05 October 2022

Wednesday Link Roundup - 5 October

Pirate's Cove is up first with Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

  1. Climate Depot has a reality check on hurricanes as climate change
  2. Cold Fury says to know your role, prole

Bacon Time!!!! - Sunday Linkage

The Intrepid Reporter: Late B/C of Ikea and Ideas
Watts Up With That?: Please Donate Towards Dr. Tim Ball’s Funeral Expenses

Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony - Daily News Stuff 3 October 2022

PayPal has banned using its services to buy, well, books. (Hacker News)
The terms are so broad that they cover all works of fiction and probably all non-fiction except for trigonometry textbooks:

Wombat-socho at The Other McCain - In The Mailbox: 10.04.22. (He rejoins us after a couple of days of technical issues.)

Cafe Hayek: Prosperity Is Not Rooted in Slavery, also, King and Vaughn Should Voluntarily Restrain Themselves from Writing About Trade
CDR Salamander: We Need to Talk About France

Political Hat - News of the Week (October 2nd, 2022)

Pro-abortion students strike again after throwing urine on pro-life students
Pro-abortion students vandalized a pro-life memorial Tuesday afternoon, videos obtained by Campus Reform show

A View form the Beach - Tuesday DIY Politics

Never Let a Devastating Natural Disaster Go To Waste | Frontpage Mag
Four Florida looters arrested following Hurricane Ian

Vlad Tepes - Vaxx materials and the genocidal nature of the climate movement: Links 2, October 4, 2022

4. The leftist press is now explaining to us how (non-European) genocidal maniacs are actually a good thing. How we should re think history to consider that mass murderers of a staggering scale should be thought of as heroes for cooling the planet.

Cafe Hayek - Some Links

Alberto Mingardi warns against falling for the mainstream media’s too-easy, and inaccurate, description of new Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni as a fascist.

Gates of Vienna - News Feed 10/4/2022

Green Energy Scandal: UK Energy Company Drax Received Billions in Grants for Renewable Energy While Cutting Down and Burning Primeval Forest

Don Surber - Highlights of the News

This is now, "Liberal Billy Eichner lashes out at straight people after his LGBTQ movie Bros flops, blames homophobia for abysmal box office opening."
Finding a liberal hypocrite is easy as finding a liberal.

Maggie's Farm - Monday morning links

Cue hankie clutchers: Gov DeSantis reminds looters FL is a 2d Amendment state
Lessons learned from Ian

J.J. Sefton at Ace of Spades HQ - The Morning Report — 10/4/22

"Distribute relief based on race and class, not solely on the basis of need."
Kamala’s Pernicious Plan for Hurricane Relief

Doug Ross - Larwyn’s Linx: The “Squad”Is Silent As Women in Iran Are Slaughtered While Fighting for Their Rights

• Liberal strongholds cling to vaccine mandates - Sarah Westwood
• Biden thanks Coast Guard rescue swimmer to be fired over vaccine mandate - Rachel Schilke

Anonymous Conservative - News Briefs – 10/03/2022

‘Highly profitable’ pediatric gender clinics are opening all across the country.
Hundreds of Virginians have had firearms confiscated through Red-Flag laws.

I leave you with Some Memes To Be Dumped and Shared.. from The Feral Irishman, Sunday Funnies For 10-02-22 from Stately McDaniel Manor, Meme Overflow from Granite Grok, and Fucking Mondays gifdump from Wirecutter.

The Destruction of Law and Order Continues

Civilization is built on security. The Left seems determined to destroy that foundation. Judges And DA's In Louisiana Are Turning Our Cities Into Shooting Galleries

You have to have a functioning judicial system. You have to prosecute cases of violent crime – and carjacking and other armed robberies are violent crimes.

Because if you don’t do those things, you open up Pandora’s Box. You create horrors.

You create a crime rate that’s out of control. But the crime is the disease. All too often, it isn’t the virus that kills the patient but the immune response to it. And you’re going to see an immune response to this kind of lawlessness.

The author goes on to predict some outcomes I agree with and some I don't, but on the whole I agree that things are bad and likely to get worst.

It’s all going to break down. You can’t have an entire political class who choose not to prioritize law and order when governing a high-crime state like Louisiana or high-crime cities like New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Shreveport, without it breaking down.

See my usual reference to what Hobbe's called The State of War, and how it describes the conditions when there is a failure of society to provide basic security.

Los Angeles Has Apparently Decided that Small Business Must Go

Communists hate small business people.

Part 1: City of Angels Puts Business Owners Through Hell - Ignoring Open-Air Fentanyl Markets and Samurai Sword-Wielding Homeless.

On Saturday afternoon, a business owner in his 50s was stabbed to death during an attempted robbery on the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Two teens were taken into custody. Unfortunately, this type of story has become all too common in the City of Angels, and in this report, we discuss how criminals have taken over formerly safe neighborhoods and businesses.

Part one brings you the story of Paul Scrivano, a restaurant owner, and reminds you of the plight of Angela Marsden, a bar owner, who LA made shut down her inside and outside dining, and then used a parking lot near her business to set up catering tents, and outdoor dining, for a movie production. (All animals are euqal, but some animals get to have outdoor dining and some don't.)

And that bit also starts to talk about life after COVID, where homelessness and drug use are part of the background of life in LA.

California’s leaders have failed small business owners. Angela Marsden and Paul Scrivano are just two of many battling worse than third-world conditions outside their establishments

Part 2: Criminals, Homeless, and Big Labor Thrive While LA Businesses Are Crippled by Government.

Part 2 details more of life after COVID with the city ignoring crime, but not ignoring petty regulations. (They are bureaucrats, after all.)

Now, we bring you details on some of the policies, regulations, and laws that are making the lives of small-businesses owners even more of a misery.

I spoke with Marsden Friday afternoon. When I walked into her Pineapple Hill Saloon and Grill, was she overseeing the staff? Checking on the kitchen? No, she was dealing with yet another demand about posted notices. The city is unable to keep the streets outside her establishment safe, or remove the dangerous homeless people harassing her patrons and staff, but they’ll always find time to nitpick from their giant list of infractions.

Go read both parts. They are a bit on the long side, but worth it. Grab a coffee.

Too Hot To Last

The jazz ensemble Snarky Puppy came to mind during a conversation on social media a while back, and I decided I needed to listen to more of their music, especially in light of the fact that they do have a new album coming out soon. (I forget when exactly.)

Today's song reminds me of a jazz classic. I think that is in part due to the voice of Lucy Woodward. I have to say that I think Michael League is earning a place as one of my favorite jazz composers. And in my book, the fact that he is using a baritone guitar on this song is an added plus. They don't show up too often. "Chain of Fools" by Aretha Franklin, and "Rock Lobster" (technically a guitar tuned to baritone) by The B-52's are 2 songs you probably know that use that deep sound. There are more, but not too many.

This is "Too Hot To Last" by Snarky Puppy featuring vocals by Lucy Woodward from the album Family Dinner - Volume 1.

04 October 2022

Quote of the Day

Tam (of View from the Porch) but via Twitter.

I’m worried about normal dangers like pirates, ninjas, vampires, zombies, killer space robots, and face-eating monkeys, and I get whacked from behind by a machete-wielding cyborg rhododendron.

And we get a two-fer Tuesday...

I will never again type anything as fun as “machete-wielding cyborg rhododendron” and it will die in Twitter obscurity.

Tuesday Links - 4 October

The Other McCain is up first with an update on the war. Russians Cut Off at Lyman UPDATE: Russia Announces ‘Withdrawal’

The headlines say the Ukrainians have the Russians “surrounded” or “encircled” at Lyman, although from what I gather, the fact is that the Russians are cut off — can’t retreat, can’t get supplies or reinforcements — because the Ukrainians have all the routes into the town within artillery range, which is almost the same thing in a tactical sense, but not what most people think of when they see the word “surrounded.”

The Post Millennial - Starbucks and Seattle Times send legal threats to Republican Senate candidate after she exposes high crime rates in city

“Woke corporations thought they could help Patty Murray by BULLYING Tiffany with senseless legal threats. Their efforts have both failed and backfired," said Kristian Hemphill, Campaign Manager for Smiley for Washington.

Pirate's Cove - AOC Seems Upset That Tents For Migrants Would Go Up In Her District. How do you spell "hypocrisy?"

I’m sure she’s fine with the tents in other districts. Just another case of an open border liberal wanting all those illegals/migrants to be Somewhere Else.

Again from The Post Millennial - EXCLUSIVE: Girl track stars take Connecticut to court over biological males in their sport

Opening arguments began on Thursday in the US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit case of Soule v. Connecticut Association of Schools. This after the case was dismissed by a federal judge in 2021, but attorneys for the Alliance Defending Freedom, representing the young women, are determined to pursue fairness and seek justice for the student athletes under Title IX.

Tam at View From The Porch - History Repeats Itself...Sorta

We're 1,490 years past the Nika Riots, and the local chief of police probably isn't named Belisarius*, but man I got a twinge of history on hearing the news.

Ann Bauer I Have Been Through This Before. Bruno Bettelheim and Autism. Anthony Fauci and COVID-19.

Don’t wear a mask; you must wear a mask. Buy a pulse oximeter. Stock up on Tylenol, vitamin D, Pepcid. Whisper so you don’t spit. Stand six feet from others—no, 10. Wear gloves. Wear two masks! Open the windows. Close the schools. The dizzying madness of COVID, and the reliance on gurulike experts, has been eerily familiar.

Rebel News - Republicans lodge complaint with FEC over Google's alleged suppression of political emails

The RNC alleges that Google, which operates the free email service, Gmail, automatically filtered around 22 million emails sent by the political party in the last three days of September.

And another update on Ukraine from The Other McCain - BREAKTHROUGH: Ukrainian Forces Smash Russian Lines East of Kherson

The Russians have committed a basic strategic error, fighting what is in essence a two-front war, with Ukraine holding interior lines of communication between the northern and southern fronts. So the Ukrainians can strike in either direction and, if Russia tries to move troops from the Kherson front to bolster its position in the north, this creates opportunities for Ukraine to strike the weakened lines in the south. And vice-versa, obviously.

Defund The Police Socialist Is Blind to Crime

People tend to ignore reality when it disagrees with their political (or other) beliefs. At some point, reality will intrude, unless you are especially stupid, or psychologically impaired. Or just a liar. Tiffany Cab�n's claims about subway violence anger victim

Defund-the-police socialist City Councilwoman Tiffany Cabán tweeted that “Subway violence is a one-in-a-million event” — outraging the woman who may lose the sight in her right eye after being viciously attacked days earlier in the transit system.

Cabán made her pronouncement Monday as video circulated of the sickening assault on straphanger Elizabeth Gomes in Queens, the progressive pol’s own borough.

You can find video of the assault at the following link. NYC vagrant pummels female straphanger in caught-on-video horror: cops. It is disturbing.

Of course the Defund the Police brigade has to pretend that stuff like this doesn't happen. Or maybe they don't have to pretend; maybe they are psychologically incapable of seeing what is happeing every day in NYC. And in Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Orleans, etc. To admit what is going on, to preceive what is going on, is to admit they were wrong.

Gomes, a JFK airport security guard, blasted Cabán as wildly out of touch.

“The subway system is dangerous and for her to post something like that — it seems to me that she doesn’t ride the subway or have anyone to ride it. She doesn’t really understand what it is,” Gomes told The Post. “It’s just getting worse and worse.”

I have no doubt that if Tiffany Cabán is up for reelection, or whenever she is up for reelection, she will be elected again. Because this kind of soft-on-crime, hard-on-cops insanity is EXACTLY what the people NYC want. They might be viewed as not being Progressive enough if they didn't support this insanity.

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.
    — H.L. Mencken, A Little Book In C Major

“The best lack all conviction”

And this article brings us the most ironic school name in New York City. Greenwich Village block held hostage by lunchtime rowdies

The rowdy kids are students at Harvest Collegiate High School. Go figure.

A band of foul-mouthed, toy gun-waving, pot-puffing high school hooligans are keeping residents of West 13th off 6th Avenue hostage in their own tony homes, terrified denizens told The Post.

For at least a year while school is in session, the roughnecks roam from stoop to stoop every day at lunchtime, rolling blunts, getting high, acting out and taunting anyone who gets in their way.

Talking to the school has done nothing. The word "parents" never appears in the article, though it does show up in the comments to the article. The cops have notified the school, and done nothing else. Just another indication that NYPD has given up in the face of DAs who won't prosecute. So do the residents of New York City miss the whole Broken Windows policing initiatives yet?

The residents of the neighborhood are upset with the kids, and worried that they will be shot because they are waving toy guns at people. My guess is that in a few years they won't be using toy guns, but real ones. But even toy guns can get you killed if someone is convinced that they are real.

Major crimes in the 6th Precinct are up 72% this year, NYPD stats show. Felony assaults climbed 7% (142 from 133) and robberies 47% (186 from 127), while petty larcenies rose 60% (1,467 from 917). Grand larcenies have soared 91% (976 from 510) and burglary has skyrocketed 96% (325 from 166), the NYPD stats through Sept. 25 show.

So the cops can do nothing. The schools can do nothing, apparently. The parents will apparently do nothing. And so the kids are free to roam the streets, basically terrorizing the neighborhood. As time goes by, and they suffer no consequences for their actions, their behavior will get worse. That is human nature.

And while this story is about one group of kids from one school, the statistics on the increase in crime show what is happening to the entire neighborhood/city/state.

The title to this post is drawn from the poem "The Second Coming," by William Butler Yeats. The line is, " The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity." The entire text of the poem, it isn't long, can be found below (after the break).

Civilization was nice while it lasted.

$250 Million Dollar Scam Enabled by Fear of Being Called Names

Seems like I've heard this story before. More on that later, but first from The Other McCain: The $250,000,000 Scandal That’s Wrecking Minnesota Democrats

A group of non-profits, aided by government lackeys who turned a blind eye, stole $250 million from a COVID program that was supposed to feed poor kids. Instead of feeding children, they made themselves rich.

In defending themselves against accusations of administrative negligence, Walz and the state department of education say they tried to cut off payment to Feeding Our Future, but that the non-profit responded with a lawsuit falsely claiming racial discrimination.

Wait a minute — Democrats admitting that false cries of “racism” are used to exploit the system? Wow, it’s a new day in America.

It was a gift to the Somali community in Minnesota from the Democrats running the state to ensure that they kept getting the votes from that community.

“Let’s give millions of dollars in taxpayer money to Somalis” — that’s what this “child nutrition” program was really about, and which party do you think this political payola was meant to benefit? The problem was that the corruption was just too blatant, what with the “luxury cars, houses, jewelry, and coastal resort property,” to say nothing of the “ornamental cart laden with gold,” and at some point somebody at Minnesota’s department of education got worried about it. Eventually, they tipped the feds to their concerns and tried to halt the payments to Aimee Bock’s organization, but when this was answered by a racial discrimination lawsuit, they restarted the payments, and the “child nutrition” bonanza continued right up until the feds raided Bock.

Now the governor's race in Minnesota is close, but I don't expect the Republican to win, because whatever else the people of Minnesota want, they want, above all else, for the world to know that they are Progressive. And you don't signal your Progressive Credentials in Minnesota by voting for the Republicans.

There is more if you click thru, including a link to the DOJ webpage where a news release detailing the indictment is posted.

As for the "fear of being called racist," and what it does to law enforcement and politicians, you should look up the UK's 40 year history with grooming gangs. The cops ignored 100s of young girls being raped and trafficked because they didn't want to seem racist for investigating gangs of men who were predominantly Muslim. Law enforcement didn't enforce the law for fear of being called names. The future is stupid.

Churches Across the Country Being Vandalized

Those tollerant Progressives, they love eveyone, as long as you agree with absolutely EVERYTHING they say.

First up is California. 4 Humboldt County churches report vandalism

The Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Bayside, the Eureka Seventh Day Adventist Church, St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Arcata and the First Covenant Church in Eureka all saw similar vandalism incidents over the weekend, according to local religious leaders and law enforcement. The vandalism, which is believed to have occurred between Sept. 24 and 26, on the Bayside church appears to be anti-conservative in nature, with the message “Kill MAGA/Pigs,” spray painted on the side of a building.

The Progressives have of course denied that it could be possible. It must be those very same MAGA folks seeking to place blame. Of course it is.

Colorado also saw vandalism. Pro-life Catholic clinic in Denver area vandalized, suspect quickly arrested

“We are sad to have to share that our clinic was just vandalized,” Bella Health + Wellness medical group said Sept. 25 in a 3 p.m. Facebook post including some photos of the vandalism. “If you could take a moment today to pray for our mission, our team and their families, and our patients, we would be grateful!”

There was also vandalism at a Russian Orthodox cathedral in New York City, but that may have been more about the war in Ukraine, since similar vandalism was seen at the Russian consulate.

03 October 2022


If you've been living under a rock, you might not know that Ozzy Osbourne released a new album. It is (or was) #3 on the Billboard 200. It apparently also hit #1 on the Top Album Sales chart. (I don't have a Pro subscription to Billboard, but that is what I've seen.)

I never really liked Ozzy Osborne. The music is always good. The lyrics are usually pretty good too. There is something about his voice that is (or was) like nails on a chalkboard to me, though I hear less of that as we both get older. I don't know if the change is in his voice, or my ears (which are not what they were).

So I was prepared to not like this album, but when it shot to the top of the charts, well I can give it a listen, which is what I did. I don't like every song on the album, but I do like a few of them.

Here is a link to the lyrics to today's song; you might want them.

This is "Parasite" by Ozzy Osbourne featuring guitar work by Zakk Wylde. It is from the album Patient Number 9, which was released on 9 September 2022.

Nothing Is Anybody's Fault

It is someone else's fault. I'm not responsible. Those two sentences are the refrain of the 21st Century. Molotov cocktail-tossing lawyer who torched NYPD car blames booze and 'trauma'

A lawyer who torched an NYPD patrol car during the George Floyd riots is begging for a reduced sentence — whining that she was drunk and dealing with “unprocessed trauma” at the time, according to court documents.

She should have been sentenced to 10 years in prison. Instead she's getting 18 months to 2 years. But that isn't enough of the break because It Is Not Her Fault.

Rahman’s lawyer rattled off a laundry list of excuses explaining her decision to chuck the explosive device. These included “early trauma” from being a Muslim in post-9/11 America; “abusive partnership relationships”; and “the injustices that she has witnessed here and abroad,” including assisting refugees in Istanbul and Athens and helping low-income tenants in New York avoid eviction.

But Rahman sounded sober in a video interview to Loudlabs News NYC about 45 minutes before the car was torched, defending the protesters and saying that “people are angry because the police are never held accountable.”

The cops are not happy, and I can't imagine why they would be.

Black Women Own Guns and The Media Notices

Should that be, "Finally notices?" The Narrative™ is most at risk. A call to arms: Black women embrace gun ownership, too Local & State - The Westside Gazette

This is actually one of the more balanced pieces of journalism I've read in the past few years. Better than anything you would find in the WaPo or the NY Slimes.

As most of these stories do, they follow a particular individual, and the interview woven through the article is interesting.

They do manage to cover quite a few statistics; here are the ones that caught my attention.

The National African American Gun Association has 30,000 members and 60% of those members are women, according to its website. And during the pandemic, the number of new gun owners grew, with 21% of them Black and over 50% women.

They also talk about the statistics of black women as victims of crime at the hands of men, and espcially homicides of women by men. And the reaction of the woman they are following to that reality.

“The real reason why I carry my gun is to kill men,” [Dorrian] Wilson said. “I’ve had instances in my life where guns were pulled on me by men, just trying to get to my apartment. So, my number one goal is still safety.” [SNIP]

“So, if I post a picture of myself shooting, carrying or something like that, the majority of the responses from women are ‘I need to learn how to shoot.’ And men, almost 100% of their responses are ‘I know not to mess with you,’” Wilson said. “In your predatory mind you know now that I’m not prey.”

And they even manage to acknowlege that women, and women of color being armed is not a new thing.

Black women have always used guns to protect themselves from men and other threats, said Antwain K. Hunter, an assistant history professor at UNC Chapel Hill who is writing a book about the history of race and firearms in North Carolina between 1729-1865. “Certainly when you get to the 1820s and ‘30s and then heading through the U.S. Civil War and even through reconstruction there are women who are armed,” Hunter said. “And so, one of the things I think stands out to me the most is thinking about why these women are armed. And a lot of it boils down to pragmatism. They’re able to defend themselves and their family members in ways that unarmed people are not.”

You should click thru and read the entire thing.

Never Attribute to Malice What Can Be Explained By Stupidity

And how much stupidity do you think there might be in the Russian Gas Industry? More than its fair share, that's for damn sure. Nordstream | The LawDog Files

So there has been much talk of what happened to Nordstream's two pipelines. There were apparently explosions. Now it turns out that LawDog actually knows a little something about gas pipes running under salt water, pressurized at 8 to 10 atmospheres, or under 330 to 360 of water, that is not moving product

In my experience when anything involving energy-industry hydrocarbons explodes … well, sabotage isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. And honestly, when it comes to a pipeline running natural gas under Russian (non)maintenance, an explosion means that it’s Tuesday. Or Friday. Or another day of the week ending in “y”.

Then the fact that the explosions were 17 hours apart is an issue.

“But, LawDog,” I hear you say, “It was multiple explosions!”

Yes, 17 hours apart. No military is going to arrange for two pipes in the same general area to be destroyed 17 hours apart. Not without some Spec Ops guy having a fit of apoplexy. One pipe goes up in a busy shipping lane, in a busy sea, and everyone takes notice. Then you wait 17 hours to do the second — with 17 hours for people to show up and catch you running dirty? Nah, not buying it.

So if not malice, what? Hydrate plugs are things that would form under those circumstances, and the resulting ruptures of the pipelines look like what was pictured.

The presence of solid hydrates in a pipeline can cause flow issues (causing cracks), destabilize the pipe itself (more cracks), and cause fires (bad. Very Bad), but the big issue (pun intended) is when you form enough hydrates that it blocks the pipe entirely (see: Hydrate plug, above).

A hydrate plug is one massive pain in the tuchkiss to remove, and removal of said hydrate plugs is not a task to be undertaken by idiots, rank amateurs, morons, the terminally unlucky, or stupid people.

So what are the chances, that after months of not moving product, they discovered a hydrate plug, and instead of trying to work with the Germans or whoever to remove the problem from both ends (the recommended action) they tried to just fix the problem?

Click thru for a discussion of all the ways that Gazprom could have managed to have that pipeline blow up, as well as a discussion of how they did get a similar pipeline to blow up in 2000. (That incident sounds like it was more spectacular than this one.)

It’s hundreds of millions of cubic metres of extremely flammable — nay, explosive — gaseous hydrocarbons being transported by Russians, and subject to Russian maintenance. And I’m here to tell you — Russian maintenance under the current oligarchy system isn’t any better than it was under the Soviet system.

Evil people only get up to evil deeds once in a while. Stupid is everywhere, everyday. And Gazprom has proven - see the issue from 2000 - that they do in fact have more than their fair share. And the stupid, it hurts. Add in a lot of really explosive chemicals, and you should stand way back.

02 October 2022

Tom Hanks on Movie-making

Though he doesn't say which 4... Tom Hanks: I’ve Only Made ‘Four Pretty Good’ Movies in Decades-Long Career

The first quote is all over social media.

“I’ve made a ton of movies (and four of them are pretty good, I think) and I’m still amazed at how films come together. From a flicker of an idea to the flickering image onscreen, the whole process is a miracle.”

But the thing that says I know he is serious about movies, and not just box-office...

“A smart thing I did is I’ve never signed a contract that had a contractual obligation to a sequel,” Hanks said. “I’ve always said, ‘Guys, if there’s a reason to do it, let’s do it. But you guys can’t force me.’ There is that natural inclination that is one of pure commerce that says, ‘Hey, you just had a hit, so do it again, and you’ll have a hit.’”

I have a long-standing rule about movies. I never see a sequel. I certainly never pay good-money to see a sequel in a theater. I've missed out on a 2 or 3 good movies that way, but I have avoided uncounted disasters.

Take for example The Matrix. It was a masterpiece (considering who starred in it). The 2 sequels were SO BAD, they went back in time and made the 1st movie not that good. And I haven't seen the third/latest sequel, but somehow it managed to be even worse.

How many times can you say, "The sequel was so much better than the original?"

I miss the days of movies like A League of Their Own, and Forrest Gump.

Sequels came up in the interview, because studio execs wanted to do a sequel to Forrest Gump. It would have been awful.

“I will say that, with a long time in between, we did take a stab at talking about another ‘Forrest Gump’ that lasted all of 40 minutes,” Hanks shared. “And then we never, we said, ‘Guys, come on.’”

The social media aspect is discussions of what 4 movies he meant. He never said.

This Didn't Happen in New Jersey

He suffered a failure of the victim-selection process. SAPD: Man shot, killed by gas station cashier on North Side

He pretended to be a customer. Instead of pulling out his wallet, he pulled out a firearm.

Police said the store clerk then pulled out his own gun and shot the man, who dropped his weapon. As he went to reach for the gun, the store clerk shot him again, according to police.

He was declared dead at the scene.

Bad decisions have bad outcomes. He could have done any number of things differently. He could have gotten a job, but instead he tried a life a crime. It didn't pay.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Political Violence That Is Not in the News

But then it doesn't help the narrative of the Left. The Flood of Political Violence the Press Refuses to Cover | Frontpage Mag

A few of the stories mentioned.

  • North Dakota Political Killing
  • Las Vegas Reporter Killed
  • Campaign Violence in Texas

There is more. (Hat tip to Flopping Aces.)

Shot For Being Pro-Life

Oh those tolerant, peace-loving Progressives. Woman 'stunned' after being shot while canvassing in Ionia Co., lawyer says incident was not an accident

Joan Jacobson, 84, was in Lake Odessa on Sept. 20, visiting homes to pass out literature on Proposal 3, when she was shot while on the property of Sharon and Richard Harvey on Bippley Road. [SNIP]

The materials Jacobson had been passing out that day were about Proposal 3, which is the abortion ballot initiative and was encouraging people to vote "No."

The husband and wife at the home (the husband did the shooting) didn't call 911, or offer assistance. Despite all of that the police are not sure why she was shot.

01 October 2022

Saturday Roundup of Link Roundups - 1 October

Wombat-socho at The Other McCain is up first with In The Mailbox: 09.28.22

BattleSwarm: Will Dollar-Pound Parity Unleash Weirdness?
Behind The Black: Is China-Russia partnership to build lunar base dead?, Part 1: The ugly corrupt lie of the experimental COVID jab

EBL - Florida Governor DeSantis Responds To Hurricane Ian 🌀

Don Surber: DeSantis next on the SWAT list?
TOM: Surviving the Hurricane, So Far
AoSHQ: Morning Report 09.28.22

The Right Way - Top of the News

‘Italy Votes Decisively for Nationalist-Right Coalition (VIDEO) - American Power
Hurricane Ian reveals the Biden administration’s pettiness—and fear - American Thinker

Flopping Aces - The Week in Radical Leftism, 9/30/2022

What was it Mencken said about Democracy?
9/27 – Regime Media Don’t Want You To Hear About The FBI Raid On A Pro-Life Father

Pixy Misa at Ace of Spades HQ - Daily Tech News 29 September 2022

Scientists have created an AI-controlled laser turret that kills cockroaches. (Motherboard)
I love it when a plan comes together.

Wombat-socho again - In The Mailbox: 09.29.22

Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Second Star to the Right, and I’m Not Making This Up, You Know
Hollywood In Toto: Armageddon Time Director Compares Trump to Nazi Goebbels

A View from the Beach - Biden Speaks to Dead People, Tanks Economy and Drains Oil Reserves

Mary Chastain at LI,: Special K Melts Down When Media Doesn’t Buy Her Explanation for Why Biden Asked for Dead Congresswoman and Scott Johnson at Power Line calls it the Senior moment of the day.

The Daley Gator - Smart-Assed, Snarky, Triggering Blog Post Round Up

EARL has an idea for a remake of a classic film
Flopping Aces gets downright snarky while mocking leftism

Gates of Vienna - News Feed 9/28/2022

Spain’s Food Prices Rise as Much 118 Per Cent in Just One Year
Spain’s food prices have risen at record rates according to the Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU), who said that sunflower oil had risen the most at 118 per cent.

Again from Wombat-socho - In The Mailbox: 09.30.22

Shot In The Dark: Flashback, This Is Today’s DFL, and From The Horse’s Mouth
This Ain’t Hell: Army’s first openly Trans Officer Indicted as Russian Spy

Vlad Tepes - Turkish bus driver vaxxed, more FBI whistleblowers come out and are silenced, escalation of Russia Ukraine war: Links 1, September 30th, 2022

2. “Many People Are Becoming Aware of the Very Serious Coup d’état that is Being Carried Out by Supranational Powers” – Archbishop Vigano on the Election of Giorgia Meloni

Cafe Hayek - Some Links

Arnold Kling reflects interestingly on reactions to the movie, Good Luck to You, Leo Grande. (DBx: Unlike Arnold, I have seen this movie and enjoyed it.)
Here’s the abstract of a newly published paper by Art Carden, Vincent Geloso, and Phil Magness

Don Surber - Highlights of the News

ITEM 7: Rumble posted a clip called, "Liberal former Italian PM calls CNN's 'fascism' reporting 'fake news' to their faces
Matteo Renzi was the Italian prime minister from 2014-2016.

Maggie's Farm - Thursday morning links

Rachel Vindman vows to harass Gov. Ron DeSantis again and again because he deserves it
More on Meloniphobia

J.J. Sefton at Ace of Spades HQ - The Morning Report — 9/29/22

David Harsanyi: "Hurricanes have always been with us, and they always will be. No amount of scaremongering can change that reality."
Never Let a Devastating Natural Disaster Go to Waste

Doug Ross - Larwyn’s Linx: The Thinnest Veneer of Civilization

• The Breakdown of the Social Contract - Katrina Trinko
• The Stock Market Is Bottoming Out. This Democrat Thinks Her Party Saved The Economy. - WFB

Anonymous Conservative - News Briefs – 09/30/2022

FDA is withholding autopsy results on people who died after getting COVID-19 vaccines.
Fauci’s net worth soared to $12.6+ million during the pandemic – up $5 million from 2019-2021.

I leave you with Thursday gifdump from Wirecutter, Some Memes to get you over the hump.... from The Feral Irishman, Quick Hits Of Wisdom, Knowledge And Snark #682 from 90 Miles From Tyranny, and It's Libturd Thursday ~ Afternoon Edition from Woodsterman.

Alcohol Can be Hazardous to Your Health

It can cause you to do stupid stuff that gets you shot. California homeowner shoots, kills intoxicated intruder fighting with her husband, authorities say | Fox News

Investigators said Angelo Santana, 22, was intoxicated and broke into the home belonging to 50-year-old Yuhui Zheng and her husband, 45-year-old Yang Luan.

Yang Luan attempted to restrain Santana and the pair got into a fight near the front door, authorities said. While the two men were fighting, Yuhui Zheng got a gun from upstairs and opened fire on Santana, Fox San Francisco reported.

He apparently had a history of getting drunk, and showing up at random houses in the neighborhood looking for friends of his. His friends apparently do live somewhere in that neighborhood.

Santana was armed but investigators believe the shooting was done in self-defense. No arrests have been made.

That last quoted sentence is odd, and I wonder if it was supposed to be "unarmed." Journalists are convinced that would mean something.

Self-defense is a human-right, and at least in parts of California, it might be your legal right.

Minneapolis Has Fewer Cops, Longer 911 Response

I can't even pretend to be shocked. Why would anyone want to be a police officer in Minneapolis? MPD reports longer response times to 911 emergency calls - KSTP.com Eyewitness News

Last week, interim Minneapolis Police Chief Amelia Huffman told a City Council committee the average 911 response time for officers citywide is now eight and a half minutes, which includes high-priority calls known as Priority 1 calls.

In 2021 they had budget for 496 patrol officers. Today they have only 407 actively on patrol.

There is absolutely no mention in the article of Defund the Police, or any reference to retirement/resignation. And no mention of recruiting efforts. Why? Because all of those topics would make the city administration look like idiots. That is my guess, anyway.

If the only information we had about policing in Minneapolis came from this story, we would be left to conclude that the number of officers dropped from 496 to 407 due to random events. Were there actions taken by the city to vilify police? When did they happen? What was the timing relative to the resignations/retirements? There is no mention of any of that.

There is also no mention of the number or the type of calls that patrol officers are responding to. Has crime gone up or down? Has serious crime become more frequent? Who knows? Not the readers of this piece of journalism.

UPDATE: I forgot to say that there is also no mention of any changes in policy around cash bail. Because that is also not relevant to understanding any of this. Not if you are a journalist in Minnesota, anyway.

Blue On Black

WXRT's Saturday Morning Flashback revisited 1997 at the end of July. The original Men In Black came out that year, and there was also some good music produced. And this song has been stuck in my drafts folder since then.

As a plus, it is won't be too jarring while we wait for the caffeine to kick in.

This song is "Blue on Black" by Kenny Wayne Shepherd from his 1997 album Trouble Is....

30 September 2022

Friday Links - 30 September

Daisy at Chicks on the Right is up first with Yet Another Gaffe By Our Idiot-In-Chief… Biden asks, "Where's Jackie?"

Jackie Walorski was an Indiana congresswoman from 2013 until this year, when she died in a car accident on August 3rd. She was awesome – a truly remarkable woman. ...

Biden should never be given a microphone ever again:

The Other McCain is up next with a report from a not-quite-war-zone: Surviving the Hurricane, So Far

The power went out early Wednesday morning when a transformer blew out in their neighborhood, and about half the city is now without electricity. Downtown was totally flooded Wednesday, but my daughter’s house east of the city is still above water, although they’ve kept a close eye on the canal behind their house. They’ve got a three-day food supply, so they’re in pretty good shape. Watching national TV on Wednesday, you might have gotten the idea that the folks trapped in Naples and Fort Myers were guilty of ignoring warnings or had disobeyed evacuation orders, which is grossly misleading. Rather, the fault is with the shifting projections of the storm’s track.

The LawDog Files - Nordstream. Maintenance and the lack thereof...

They officially shut it down in July of 2020 for maintenance, and had cornbread hell getting it back on-line, and “issues” with maintaining flow throughout the next year; shut it down again in July of 2021, with bigger “issues” — we say “issues” because the Russians won’t explain what these issues were — and even more problems, including unexplained, major disruptions in gas flow in Dec21/Jan22; Feb 22; and April 22.

Yeah, there’s problems with those lines. And these are the same folks that PMCS’d [Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services] Chernobyl.

Juvat at Chant du Départ - Family and friends

Mrs. J's 6 month campaign to get the Juvat Clan and friends together for an overseas cruise has finally arrived at the execution phase. All the covid stupidity has been complied with. Shot Cards are enclosed with the passports. Airline Tickets are in hand. Rendezvous with MBD, SIL and MG is complete and drop-off at the airport completed. In-processing is complete and airport security is next.

Toni Williams at Victory Girls - Bonhomme Richard Fire Trial Emblematic Of Larger Issues

Every. Single. Action. In this situation is emblematic of the larger problems that afflict the Navy and our military as a whole. If this is not rectified yesterday, our military won’t be any good against the Rhode Island League of Women Voters, let alone the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

Vodka Pundit - Meet the New GOP: Younger, More Female, More Hispanic (and More Attractive, if You'll Pardon Me)

I had a little birdie whisper in my ear last night that Virginia’s 7th Congressional District is one of those races to watch on election night. There, Republican Yesli Vega is taking on two-term Democrat incumbent Abigail Spanberger.

Vega is the daughter of refugees from El Salvador’s civil war. She and her husband, Army vet Rene, have two children. Vega got her start in Virginia law enforcement, working as a patrol officer, field training officer, hostage negotiator, and crisis intervention team member.

The Right Scoop - CNN’s Don Lemon tries to get NOAA scientist to blame Hurricane Ian on climate change, but he won’t do it…

But Lemon persists and pushes Rohme on the question again. That’s when Rohme says you can’t link climate change to one weather event and cautioned against Lemon trying to do so.

Again from The Other McCain - Worst. President. Ever.

Ace goes on an extended rant about this: “Confiscate the kulaks’ farms and kill them, and then blame the dead traitors for the poor yields. It’s been part of the authoritarians’ playbook since the 1930s.

Bookworm Room - FBI’s descent into evil shows pensions corrupt government workers

These people know that they are [now] working in a hopelessly corrupt institution and that, by continuing there, they are besmirching their own morals and souls. And yet they remain because — damn it! — they’ve earned chunks of that pension already and don’t want to walk away.

Oklahoma Is a Bad Place for Bad Guys

They don't seem to have gotten that memo. Homeowner shoots, kills alleged burglary suspect, Tulsa police say

Police say a burglary suspect entered into a residence near East 14th Street and South Florence Place.

An elderly homeowner heard the man and and shot him inside the home.

After he got shot, he beat a hasty retreat but didn't get too far. Police found his dead body in the front yard of the home.

Oklahoma has one of the original Castle Doctrine laws so I don't think this homeowner will have any trouble with authorities. The thought there might be issues doesn't even occur to the reporter in this case.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Keeping Violent Offenders in Jail is Unfair

Less than 24 hours after a convicted sex offender was released on his own recognizance, he was arrested again. Convicted sex offender being questioned in West Loop kidnapping attempt was released on a felony recognizance bond less than 24 hours earlier - CWB Chicago

He was in bond on Sunday for a misdemeanor battery warrant, and a felony for failing to register as a sex-offender.

The judge set him free on his own recognizance.

Less than 24 hours later, a man driving a stolen minivan grabbed and apparently tried to kidnap a woman in the 200 block of South Sangamon in the West Loop. A few minutes later, a man driving a similar minivan grabbed a woman as she walked in the 100 block of West Roosevelt in the South Loop, according to a CPD report.

Both women fought their way free, and the maroon minivan, which was stolen, crashed moments after the South Loop attack. The driver fled the scene.

About 15 minutes after the crash, CTA cameras captured images of the West Loop attacker at the Jackson Red Line station.

CWB Chicago didn't name him in the story, because he had not been charged. That's changed.

BREAKING: Charges filed.

Quavon Ewing, 32

Kidnapping x1
Agg. battery x2

I wonder if the new law in Illinois - outlawing most cash bail - would even allow him to be held.

And they wonder why crime is up.

EMS Lieutenant Killed While on Duty in NYC

Alison Russo-Eling died 29 September, 2022. Astoria EMS Lieutenant Randomly Stabbed To Death On The Job: Police | Astoria, NY Patch

Alison Russo-Eling, 61, a 24-year department veteran who had served as a first responder in the Sept. 11 attacks, was attacked while on duty shortly after 2 p.m., police said. She had just left EMS Station 49 to get food, wearing clothing that clearly identified her as a paramedic, NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig told reporters during a news conference.

At the corner of 20th Avenue and 41st Street, a half-block from the EMS station, a 34-year-old man brandishing a knife "viciously attacked" Russo-Eling, stabbing her numerous times across her body, Essig said.

She died at a nearby hospital.

The guy was known to some people on the street, they chased him to an apartment where he barricaded himself. A hostage negotiator, backed up by NYPD's Emergency Service Unit eventually took him into custody.

Do we believe that the non-prosecuting attorneys of New York will actually ensure that he is held accountable? I don't believe that.

So what kind of monster decides to randomly end a person's life for no reason, or only because he didn't like EMS personnel, or whatever?

What has happened to our large cities? Civilization was nice while it lasted.

Everything Wrong With Hollywood in One Interview

I miss the days when entertainment was supposed to be entertaining. From The Other McCain: ‘The Hard-Hitting Social Commentary We’re Trying to Get Across’

Olivia Wilde has a new movie. It isn't supposed to be entertaining. It is supposed to convey how much she hates Jordan Peterson. Of course since she hasn't read any of his work, or probably seen any of his videos, what she actually hates is "an ignorant stereotype of Peterson." Because she was told to hate him by her feminist mistresses. And she won't question those marching orders.

If the only tool you’ve got is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. And if the only ideology you have is feminism, every problem looks like misogyny. Because of the unipolar dynamic of feminist ideology, everything they consider problematic is lumped together as part of an oppressive system, and therefore Professor Peterson gets dumped into the same “basket of deplorables” as Donald Trump and “incels.”

Such is the “hard-hitting social commentary” Olivia Wilde wedged into her new movie, and really, Harry Styles needs to dump that bitch.

There is more on the insanity. Click thru.

I haven't given much money to Hollywood in a long time, and none in the past 2 or 3 years. I used to go to a movie at least once a month. There was a time, shortly after I retired when you could see a matinee for a few bucks. While living in Florida, I would grab lunch at my favorite deli, catch a first-run movie at about 2 PM or so, and miss the heat of the day, which in July or August in the Tampa Bay area was worth missing. But there was usually some movie that promised entertainment. Not anymore, it is all virtue signalling, and no entertainment.

29 September 2022

DAs HATE Self-defense

But despite that, it seems to be legal. Jury acquits Penn Borough man of attempted murder in roommate's shooting

He was in a home that was not his. He was asked to leave. He held his hand behind his back. He got shot.

The DA says, "He was unarmed," but the homeowner doesn't have x-ray vision. He knew the dead guy. That is not an issue. (You are more likely to be threatened by someone you know that a complete stranger.)

The DA knows all of that, but was hoping that the jury would convict, because Justice is not the issue. Winning is the issue. Well that, and they really, really hate self-defense. You must rely on the state for everything, even those things it cannot provide.

A Westmoreland County jury acquitted a Penn Borough man of attempted murder and aggravated assault for the 2021 shooting of his girlfriend’s adult son.

And in usual DA form, they threw a bunch of charges into the air, hoping one would stick.

Self-defense is a human-right, and it might be your legal right in Pennsylvania, though not if the District Attorneys have their way.

Schrödinger’s Cat Food

Stocks are a bet on the future. Bonds are a promise; a promise that's apparently been broken. This Is the Way the World Ends - LewRockwell

I speak of the magic moment when the necromancers of finance discover that the proverbial can they’ve been kicking is filled with Schrödinger’s cat food… and the road they’ve been kicking it down actually comes to a dead end up their own highly-credentialed wazoos. Economics will never be the same hereafter.

The bond market has gone south, and that spells The End for the great game of financialization. The bond market is Moby Dick compared to the little blowfish that is the stock market. The global money system is based on bonds, which are… what? That’s right: loans… promises to pay you X at some future moment. So, what happens when a daisy-chain of promises-to-pay gets broken? Or, perhaps more precisely, when all those promises lose their last shred of plausible reality? Why, the money that these broken promises are denominated in loses its essential cred. Trick question: how much is worthless money worth? (Answer: not enough to pay for a can of Schrödinger’s cat food.)

And the political landscape is starting to change as a result.

The people of, first, Sweden and now Italy are voting in “right wing” nationalist governments — the horror — sending their equivalent of our Party of Chaos to the showers. This has irked the President of the European Union, one Ursula von der Leyen, no end. She has threatened to send Italy to its room without supper for the effrontry.

This is against a backdrop of Russia and Ukraine, election shenanigans, and the energy implosion in Germany.

Civilization was nice while it lasted.

He Tried to Carjack a Woman at Chik-fil-A

It didn't turn out the way he planned. Florida Chick-fil-A employee stops man who allegedly tried to carjack woman with baby

Fort Walton Beach, Florida is a coastal town on Florida's panhandle, approximately 35 miles east of Pensacola, Florida and about 60 miles west of Panama City, Florida.

Dramatic video shows a Chick-fil-A employee tackling a man who allegedly tried to carjack a woman with a baby. The suspect, identified as William Branch, was arrested by authorities in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. [SNIP]

The Chick-fil-A employee, identified by the restaurant as Mykel Gordon, intervened after hearing the woman screaming. Part of the video of the encounter shows Gordon wrestling Branch to the ground and pinning him until more people show up to help.

None of this "just call 911" and "don't get involved" attitude that you see all too often in 2022. He stepped up, and stopped the crime, and held the guy until cops arrived.

And while he didn't use a weapon, he did come to the defense of others.

28 September 2022

Wednesday Link Roundup - 28 September

Pixy Misa at Ace of Spades HQ is up first with Daily Tech News 27 September 2022

If the iPhone app you developed is working fine and doesn't need to be updated, Apple will delete it from the App Store. (Simulated Annealing)
Because fuck you, that's why.

Pirate's Cove - Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

  1. Powerline discusses criminalized Conservatism
  2. Sultan Knish says they’re redistributing money, not fighting inflation

Bacon Time!!!! - Sunday Linkage

The Intrepid Reporter - UGH
Watts Up With That? - America Is Successfully Pursuing ESG = Extreme Shortages Guaranteed

Wombat-socho at The Other McCain - In The Mailbox: 09.26.22

Cafe Hayek: “None of Them”, Access to Amazon’s Site Enhances Third-Party Merchants’ Competitiveness, and LOL!
CDR Salamander: AUKUS at 1-year, with Alessio Patalano

EBL - Conservative Giorgia Meloni wins in Italy

Instapundit: Right Wing Coalition Wins In Italy, American media loses its mind...
She is really well spoken, check out the video

Political Hat - News of the Week (September 25th, 2022)

Up Next: Green Starvation
As has often been noted, environmentalism is, for many, a religion. It now appears that it is a religion that demands human sacrifice.

Proof-Positive - Best of the Web*

IRS Sent $1.3 Billion In Stimulus Checks To Locked Up Criminals, Including Murderers
School Attacks: When Things Fall Apart

Don Surber - Highlights of the News

ITEM 5: Life News reported, "Joe Biden’s FBI has raided the home of a well-known pro-life advocate and arrested him in front of his crying children on a bogus charge that had already been thrown out of court. Biden’s administration is coming under fire for weaponizing the FBI.

A View from the Beach - Some DIY Politics

Why the Democrats Must Be Punished – PJ Media
There's pressure for GOP to impeach Biden if they win the House, according to S.C. Rep. Nancy Mace | Just The News

Vlad Tepes - Geopolitics and corruption: Links 2, September 27, 2022

1. Venezuelan Illegal Migrants Reportedly Organizing Paramilitary Cells In The U.S.
(This makes sense. Vz is a communist country and one of the worst, and in league with Iran against the US. How would all those Venezuelans get to the border ... ?)

Again from Wombat-socho - In The Mailbox: 09.27.22

Victory Girls: NASA Plays Armageddon And It’s So Cool, also, Putin Has a Potemkin Army
Volokh Conspiracy: The First Lawsuit Challenging Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

Gates of Vienna - News Feed 9/26/2022

FBI Whistleblower’s Wife Suspended From Facebook After Sending a Private Message
President of Empower Oversight Whistleblowers and Research, Jason Foster, discusses the mistreatment of whistleblowers and their families when they come forward.

Cafe Hayek - Some Links

David Henderson shares one of his favorite passages from Atlas Shrugged.
Ron Bailey wonders why environmental ‘activists’ are “trying to stop research into a promising backup plan to handle climate change?”

J.J. Sefton at Ace of Spades HQ - The Morning Report — 9/26/22

"It’s going after the conservative Eagle Forum of Alabama because the group supported a state law to prohibit gender-altering medical treatment for minors."
Biden Department of Justice? Hardly

Doug Ross - Larwyn’s Linx: 'The most outrageous intimidation effort in history': Mark Levin's electoral deep dive

• Truthteller Kari Lake Says She Will Not Back Down, The Stakes are Too High - CTH
• Cover-Up Artists for Undercover Operatives - Julie Kelly

Anonymous Conservative - News Briefs – 09/27/2022

Pennsylvania county sues Dominion Voting Systems for ‘unauthorized Python script’ & ‘foreign IP address’ – The report says, “This python script can exploit and create any number of vulnerabilities including, external access to the system

I leave you with Sunday Funnies For 09-25-22 from Stately McDaniel Manor, Sunday Funnies from Flopping Aces, Quick Hits Of Wisdom, Knowledge And Snark #677 from 90 Miles From Tyranny, and Fucking Mondays gifdump from Wirecutter.

Self-defense Is Legal in St, Louis

And the DA hates that. St. Louis jury acquits man who claimed self-defense in fatal gas station shooting

When Humphrey [76-yrs old] left the store, Stewart [33-yrs old] was outside, and the two started to fight. Stewart punched Humphrey at least 12 times and kicked him after he fell on the ground, defense attorneys said.

When Humphrey got back on his feet he shot and killed Stewart, who died, and his father, who survived.

Prosecutors charged Humphrey in January 2020 with first-degree murder, assault and armed criminal action roughly two months later, arguing he had plenty of opportunities to leave without firing his gun.

The DA didn't like self-defense, tried to prove self-defense, and failed.

Because self-defense is a human-right.

HeyJackass! and the Start of Fall in Chicago

HeyJackass! has the stats on the past weekend in the Windy City. Mostly Peaceful Weekend

With the official arrival of fall, we’ll likely see one the last somewhat summer-ish weekend of the 2022 campaign and post somewhat summer-ish numbers.

The totals were 10 killed, and 33 shot and wounded. (As HeyJackass! tracks the weekend it runs from noon on Friday to 6 AM on Monday.)

Those totals are less than both 2020 and 2021, so the powers-that-be will be happy. Pay no attention to prior years.

2019 weekend tally: 2 killed, 18 wounded
2018 weekend tally: 7 killed, 14 wounded

Though the totals are influenced by the weather more than you might expect.

The "In" Crowd

Ramsey Lewis was a Jazz pianist from Chicago. He passed away September 12th, at the age of 87; I thought it would be fitting to listen to a piece of his music.

He was artistic director of Jazz at the Ravinia Festival, a music/concert venue north of Chicago. He hosted a PBS miniseries on Jazz. He had a radio show on the Chicago smooth jazz station, which became nationally syndicated for a while, before the station in question switched from Jazz to a Spanish-language format. And he made some great music.

This song is "The 'In' Crowd" by the Ramsey Lewis Trio. It was recorded in 1965 at the Bohemian Caverns nightclub in Washington, D.C. It would go on to be his biggest hit, making it to number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100.

27 September 2022

First She Got Shot, Then She Got Arrested

I'm sure she didn't expect her day to end that way. Teen charged in Mississippi mall shooting

That headline should be, "Mississippi Teen Shot by Store Owner After She Draws Gun." The original is a better headline than most I see.

Ridgeland Police Chief Brian Myers said the shooting happened around 5:20 p.m. when Za'Lill D'Chelle Patterson, 16, of Jackson, tried to shoplift from a popcorn store inside the mall. She allegedly pulled a gun on the store owner, who Myers said shot Patterson in the leg in self defense.

According to Myers, Patterson was taken to a local hospital before she was booked into the Madison County Detention Center on a charge of aggravated assault with a weapon. She will be charged as an adult.

The hat tip goes to Ruined Leon, who has an 8 minute video on the story: 16 Year Old Pulls Out A Gun Because She Got Caught Stealing. Well, he covers more than just this story. He covers the whole attitude behind the act, and a case of the looting of a black business. Like I said it is 8 minutes, or so. Grab a coffee. Leon is usually worth the time, and this video does not disappoint.

Tuesday Links - 27 September

The Gateway Pundit starts us off with Democrats DON’T CARE: “Single Largest Fentanyl Seizure In Phoenix Police History” – OVER ONE MILLION Fentanyl Pills Seized From Arizona Home

The deadly drug is pouring into Arizona through the wide-open southern border, and it is Joe Biden’s fault.

Massive amounts of the killer chemical are being found across the United States. The Gateway Pundit recently reported that a Florida police department seized enough fentanyl to kill 1.5 million people during a recent drug bust.

Granite Grok - Herr Biden Unleashes The FBI On The Pro-Life Movement

It would be wrong to say that America is becoming a police state. America … under the Biden regime… is already a police state. The DOJ/FBI is routinely used to intimidate, silence, and even arrest Americans who oppose Herr Biden’s agenda.

Red State - Right-Wing Coalition Wins in Italy, American Press Loses Its Mind. Will the Left celebrate a woman elected PM of Italy? Not unless she's Progressive.

Exit polls show that the right-wing alliance will win a sizable majority, with a government being formed behind Giorgia Meloni as Prime Minister.

Meloni will be the first woman in the country’s history to hold the position.

The Post Millennial - LGBTQ community TRIGGERED by accurate label on Jeffrey Dahmer show identifying as him as gay

Netflix's new series "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" premiered on September 21 and faced immediate backlash for tagging the show as part of the streaming network's LGBTQ content, despite the fact that the cannibal was a gay man.

Kevin D. Williamson at The Dispatch - The Impossibility of the Ham Sandwich: A lesson about comparative advantage. Thought provoking...

Other people have run similar experiments, and, illuminating as they are, they understate the case: Those Dutch locavores may have ground the wheat they grew into flour, but they didn’t build the mill, and they didn’t mine the iron and refine it into steel to make the tools they needed to harvest that wheat or butcher those pigs. It takes some infrastructure to create cheese. In truth, without the benefits provided by the division of labor in accord with comparative advantage, a ham sandwich wouldn’t be something that cost fifty grand—it would be something that is impossible to create at any price.

Liana Hutton by way of Professor David Yamane at Gun Curious - “I Absolutely Loved It!” (Fall 2022 Student Range Visit Reflection #6)

When I first showed up at the range, my friend and I were a little anxious. We heard the loud shots of the previous group shooting and immediately went back to the car. Both of our families are very liberal, so it was in our nature to hear that and leave the source it was originating from. When we finally got inside the fence, I was very nervous and didn’t know if I wanted to through with shooting any of the guns.

Adaptive Curmudgeon - Camp And Sail Part 4: Neither Boats Nor Curmudgeons Are Made To Stay In The Harbor

I was nervous as hell. I’m always nervous when I sail. I’m not sure why but it’s a true thing. My sailboat has no motor. Once you put it on the water, it has a vote in all that happens afterwards. Just as a motorcycle is not a horse, a motorboat is not a sailboat. There’s a difference between flowing with the wind and using gas power to simply force a thing to happen. I was about to head out on a lake solo. I would have not the slightest hint of backup. (Not that I ever do.) There’s just so many things that can go wrong.

Tam at View From The Porch - Truth in Advertising... Click thru for the eye-searing photo.

Here's an Aston Martin Vantage in...hand to God, this is the actual name of the color...Kermit Green.