to throw lit cigarettes out of a car, or was this intentional? Fire Investigators Looking Into Possible Connection Between Rio Linda Fire And Suspicious Fires

Arson investigators determined it was likely started from a discarded cigarette along the roadway.

I lived in California 35 years ago, and even back then they were telling people not to be stupid enough to throw burning cigarettes out of car windows. Still, driving around the countryside, you would see huge burn scars from where some idiot did exactly that.

But with the news of all fires, all the time, is it really stupidity, or, like the shaman who was setting fires, is this deliberate. (See below.)

I usually say that stupidity is more frightening than malice, because there are only a handful of true evil-doers, and they only get up to no good from time to time, but stupidity is not in short supply. But these fires seem to be the product of malice. At least some of them.

Case in point, from The Other McCain, we have the story of the scientific shaman from California. Crazy People Are Dangerous

Say hello to Alexandra Souverneva, a 30-year-old California woman whom the Monterey Herald describes as a “scientist,” because she has a bachelor’s degree from California Institute of Technology and later enrolled in a Ph.D. program. However, Souverneva describes herself as a “shaman,” which is relevant to the criminal charges against her.

The shaman is accused of starting one of the California wild fires. Gee, you mean it wasn't the result of Global Warming Climate Change? The reason that Robert Stacy McCain doesn't want to call her a scientist - which is what the media is calling her - is due to the fact that she claimed she was starting the fire to boil bear piss so she could drink it.

What? You wouldn’t drink a puddle of bear urine, even after it was boiled? Don’t you believe in science? Ask any shaman about this.

By the way, police say a search of Souverneva’s backpack found “a green, leafy substance she admitted to smoking that day” — entirely legal in California, of course — and no self-respecting shaman would pass up a chance to smoke “a green, leafy substance.” Because science.

Click thru for the whole thing.

Amateur Psychologists Fleecing the Professionals

The Grifters are putting the screws to the Psychotherapists. Irony, it seems, isn't dead after all. 'He held me hostage with no gun but with his words': The phone scam gaslighting therapists

First, what the scam entails.

Scores of therapists in California and throughout the country have fallen prey to similar phone calls, according to messages on professional list servers, news articles and warnings from industry associations.

The script varies, but there are some constants. The victims are women, many of whom list their work cell phone numbers on a website for people seeking therapists. (Some were actually notified by the site that someone had requested their contact information the same day the calls came.) The perpetrator is a man with a confident tone of authority. He tells them they are in legal trouble, but he can help them avoid jail time if they pay a fine or bail. He coaches them to buy gift cards.

The gift cards should be a warning sign. Anyone who insists on gift cards, or cash, especially if they are pretending to be from the .gov should be suspect. They want a check. Their systems were designed in the 1970s, and updated in the 1990s. They don't know from Gift Cards.

As for who is most at risk, in general, to phone scams...

And despite the perception that seniors are more likely to be victimized, it was actually people ages 18 to 44 who fell prey most often.

Because the current generations of middle-class young people

  1. Are too trusting for their own good,
  2. Want to help everyone they can (see A), and
  3. Have an undeserved faith in their own abilities (people have told them how great they are, their entire lives).

Then there is the fact that the quote, from David Mamet, in the image above, and in text below, is 100 percent true.

Old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance.

29 September 2021

Of Course There Is a Live Action Cowboy Bebop

Because actually doing something new would be harder. Cowboy Bebop: Who Are the Characters in the Netflix Teaser? - IGN

Spike, Jet, Faye, and Ein. (The picture to the right is of Ein, as portrayed in the live action version.)

For those of you not familiar with Cowboy Bebop. Bebop is the name a of spaceship crewed by Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, Jet Black, and Ed. With Ein along for the ride. Cowboy is slang (in universe) for bounty hunters.

Ed doesn't show up in the opening credits (see below) and isn't included in the cast on IMDB, but does seem to be included in the teaser trailer. I mean, how could you do Cowboy Bebop without Ed? (Ein would be so sad!) It would be like doing Star Trek without Spock, but I suppose that could be what they're doing.

And for some reason they appear to have given Jet a Mateba Model 6 Unica autorevolver that I normally associate with Togusa from Ghost in the Shell. (Though I suppose it could be a Chippa Firearms Rhino.) In the original Jet used a Walther P99 in 9x19mm, a holdover from his days as a cop. Still, Spike seems to have his signature Jericho 941 from IMI, so they did somethings right. (The Jericho was sold in the US as the Baby Eagle by Magnum Research.)

Unlike typical Hollywood relaunches, they are not pissing all over the intellectual property (aside from the whole Ed thing), but they seem to actually be sticking to the source material fairly well. I guess we shall see. (Or at least those of us who love the anime will see...)

There has been some trashing online of the "toned-down" Faye Valentine. But just like the X-Men movies didn't put Wolverine in yellow spandex, and the Netflix version of Jessica Jones was only ever in the black leather jacket, and not the costume from the comics, I don't have a problem with the costume choices seen in the video.

Here are the 1998 opening titles side-by-side with the 2021 titles.

You can find the teaser trailer at this link.

The best introduction, for people starting from zero, to Cowboy Bebop is the opening scene from the movie. That's how I see it anyway. About 4 and a half minutes how I have it set up... Spike. Jet. Bounty hunting.

And the best thing about the movie is the opening theme.

And if you are familiar with the phrase Kaubōi Bibappu, you are a serious fan of anime.

Wednesday Link Roundup - 29 September

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Political Hat - News of the Week (September 26th, 2021)

Majority Says Biden Isn’t “Mentally Sharp”: Poll
A majority of Americans now say that President Biden is not “mentally sharp,” according to a new poll from the Pew Research Center.

EBL - MAGA Saturday ☀️

EBL: BIDEN ADMINISTRATION BANS HORSES IN DEL RIO 🏇🏻🐴 : They are sending Joe Biden's German Shepherds Instead 🐕‍🦺
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Don Surber - Highlights of the News

ITEM 7: Task & Purpose reported, "Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, the Marine officer whose meteoric rise to internet fandom began with a video criticizing military leadership over Afghanistan, is currently in the brig

Battleswarm Blog - Supply Chain Disruption Update for September 28, 2021

In Europe, a natural gas shortage has sent price soaring because surprise, surprise, Russia has cut supplies by 57%.
The supply chain shortages are hitting small businesses hard.

Doug Ross - Larwyn’s Linx: Life along the border collapses as Biden fiddles

'Woke' Democrat Caught Falsely Claiming to Be Hispanic: Neon Nettle
'I'll be back soon': Officer shot multiple times says she won't quit: Matthew Miller

J.J. Sefton at Ace of Spades HQ - The Morning Report - 9/28/21

"Warning of staff shortages due to the removal of unvaccinated staffers, the city principals' and teachers' unions have lobbied for enforcement of the mandate to be delayed."
NYC Sets Friday Vaccine Deadline for School Staffers After Court Lifts Injunction

Maggie's Farm - Monday morning links

Even CNN Calls Out "Patently False" Border Patrol "Whipping"
It Gets Worse: Look Who Worked Together to Frame Donald Trump With Fake Russia Hoax
Ending Homelessness? No—just more of the same federal policy.

Anonymous Conservative - News Briefs – 09/28/2021

Biden Security Adviser Jake Sullivan tied to alleged 2016 Clinton scheme to co-opt the CIA and FBI to tar Trump, may be next on Durham’s list.

I leave you with Sunday gifdump from Knuckledraggin My Life Away, Sunday Funnies, 09-26-21 from Stately McDaniel Manor, Monday Memes from Granite Grok, and Sunday Funnies From Flopping Aces.

Prosecutors HATE Self-defense

And especially New England prosecutors. Auburn man’s acquittal in shooting death is rare example of a successful claim of self-defense

It’s rare for Maine juries to hand up “not guilty” verdicts in murder trials. What’s even rarer is what happened Wednesday: A jury concluded a defendant who claimed he was acting in self-defense was guilty of neither murder nor manslaughter. More often than not in that circumstance, a jury that finds a defendant not guilty of murder finds him guilty of a lesser manslaughter charge.

But in the end, the jury was convinced that he was threatened with death or grave bodily harm.

Defense attorney Luke Rioux of Portland argued that Ortiz was choked before he fired three shots. The fatal one hit Jonathan Methot, 30, of Biddeford in the face on Sept. 26, 2016.

And in Maine, prosecutors have had their own way, winning on Manslaughter if they lose on Murder. And the love to win, even when Justice says they should lose.

Self-defense is a human-right, though it may not be your legal right Maine. (Hat tip Keep and Bear Arms.)

“The day the Aussies gave up their guns triggered the beginning of the end of their liberty.”

The quickness with which the elected leaders of Australia have trampled liberty, all but disbanded parliament, and embarked on march toward a totalitarian police state - all for the good of the citizens - has been amazing. SLOBODIAN: First you lose your guns, then your freedoms - The Western Standard

Aussies protesting totalitarian COVID-19 restrictions, the harshest in the free world, are fighting a seemingly hopeless battle for basic rights and freedoms by pelting rocks, bottles, golf balls, and batteries against heavily armed riot police.

It was a sad day in Melbourne Wednesday when police were ordered to fire rubber bullets into a crowd of 400 protesters, then arrested about 200 who face hefty $5,000 US fines.

The video at this link shows how far they have fallen in one year, or so.

And the behavior of cops is distressing. "Serve and Protect" has been thrown out in favor of "Enforce and Opress." I'm sure that they are "just following orders." Or something.

See the short video at this link for a sample of that behavior.

There is more. Much more. Cops pepper spraying old women. Cops throwing people to the ground so hard they are knocked unconcious when their heads hit the ground. Etc.

The Australian government, with an insatiable hunger for control and compliance, is planning to soon implement an app using facial recognition software to track movements and location. Aussies will be randomly texted, having 15 minutes to take a photo in their location. If they don’t comply, police will show up.

I can't wait until they start to focus on Climate Change, and people just have to stay home indefinitely. It is for your own good, so shut up and do what we tell you to do.


Some Snarky Puppy for a Wednesday Morning? Why not. This song is 7 minutes long, and not too jarring for before the coffee takes hold. So grab a cup of java and enjoy.

This is "Outlier" by Snarky Puppy from the 2014 DVD We Like It Here.

28 September 2021

Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

He was given the opportunity to walk away. He didn't take it. Detectives believe Tranquillity shooting that killed one was self-defense

How would you deal with an intruder who refused to leave, and then threatened you? This all took place in the middle of the afternoon.

Mark Castro, 27 of San Joaquin, was shot and killed Wednesday after detectives believe he had forced his way into a trailer and was confronted by the homeowner. Investigators say the homeowner told Castro to leave and instead of complying, Castro “presented a threat to the homeowner.”

I am seeing more self-defense stories from California.

Self-defense is a Human-right. And it may be your legal right in California, though that may depend on the jurisdiction you find yourself in. (Hat tip Keep and Bear Arms.)

Women and Minorities Embrace Self-defense. Leftist Stereotypes Hardest Hit

Because how can they go on about old white men, if women and minorities embrace their 2nd Amendment rights. Nearly half of new gun owners are women, study finds

A report containing the preliminary results from the 2021 National Firearms Survey obtained by the Wall Street Journal indicates that for the first time, women are purchasing guns at a rate similar to men. The study, conducted by researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Northeastern University, found that about 3.5 million women and 4 million men became first-time gun owners between January 2019 and April 2021.

And it isn't just women.

Of first-time gun owners, over 40% are black or Latino, and over a quarter of the new female gun owners are black.

Life is so unfair to Leftists.

The original story is at the Wall Street Journal, but it is behind a paywall. (Hat tip to AmmoLand and Keep and Bear Arms.)

The Buck Stops Anywhere But With Biden

Because they believe they are helpless. They are really incompetent. The Biden Administration’s Blame Game and the Sad Fate of #NeverTrump

It is psychologically unhealthy to think of oneself as a victim of forces beyond one’s control. Good mental health requires a sense of agency — the belief that we are masters of our own fate, able to obtain success and happiness by our own efforts — and the opposite of this is the victimhood mentality, the belief that we are doomed to misery, because we are being sabotaged and betrayed by an evil “them.”

The passive voice of the Biden Administration is explored in some detail. It is a problem because if you really believe that you can have no impact, then you will take no action, or in the case of a Presidential administration, create no policies, or change course if something is not working.

However much you hate Trump, the fact is that his policies worked. Prior to the arrival of the Wuhan [virus], Trump’s policies had the U.S. economy in overdrive, with record-low unemployment, and it was his administration that initiated “Operation Warp Speed,” which yielded the COVID-19 vaccines that Biden now wants to make mandatory.

And then there is the Never Trump crowd. The “Ahoy” crew of Jenifer Rubin, Jonah Goldberg, David French and Charlie Sykes are mentioned, though Goldberg's actions are covered more thoroughly.

One gets the idea that Goldberg may be nostalgic for the days when people didn’t spit on the ground and curse the very mention of his name, as every decent and patriotic American must now do. But he could rectify this, merely by titling the name of next book, I Was Wrong.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for that confession of error, though.

There is more. Click thru.

27 September 2021

Steel Commanders

Sabaton is a Swedish Heavy Metal band. (English lyrics!) I really like some of their work, while some of it leaves me cold. Today's song, well, I've only heard it a couple of times, but I think it is pretty good.

Sabaton has released a couple of new songs recently, and also released a fair number of videos of old songs. They are currently touring the US, with a few stops in Canada. After the first of the year they will be touring Europe, with a few stops in the UK. I hope all this activity means that a new album is coming out, but I haven't seen anything specifically about that.

UPDATE: Not sure how I missed it, but they have announced a new album that will be out in March of 2022.

This is "Steel Commanders" from Sabaton. It was released as a single on September 17th.

When Did Coal Become an "Alternative" Energy Source?

But it is an alternative to freezing in the dark, so there's that. Europe's energy crisis: A switch back to coal is on the cards

Renewables are unreliable. Natural gas is becoming incredibly expensive (at least in Europe). And since people have an aversion to freezing in the dark...

"While most may read 'alternative energy sources' as "renewables", the energy market may have an alternative definition: coal,”

While upping coal production will not be welcomed by many as Europe looks to lower its carbon emissions to meet climate change targets, it is a far more economic source of fuel, Mr Kiryushin said.

I'm sure they will force the cold and the dark on people. It is for your own good. Look at what Australia is doing "for your own good" and tell me they won't mandate freezing in the dark. (Hat tip to Pirate's Cove.)

A College Student Able to Rely on His 2nd Amendment Rights?

Pearl Clutching ahead. Shooting at The Mark in Midtown Atlanta leaves 1 dead.

In a statement, Landmark Properties said police confirmed to them that a tenant came home and found an intruder inside their unit. The resident confronted the intruder who was shot and killed. Officers said the shooter was taken into custody for questioning and was cooperating.

The apartment complex is not associated with any university, but is set up to cater to students and draws its residents from several Atlanta institutions, namely "Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, Emory and [Savannah College of Art and Design - Atlanta]."

The intruder was let into the building and onto the floor by another resident, who has since had his access revoked.

And of course they have to have a quote from a university student on how "scary" The Real World™ can be.

"So we all locked [our] doors locked everything and just stayed inside, and yeah it was just very scary last night," [Georgia Tech junior Tate Niekemp] said.

Self-defense is a human-right, even if you're a college student. No word yet on whether Atlanta will recognize it as a legal right in this case.

Don't Bring a Rock to a Gunfight

How depraved do you have to be to beat up your own grandmother? Sheriff’s office releases body camera footage of carjacking suspect shot after hitting deputy with rock

I included the news story above for completeness, but the video below is really much better.

Investigators say the wild series of events started Sept. 6 when the suspect, later identified as 26-year-old Darren Napolean Stone, assaulted his 72-year-old grandmother, fracturing her arm. Stone then stole her car and crashed it on Maple Glen Road, the sheriff’s office said.

He then beat up a Good Samaritan who came to see if he was injured after the crash, tried to break into another home, or two, and finally tried to kill a deputy with a softball-sized rock.

Donut Operator (the guy who produced the video below) describes Mr. Stone as a frequent flier, with respect to law enforcement.

Officials said Stone is well-known to regional law enforcement and will be booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail on multiple felony charges once he’s released by the hospital.

The cop suffered a concussion, and was placed on administrative leave; he did shoot someone, after all.

This is the video for Don't Hit a Cop With A Rock - police shooting breakdown.

The comments that D.O. lists at the end of the video are great. Here's my favorite.

CNN: Unarmed black geologist shot while showing the officer his favorite rock.

It's more what you'd call guidelines than actual rules

If Apple doesn't enforce the rules around privacy and tracking, are they really rules? When you ‘Ask app not to track,’ some iPhone apps keep snooping anyway

Apple made a big splash about their privacy advocacy, and their rules about blocking tracking via the iPhone. There is just a small problem. If you tell apps not to track you, some apps just ignore that request and track you anyway.

But something curious happens after you ask not to be tracked, according to an investigation by researchers at privacy software maker Lockdown and The Washington Post. Subway Surfers starts sending an outside ad company called Chartboost 29 very specific data points about your iPhone, including your Internet address, your free storage, your current volume level (to 3 decimal points) and even your battery level (to 15 decimal points). It’s the kind of unique data that could be used by advertisers to identify your iPhone, possibly letting them know what other apps you use or how to target you.

In other words, it’s sidestepping your request to be left alone. You can’t stop it. And your privacy is worse off for it.

So apparently Apple doesn't see fingerprinting as tracking. Even though everyone else in the universe does. What is the other choice? That they don't care, or that they are flat out lying about privacy?

Click thru for the rest of the info. How Apple was made aware of the tracking going on in some cases, and have done nothing, even though weeks have gone by. They could block the offending apps from their app-store in short order, if they cared.

So is Apple's advertising just that? Is it empty words? (Hat tip to Input Magazine.)

The title to this post is a misquote from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Aspiring Rappers in Georgia and The UK

It has been a while since The Other McCain has provided an Aspiring Rapper Update

I will only include on excerpt...

So in March, after twice being denied bail, Leeks was released on $100,000 bond and immediately resumed his peaceful, law-abiding civilian life.

That was sarcasm, OK?

Click thru for the rest including the bit of news from the Unitied Kingdom.

26 September 2021

Microsoft versus Security

We had a post on Apple. Seems only fair to pick on Microsoft.

It is very convenient when your computer figures out stuff for you on the fly. It just facilitates leaking login credentials. Microsoft rushes to register Autodiscover domains leaking credentials

As Steve Gibson is always saying, convenience is the enemy of security. Guess which side executives usually come down on.

When users configure their Exchange accounts on email clients, the app will attempt to authenticate to various Autodiscover URLs associated with Microsoft Exchange servers for their organization. If a successful authentication occurs, the Exchange server will send back settings that the mail client should use.

Are we shocked to discover that they did not consider all of the ways that could go wrong? I'm not.

They made such a fetish of Secure Boot, and then they built a feature that can bypass it. Because of course they did. Microsoft WPBT flaw lets hackers install rootkits on Windows devices

WPBT [Windows Platform Binary Table] is a fixed firmware ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) table introduced by Microsoft starting with Windows 8 to allow vendors to execute programs every time a device boots.

However, besides enabling OEMs to force install critical software that can't be bundled with Windows installation media, this mechanism can also allow attackers to deploy malicious tools, as Microsoft warns in its own documentation.

They knew it was a potential problem, but building in problems by way of work-arounds was easier than solving the fundamental issue. Or something.

PrintNightmare is still in the news, as the latest fix caused problems. (Hey, you never said you actually needed to be able to print!) Outlook has problems with security keys as a means of Multifactor Authentication. And More.

As I mentioned in the post about Apple, Microsoft also suffers NO financial fallout when one of their systems gets hit with hack and you pay the price. Why? Because that is what you agreed to when you opened the shrink-wrap, or clicked on "accept terms and condtions" (even though you did not read them) when you downloaded or installed the software. And so their default position seems to be, "Meh, another zero-day; no impact to us."

How Much Does Apple Care About Your Security?

They claim to love security and privacy. So it is hard to see how this situation came to pass. They wouldn't be lying to everyone, now would they? Researcher drops three iOS zero-days that Apple refused to fix

The researcher has followed responsible disclosure. He waited 6 months - double the 90 days Google Project Zero uses as a benchmark - in the case of one of the bugs. Apple did fix one bug that he notified them of, but without mentioning it and without paying for it.

Click thru for the details on these 3 zero-days. But there is one thing that really caught my attention.

It seems that this is not one-off occurance, but that Apple has a tendency to NOT live up to the terms of its published bug-bounty.

Other security researchers and bug bounty hunters have also gone through a similar experience when reporting vulnerabilities to Apple's product security team via the Apple Security Bounty Program.

Just this year, some of them have reported that they weren't paid the amount listed on the official bounty page [1, 2] or haven't received any payment at all, others that they have been kept in the dark for months on end with no replies to their messages.

Others have also said their bugs were silently fixed with Apple refusing to give them credit, just as it happened in this case.

It isn't because they can't afford it. So it must be because they don't want to pay.

And as for Apple's "we care deeply about your privacy" statements.

"All this information is being collected by Apple for unknown purposes, which is quite disturbing, especially the fact that medical information is being collected," the researcher said, referring to the analyticsd zero-day silently patched in iOS 14.7.

"That's why it's very hypocritical of Apple to claim that they deeply care about privacy. All this data was being collected and available to an attacker even if 'Share analytics' was turned off in settings.

Some of these vulnerabilities are probably not of interest to folks like Zerodium, but some probably are, and while I don't like the idea of feeding the beast, I completely understand the "if you're going to screw me over then all bets are off" point-of-view. I wonder if Apple understands that?

The Register had even harsher things to say. Frustrated dev drops three zero-day vulns affecting Apple iOS 15 after six-month wait

"To me, the bigger takeaway is that Apple is shipping iOS with known bugs," [Patrick Wardle, founder of free security project Objective See and director of research at security biz Synack] continued, noting that IllusionOfChaos claims to have reported the bugs months ago. "And that security researchers are so frustrated by the Apple Bug Bounty program they are literally giving up on it, turning down (potential) money, to post free bugs online."

Wardle said he considered the researcher's critique of Apple's Security Bounty program to be fair.

"It's not that Apple doesn't have resources or money to fix this," he said. "Clearly it's just not a priority to them. "

And why should it be. If your iPhone gets hacked, what does it cost Apple? 15 minutes of egg on their faces? Maybe. But you agreed to the terms and conditions when you opened the shrink-wrap on your new iPhone, and those terms say that they aren't responsible for anything. (The same goes for Microsoft and Windows. Bugs don't cost them anything. But that is a story for another day.) Are you going to quit using your iPhone because of any of this?

The Register asked Apple to comment, but the brick wall did not respond.


Did He Doubt That It Was a Lethal Weapon?

A weapon that is at least 9,000 years old, and was only "replaced" by the firearm in the last 500 or 600 years. Missouri boy cites self-defense after killing tractor theft suspect with bow & arrow

He was apparently trying to steal a lawn tractor and a log splitter.

A kid with a bow and arrow saw the thief and called his father. The father confronted the miscreant, but decided he didn't want to tangle with an adult, and ran toward the youth.

The attorney said the juvenile warned Stotts several times. When Stotts didn’t stop, the juvenile fired the arrow.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Chinese-made Phones Can Automatically Censor Your Texts

At least according to Lithuania. Lithuania's defense ministry told people to throw away Chinese-made phones, claiming they can automatically censor people's texts

  • Lithuania told people to trash their Chinese-made phones "as fast as reasonably possible."
  • It said some phones, like Xiaomi's Mi 10T 5G phone, can censor terms like "democracy movement."

The features are "turned off" outside of China, but can be turned back on remotely.

Discussions about the pro-independence movement in Tibet, sovereignty of Taiwan, and pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong are highly sensitive subjects in China. Those terms are heavily censored on Chinese social media, and people who discuss these topics are punished.

Sounds disturbingly like what the Left says should happen to people who question the Sacred Vaccine™.

Renewable Energy - The False Promise

Renewables are fine if you aren't trying to run an industrial society. Renewable Energy Crunch Comes To The UK

In just the past few days, an early version of the crunch has begun to hit the UK. Unfortunately for the Brits, this is happening on the very eve of their big “climate summit,” sometimes going by the name COP26, set to kick off in Glasgow on November 1. Likely, you have not read about the UK energy crunch, because the last thing that mainstream US news sources are going to devote their space to is information on how jurisdictions that have been the most enthusiastic in adopting intermittent electricity generation are starting to run into major problems.

The UK has already seen fertilizer plants shut, and steel makers are saying that they won't be cost-competitive soon. Because of energy costs. Because renewables, and the shutting of traditional power plants, are making the energy costs in the UK unmanageable.

25 September 2021

Saturday Roundup of Link Roundups - 25 September

Wombat-socho at The Other McCain starts things off with In The Mailbox: 09.22.21

American Power: Iowa Poll – Nearly Two-Thirds Can’t Stand Biden, also, Democrats In Danger
American Thinker: Repeal The 17th Amendment

The Right Way - Top of the News

Mike Rowe on What Works and Best of the Web - Proof Positive
Our Daily Dose of Poison... - Adrienne's Corner

EBL - BIDEN ADMINISTRATION BANS HORSES IN DEL RIO 🏇🏻🐴 : They are sending Joe Biden's German Shepherds Instead 🐕‍🦺

The Last Refuge: White House Announces DHS No Longer Permitting Border Patrol to Use Horses
American Greatness: Biden Regime Suspends Border Patrol Mounted Unit Over Debunked Claims Haitians Were Whipped

Daley Gator - Your CCW News Update For Thursday (09/23/21)

In a stunningly blunt warning to senators, fake President Joe Biden’s just-departed Border Patrol chief is accusing the administration of intentionally eroding security to bring illegal aliens into the country and misleading Congress

A View from the Beach - Election 2020: Feds Reluctantly Release Some Jan. 6 Video

Twitchy has a long thread of funny tweets in Judge orders federal prosecutors to release new collection of Capitol surveillance videos from January 6. No wonder 538 whines that Jan. 6 Has Given The Right Hundreds Of New Martyrs.

Battleswarm Blog - LinkSwarm for September 24, 2021

Duh: “Biden aides set up a ‘wall’ to shield him from unscripted events.” Like reporters questions…
“Hillary Clinton Is The Most Systemically Manipulative Politician Of Our Lifetime.

Again from Wombat-socho - In The Mailbox: 09.23.21

First Street Journal: Killadelphia, also, Journolism
The Geller Report: Now We Know Why Administration Hid 1/6 Videos From Americans

Vlad Tepes - Israel asks other nations to help coerce its citizens to take another experimental mRNA shot: Links 2, September 22, 2021

1. Israel said asking US, EU: Apply our new rules on boosters to Israeli arrivals
(I’m no journalist or anything, but shouldn’t the headline read: “Israel asks EU, US to help coerce its citizens into taking booster shots by refusing entry unless proof of 3rd dose presented”?)

Cafe Hayek - Some Covid Links

David Henderson says to the many Covidocratic hypocrites: “preach what you practice.”
“College campuses have the craziest COVID-19 restrictions of all” – so reports Reason‘s Robby Soave.

Once more from Wombat-socho - In The Mailbox: 09.24.21

Volokh Conspiracy: Can Cooper v. Aaron Save Roe v. Wade?
Weasel Zippers: “Life Is Always Full Of Tough Choices”, also, “We Don’t Use The Term ‘Illegal Immigrants'”

Gates of Vienna - News Feed 9/22/2021

“We Are Vaccinated Enough” — Croatian President Blasts COVID Hysteria, Media Fear Campaign
Croatians have been “vaccinated enough” and should be allowed to accept the risks of becoming infected with COVID on their own terms

Maggie's Farm - Wednesday morning links

Portland Activists Survey Themselves and Conclude Un-Woke Cops Are to Blame for Their Riots
Biden’s asylum policies for migrants at the border are insane

Doug Ross - Larwyn’s Linx: Lara Logan - Freedom today in the US is an illusion

Democrat plan to bankrupt Medicare in a year: M. Dowling
White House Will Not Say How Many Illegal Haitian Migrants Released into U.S.: CTH

Anonymous Conservative - News Briefs – 09/22/2021

If Joe Biden fails this week, his entire domestic agenda is done for at least 15 months.
Schumer slams door on the Senate passing Reconciliation by the 27th.

J.J. Sefton at Ace of Spades HQ - The Morning Report - 9/23/21

"Cure Found for Mask/Vaccine Mandates: Bad Polling."
Whitmer Miraculously Rejects Mask/Vaccine Mandates as Polls Show Her Trailing In Reelection Bid

I leave you with Thursday gifdump from Knuckledraggin My Life Away, The Afternoon of the Skipism from Wooderstman, Mouse tales from bluebird of bitterness, and Thursday Memes .. from MaddMedic.

Self-defense in St. Louis

He suffered a failure of the victim-selection process. St. Louis homeowner shoots and kills intruder | FOX 2

Police say a 40-year-old homeowner shot the intruder after he came into the home and tried to assault him.

The prosecutor's office declined to file charges citing self-defense, which is a Human-right.

Some Scholarly Writing on Gun Culture

David Yamane is a professor of sociology. In addition to teaching a seminar on Gun Culture in America, he has written a book on the Concealed Carry Revolution, and contributed a chapter to another book. New Book Chapter on Understanding and Misunderstanding American Gun Culture

The chapter is a revised version of my conclusion to the first edition of the book. It’s called “Understanding and Misunderstanding America’s Gun Culture.” Click on the title to download a PDF of the chapter.

You should be reading his work, and maybe buy the man a coffee.

Inca Roads

I haven't had much Zappa featured on the blog. Most people have heard his commercially successful songs, and if they were interested he isn't hard to find. Zappa was never my go to sound. I had an album or 2 on vinyl, and I still have at least one CD. You don't have to like everything.

Still, some of the stuff done by The Mothers of Invention is great. I particularly like the section of spoken word near the beginning in today's song. About today's song - it is almost 10 minutes long, so grab a beverage.

Prog magazine included it on their list of The 100 Greatest Prog Songs Of All Time, though it only made it to number 100 in the reader poll.

‘On Ruth!’ Catchy, complex, sweet, sarky and surreal, the fan favourite that kicks off One Size Fits All encapsulates everything good about 70s-era Mothers, including their marimba/xylophone/vibes player, the incomparable Ruth Underwood.

Here's a link to the lyrics. You're gonna need them.

This song is "Inca Roads" by Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention. It was released on the 1975 album One Size Fits All, but this is a live recording from 1974 recorded at KCET in Hollywood, as part of the video project A Token of His Extreme. The video project was never released or broadcast in the US prior to Frank Zappa's death. It was broadcast in Europe.

The line-up exists of Frank Zappa—guitar, percussion, vocals; George Duke—keyboards, finger cymbals, tambourine, vocals; Napoleon Murphy Brock—sax, vocals; Ruth Underwood—percussion; Tom Fowler—bass; Chester Thompson—drums.

24 September 2021

Friday Links - 24 September

Pirate's Cove starts things with BLM Claims Vaccine Mandates As Racist

The Other McCain - Everybody Loves the $3.5 Trillion Boondoggle, Says Nancy Pelosi’s Pollster

Zelman Partisans - “Mootness” Strikes Again

Battleswarm Blog - Could China’s House of Cards Finally Collapse?

Don Surber - Biden's mandate cost him black support

19th Ward Chicago - Military Brass is more F----d Up than anyone thought

Former Joint Chiefs chair: Nothing unusual about Milley’s contacts with China, think about what this guy is saying

Vodka Pundit - Biden Is Desperate to Regain Bases, Intel, Allies He Threw Away in Afghanistan

Can no one in Washington read a damn map? Could no one see this coming from 12,000 miles away?

Small Dead Animals - The Colonel Goes Tony Soprano Guys arrested for smuggling KFC into Aukland, New Zealand. (Peak 2021)

Again from Small Dead Animals - When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal On the Sussmann indictment...

Just One Minute - Scandal Watch The two scandals are Hillary Clinton's lawyer, and Hunter Biden's laptop.

Again from Pirate's Cove - The Nation: All You Peons Must Be Stopped From Resuming Your Pre-COVID Travel Habits It won't stop the "elites" from using their private jets.

If you are a certified member of the Cult of Climastrology you should stop flying. Will The Nation start shaming the big wigs, like Kerry, Biden, world leaders, celebs, etc? Does shaming even work?

Power Line - Climate Funnies!

Did you know that this week is Climate Week? I didn’t either.

The Feral Irishman - Jo Chi Min fires the first salvo against seven Southern states using biological warfare by denying them monoclonal antibodies

Again from The Other McCain - Fake ‘Right-Wing Rally’ in D.C. Attracts Mainly Media, Undercover FBI Agents

The Daley Gator - Remember When…………

The ACLU fought a vaccine mandate for school children

Wretchard - The NATO glue has gone

Once more from Pirate's Cove - Growing Problem For Businesses: Ghosting Coasting

Maggie's Farm - Fearful students

Half of college students fear expressing ideas in the classroom

Had Enough Therapy? California, a Failed State

Again from Power Line - Will “Green” Energy Destroy Europe? Food shortages in the UK, UK and European steel producers being priced out by energy costs, etc.

Professor David Yamane at Gun Curious brings us Exhilarating Normalcy (Fall 2021 Student Range Visit Reflection #3) and Guns Can Be Understood and Respected as Dangerous, Useful, and Recreational (Fall 2021 Student Range Visit Reflection #4). There are more than those 2, but you will have to find them on your own.

The Rio Norte Line - Self Governance in the Words of Burke, Madison, Acton and Hayek

The crisis we have today is very simple – where the strong internally validate themselves based on their compliance to their own morals and principles, unprincipled, amoral weak people are looking for external validation of themselves.

Lone Star Parson - You Wicked Old Fraud Woke Mountebank Fraud Milley

Smitty at The Other McCain - The Soul of Politics

Manhattan Contrarian - Checking In With The "Smart" People At Harvard

Ace of Spades HQ - Reason and Science or Alchemy?

Clayton Cramer - Annoy Your Favorite Critical Race Theorist A nice chart of...

Number of people shot to death by the police in the United States from 2017 to 2021, by race

Oklahoma Is Not a Good Place for Bad Guys

The bad guys have not gotten that memo. OSBI: Homeowner shoots burglar attempting to break-in through window

Investigators say 50-year-old Buddy Driver attempted to break into the home.

At that point, officials say the homeowner shot Driver several times from inside the home as Driver attempted to get into the house through a window.

He was declared dead at the scene.

The investigation continues with the aid of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Self-defense remains a human-right.

As for Oklahoma and bad guys, my previous post dealing with that state can be found at this link.

The State of Education in NYC

It sucks, in case you were wondering. Maspeth HS diplomas 'not worth the paper' they're printed on

Maspeth High School created fake classes, awarded bogus credits, and fixed grades to push students to graduate — “even if the diploma was not worth the paper on which it was printed,” an explosive investigative report charges.

It was the teachers' job to pass kids, who learned nothing. The "principal said thay could work at Taco Bell.

Even after whistleblowers came forward, it took the education bureaucracy two years to remove the principal, and even then left his assistant principals in place.

Hat tip to Instapundit, where it is noted...

We’re really seeing just how little public schools have to do with learning. And how little they care.

Convincing People to Not Learn Math

Isn't there a push to get more women and minorities into the STEM fields? Math is required. That is what "education research" and "social justice" is doing. Woke Education: Teaching Math Is Racist Delegitimizes Field | National Review

So you aren't going to understand engineering if you don't understand math. (Remember when the Florida International University pedestrian bridge collapsed?) Thousands of people die every year because of mistakes in medicine dosages. Mistakes of math.

The only cause being truly advanced here is the cause of employment for progressive consultants. The sophistry of their cringe-inducing lexicon is dangerous. Those who claim the mantle of protector have become the oppressors.

It seems to me that a lot of people who go into education apparently don't undestand math, so they believe that you shouldn't either.

23 September 2021

Dems VS Healthy Lifestyles

The media hates Florida's governor; did you think they would love his appointees? Heads Explode Over Florida's New Surgeon General

But what has the media and the left at large absolutely freaking out is how Ladapo wants to handle things like mask and vaccine mandates.

Ladapo also had the temerity to suggest that people should try to be…healthy. Yes, I know, it’s truly scandalous stuff.

You can't talk about comorbidity, especially if that goes against anything related to social justice. (Fat Acceptance!) That is an "assault on the sacred vaccine," or something. (Hat tip to Irons in the Fire.)

Running 'Cause I Can't Fly has a Musical Interlude

A quite nice piece of music. Musical Interlude: Medwyn Goodall, “Eyes of Heaven”

Medwyn Goodall is listed on his site as composer of "New Age and Contemporary Instrumental" music.

The video is 8 minutes long or so; you might want a beverage.

How Should a 69-year-old Defend Herself from a 21-year-old?

If she doesn't defend herself with a gun, what should she do? Intruder shot, killed by North Olmsted homeowner

Once on scene, officers discovered that a 21-year-old woman had forced her way into the residence on Mastick Road and began fighting with one of the homeowners who is 79 years old.

The other homeowner, a 69-year-old woman, fired her gun and struck the intruder in the abdomen/chest area, police said.

The 21-year-old died at local hospital.

Without some means of leveling the odds, the old and infirm will be at the mercy of the young and violent. I wish a member of the gun-haters would explain to me how this is a good thing. I'm not holding my breath.

Oh, and this was an epic failure of the victim-selection process. I suppose she thought that an elderly couple would be no problem to rob.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Germany Reverts to Fascism

You can only read and write and say what the German government says is OK. Even if you have never set foot in Germany. Germany Wants To Force Gab To Censor, It’s Not Happening

This week we received a huge packet of documents with fines and legal threats from the nation state of Germany. Gab is refusing, and has refused for many years, to comply with the German Network Enforcement Act. Gab is a US company and as such we are under zero obligation to obey foreign laws from tyrannical governments.

They are expecting Germany to reach out to the fascists in the Biden administration to attempt to force GAB to comply with their censorship law.

For those unfamiliar, the Network Enforcement Act is a draconian German law aimed at combatting “fake news” on social networking websites. “Fake news” is of course, whatever the German Government says it is.

Some things never change.

Just shut up and do what we tell you to do. When we tell you to censor, censor. When we tell you to get into the boxcar... [That is basically the position of the German .gov]

F*c*book has apparently decided to go along with the fascist demands. I mean what do you expect? It's F*c*book; they are fascist in their own way, aren't they? They deleted 150 accounts that were critical of the German lockdown regime. Can't have people being critical of the German government; they might actually think for themselves.

And who would have thought that a B-movie staring "Rowdy" Roddy Piper would turn out to be somewhat prophetic? (That's where the photo above comes from.)

Australian Unions Accuse Leadership of Selling Out

The unions think their leadership should have pushed back on the politicians. Like that was going to happen. Unions turn on Setka in rally against medical tyranny - Rebel News

Furious, the protesters heckled Setka as he emerged to confront them. Among the accusations were those claiming that Setka is 'owned by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews' after he failed to fight the premier on Covid regulations. Setka was barely able to get a word in under the tirade of abuse.

"Dan Andrews' b***!" was also shouted along with, "Sell out!"

But then they like to be "on the inside" and "friends with the right people." And the right people is a category that definitely does NOT include the union membership.

“Missing White Woman Syndrome”

Of course it exists. Joy Reid Is … Right?

Nearly all my fellow conservatives are shrieking in anger at MSNBC’s Joy Reid for saying something that is actually true: There is such a thing as “Missing White Woman Syndrome.”

Someone counted up how many native American women have gone missing in the state Petito disappeared. The number is not small, and yet there has been no national media attention.

That’s the thing about a Missing White Woman story — the damsel-in-distress angle only works, in terms of TV news ratings, if the missing woman is young and attractive, preferably blonde. Males can and do go missing, but those disappearances never dominate national news. It’s always a woman, and a young, attractive woman — if she’s old, fat or ugly, nobody cares if she goes missing. But the nubile blonde? Oh, yeah, that’s nationwide headline stuff, because she’s Prime Rape Bait, and sex is the secret ingredient in the Missing White Woman story.

And it helps that the media is trying its best to distract you from every travesty of the Biden Administration.

Or consider the complete failure of Democratic policies in Chicago.

During the month of August, when Gabby and her boyfriend were on their excursion across the West, 87 people were killed and 424 were wounded in Chicago. Did any of those Chicago victims make national news? Well, about 83% of the victims in Chicago were black, and none were blonde, blue-eyed 22-year-old “social media influencers.” Not newsworthy, you see?

And I love the fact that The Other McCain is using HeyJackass! for statistics. Anyway, click thru for more insights.

22 September 2021

Hungary Seems to be Spying on Journalists

This article follows (mostly) one photojournalist who has been reporting on the leader of Hungary. From Direkt36: He has been uncovering the lavish lifestyle of Viktor Orbán’s circles. This summer, he was surveilled with Pegasus spyware

Pegasus is a system of spyware developed by the NSO group. It is sold to various governments and police organizations around the world so that they can track "bad guys." in this case the version allows governments to spy on iPhones.

The spyware, developed by the Israeli cybersecurity firm NSO, could access messages, photos and videos stored on the device, or even remotely turn on the phone’s microphone and camera.

And you should note that Pegasus is not the only such system used for spying, and NSO Group not the only player in that arena. They are just in the news because they stumbled out of the shadows and into the light. And you can also bet that Hungary is not the only country doing this kind of thing.

The problem is that some governments consider journalists who report on the questionable dealings of government officials, their families and friends to be bad guys. In particular, it was determined that photographer-journalist Dániel Németh had two of his phones hacked while in Hungary reporting on the Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, and his associates.

Amnesty’s forensic analysis showed that Dániel Németh’s two phones were successfully hacked with Pegasus spyware, one from July 1 to 9, 2021, and the other from July 5 to 9. During this period, Németh was in Hungary just after returning from the reporting trip to Southern Italy. He was in the middle of planning his next trip by observing the route of the luxury vehicles used by the Fidesz elite.

And this is just one journalist being the subject of one spyware attack by one government. "Tip of the iceberg" is phrase that comes to mind.

In July, a team of international journalists published stories as part of the Pegasus Project, which were based on a database of 50,000 phone numbers selected for monitoring by NSO’s customers. Forbidden Stories, a Paris-based journalism outlet, and the human rights organization Amnesty International (AI) had access to the database, which they shared with 16 other news organizations, including The Washington Post, the Süddeutsche Zeitung and The Guardian. From Hungary, Direkt36 was the only participant.

The ongoing battle between Apple and iOS on the one hand, and the NSO Group and others like them on the other is one of the reasons Apple released what was dubbed an "emergency" update to iOS recently.

There are more stories of journalists being surveilled by Hungary using the Pegasus system at Direkt36, they are interspersed with a variety of other stories about Hungary, Orbán, etc. That news site helpfully translates everything into English. (Hat tip to Twitter.)

Wednesday Link Roundup - 22 September

Bacon Time!!!! - Sunday Linkage

Hogewash: An Interesting Defamation Case
Watts Up With That: Canada Election: Climate Skeptics Could Win The Balance Of Power

Pirate's Cove - Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

  1. Moonbattery discusses using COVID to purge the military
  2. Jihad Watch notes a jihad massacre plot stopped in India

Wombat-socho at The Other McCain - In The Mailbox: 09.20.21

American Power: The Sharp U.S. Pivot To Asia Is Throwing Europe Off Balance, also, Biden’s Bad Day
American Thinker: What If The FBI Threw An Insurrection But Nobody Came?

EBL - About Those COVID Vaccines... 💉☣️🤔😬

Instapundit: How Effective Are Those Vaccines and Project Veritas Exposes...
Hot Air: Project Veritas: The vaccines are "full of sh*t"

Political Hat - News of the Week (September 19th, 2021)

France Recalls Ambassadors over Zombie Submarine Deal
The U.S.–France relationship is in meltdown over a recently canceled submarine deal that Australian officials had cast doubt on for months.

Don Surber - Highlights of the News

ITEM 7: The Post Millennial reported, "Biden administration condemns Russia for lack of transparency in election marred by allegations of fraud."

Gates of Vienna - News Feed 9/20/2021

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Monday unveiled her 2022 budget proposal, which includes increased spending on law enforcement amid surging gun violence not seen in several years.

Again from Wombat-socho - In The Mailbox: 09.21.21

Cafe Hayek: Quotation Of The Day
CDR Salamander: The Terrible 20s Emerge From The Fog
Da Tech Guy: Report From Louisiana – Podcasts

Battleswarm Blog - Have Texas Troopers Secured The Border at Del Rio?

Fortunately, the footage of the giant illegal alien camp in Del Rio was enough for the Biden Administration to resume deportation flights to Haiti.

A View from the Beach - Election 2020: Armed Fed 'Arrested' at Sept 18 Rally for Jan.6 Detainees Outed

But first, NYT is butt-hurt that The Republican leading Wisconsin’s 2020 inquiry defends its legitimacy and warns of subpoenas. DNYUZ, The Republican leading Wisconsin’s 2020 inquiry defends its legitimacy and warns of subpoenas.

Vlad Tepes - Sky News on the Wuhan Lab, and Melbourne riots go up several notches for good good reasons: Links 1 for September 20th, 2021

4. Melbourne braced for CHAOS and violent protests today as furious tradies vow to fight Dan Andrews’ shock shutdown of the $22B construction industry – after anti-vaxxers staged running battles with police and their own union bosses

Cafe Hayek - Some Covid Links

And those of you who still trust Covidocrats to act with competence, seriousness, and good faith should ponder this report, by Reason‘s Liz Wolfe, of San Francisco’s mayor London Breed.

Doug Ross - Larwyn’s Linx: A Hinge Moment of History

Thank You To Pakistan: Glenn Beck
Thousands of Victoria Construction Workers and Supporters Join in Protest: Riot Police Standoff: CTH

J.J. Sefton at Ace of Spades HQ - The Morning Report - 9/21/21

Get your kids out of school and get them the hell off line. Death to social(ist) media.
Students Protesting Severe Bullying, Suicides Hit With Mass Retaliation by New York School District

Maggie's Farm - Monday morning links

So how did 15,000 Haitians suddenly find their way to Del Rio, Texas?
Joe Manchin Is Realizing That His Party’s Spending Plans Are Absurd
Even Mainstream Sunday Shows Slam Biden's Blunders

Anonymous Conservative - News Briefs – 09/21/2021

Georgia’s corrupt Secretary of State Raffensperger has a problem – he certified an illegitimate election result because he didn’t have chain of custody data for absentee ballots.

I leave you with Sunday gifdump from Knuckledraggin My Life Away, Sunday Funnies 09-17-21 from Stately McDaniel Manor, Sunday Funnies from Flopping Aces, Fowl play from Bluebird of Bitterness, and Sunday Memes … from Freedom Is Just Another Word…