31 May 2023

Wednesday Link Roundup - 31 May

Pirate's Cove is first with Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Flopping Aces has the Sunday Funnies. And the the week in radical leftism.
hogewash has awesome space photos.

The DaleyGator - Daily Top 5

And on Cue, the Media Smears Launch Against DeSantis
Republican primary voters should pay most attention to who the media attacks rather than the most often vacuous merits of the attacks.

EBL - The Debt Negotiations were hardly a "win" for the GOP

The 2024 election is critical...
Townhall: Budget deal discussed...
RedState: Debt Deal

Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony - Daily News Stuff 27 May 2023: Termites R Us Edition

Electric truck maker Nikola is at risk of being deleted from NASDAQ mostly because it hasn't made any electric trucks. (Tech Crunch)
It has faked some videos of electric trucks, though, so maybe Disney will buy it.

A View from the Beach - Memorial Day Flotsam and Jetsam

At Da Wire, Top Conservatives Slam McCarthy-Biden Agreement: ‘With Republicans Like These, Who Needs Democrats?’ 'Duke' at Red State purports to know The Dirty Little Secret About the Biden-McCarthy Debt Ceiling Deal No One Has Addressed Yet.

Political Hat - News of the Week (May 28th, 2023)

California can’t force churches to pay for abortions, courts rule
Two federal courts in California ruled last week that churches in the state do not have to cover abortion procedures in their health insurance plans.

Vlad Tepes - On censorship: Links 1, May 29th, 2023

2. ‘The Official Truth’: The End of Free Speech That Will End America
3. The Wold Health Organization publishes report that the Covid Vaxx may lead to Multiple Sclerosis. But, it’s the WHO saying that so… John does an excellent job also in this video of delivering subtext

Don Surber - Highlights of the week

I doubt the boycott of Tar-jay (or is that now Tar-gay?) will do as much damage as, say, looting the stores as part of the BLM mostly peaceful protests.
But the left is whining and that is music to mine ears.

Bacon Time!!!! - Sunday Linkage

The Air Vent - Grumpy….
Watts Up With That? - More Carbon Credit Fraud Uncovered: CEO of Verra Resigns

Gates of Vienna - News Feed 5/28/2023

63 Churches Attacked in the First 3 Months of 2023: Report
Sixty-nine acts of vandalism against churches occurred in the first quarter of the year, constituting a significant increase in the number of attacks compared to previous years.

Cafe Hayek - Some Links

… But this abundance is under threat from government; as J.D. Tuccille advises, “[i]f you want to keep the lights on, it might be a good time to shop for a generator.”

Small Dead Animals - Sunday On Turtle Island

Trudeau’s Canada: Another lawsuit about a dam, genocide, or something. Outrage in Durham Region. Fighting whiteness in leadership.
Woke Britain: Peter Hitchens on secretive schools.

Maggie's Farm - Monday morning links

'Bike Karen' Race-Hoaxers Flee Like Hunted Rats to Avoid Lawsuit
Microsoft kicks Vivek Ramaswamy off LinkedIn

Doug Ross - Larwyn’s Linx: Big Picture: How Did Democrats Abandon All of Their Principles in 15 Years’ Time?

• Rep. Chip Roy rips ‘new debt-ceiling deal’ - Twitchy
• 8 Californians Who Left For Texas Say Why - BattleSwarm

J.J. Sefton at Ace of Spades HQ - The Morning Report — 5/29/23

Victor Davis Hanson: "For the left-wing elites, the cause is but a means to personal and professional power."
It Was Always Only About Power With the Left

Anonymous Conservative - News Briefs – 05/29/2023

Despite her public role and official duties, US Virgin Islands First Lady de Jongh managed Epstein’s USVI-based companies from January 2007 to January 2015 — receiving from Epstein a salary, bonuses, and other benefits, including $200,000 in 2007 alone.

I leave you with Sunday Memes from The DaleyGator, Quick Hits Of Wisdom, Knowledge And Snark #1125 from 90 Miles from Tyranny, Sunday Funnies For 05-28-23 from Stately McDaniel Manor, and Fucking Mondays gifdump from Wirecutter.

Seattle Police and 911 Response Times

Seattle was one of the first places to go all in on Defund the Police. Well, mostly in. And the police noticed. They started leaving, and new people didn't want to join the force.

Now there is a funny thing about reality; it it true, even if you don't want it to be. One thing that is true is that you need cops to respond to 911 calls. If you don't have cops, the wait for that response is going to be long. So what would you do if you called 911 and it was a long time before someone came to rescue you? Do you have a Plan B?

That is what is the situation unfolding in Seattle. Seattle Police recruitment falls short as response times increase

Due to officers being spread thin, police call response times have increased, with the highest priority calls taking an average of 10 minutes to get a response. This is slower than the city’s goal of having seven minute response times for all priority one calls.

10 minutes is a long time to wait if you have called 911 before bad things have happened, and you are waiting for the police to "save you." It is also plenty of time for a bad guy to get away if the call came after the bad things had already taken place.

The city's recruiting efforts are falling short? Color me shocked.

Since 2020, the department has lost 515 officers and hired 190. Many have retired, but others said in exit interviews they did not feel supported by the city during the “defund the police” movement following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The city is still losing an average of 9 officers per month, and that is the good news; it was between 13 and 16 officers per month not that long ago.

And before someone takes offense to the "defund the police" statement. Yes. They did try to defund the police. Seattle’s botched experiment with defund the police keeps getting worse

The City Council initially cut the police budget by about 17%, never reaching the 50% goal. But the agency has been in a tailspin ever since.

That article is a little amusing because the people passing the laws in Seattle can't even be bothered to read the laws about parking tickets, and so they screwed that up to the tune of about $5 million.

And the situation has gotten so out-of-hand that the post office has had to stop mail delivery in at least parts of the city. Mail theft in Seattle has become such a bad problem that the United States Postal Service paused deliveries to the 98118 zip code.

Around 900 customers in the area from Columbia City to Rainier Beach were told to pick up their mail from the local post office, prompting massive lines.

The hat tip goes to Law Officer: Seattle police are fleeing while 911 response times increase.

The City Is In Crisis With Rising Crime & Fewer Police

Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago

It's the start of Summer, and HeyJackass! has the statistics about how people kicked off the season with Memorial Day Weekend.

The Summer of Joy 2 has arrived! Starting this weekend and for the next 100 days, be prepared to experience more silly decisions than one thought could be humanly possible. Please, no demonizing.

The final tally was 12 killed and 49 shot and wounded. Not as bad as I expected based on how bad things were on Saturday, but bad enough. No one will be able to claim that crime is down (well, okay they probably will) since the weekend tallied more violence and death than the same weekend for the past few years. In fact you have to go back to 2016 to find a Memorial Day weekend with more mayhem.

For the purposes of counting violence over the extended weekend, HeyJackass! counts incidents from noon on Friday through 6AM Tuesday.

So how many people does it take to make an incident a "mass shooting?" Because Chicago had one incident with 3 people being injured and one with 3 injuries and one fatality. Neither incident seems to have made the national news, or the local news for that matter. Maybe 4 people shot isn't enough for it to be considered a mass shooting. It couldn't be that the shooting didn't take place in suburbia that makes it not of interest. That would be racist on the part of the reporters, and we know they aren't racist. (Just ask them, and they will tell you that.)

It really was a wonderful city. Past tense.

Í Tokuni

Eivør (Eivør Pálsdóttir) is a Faroese singer. (That is the language spoken on the Faroe Islands.) I have been exploring some of her music. It appeals to me on some level.

Since today's song is not in English, here is a link to the lyrics and their translation.

This song is "Í Tokuni" by Eivør from her 2015 album Slør. The song title translates as "In the Mist" in English. Slør translates to Veil in English.

The Faroe Islands are a grouping of islands, that are legally a portion of Denmark. They are about halfway between Norway and Iceland, or about 320 kilometers NNW of The United Kingdom.

30 May 2023

A Feral Irishman Musical Interlude

I guess the mess we have has been building a long time. ♫♪♫ In 1988, Queensryche Wasn't Far Off With These Lyrics ♫♪♫.

Those lyrics include:

I used to trust the media
To tell me the truth, tell us the truth
But now I've seen the payoffs
Everywhere I look
Who do you trust when everyone's a crook?

Click thru for the remaster of "Revolution Calling" from the 1988 album Operation Mindcrime.

Elon Trolls the EU's Ministry of Truth

Because of course he does. Elon Musk takes Twitter out of the EU’s Disinformation Code of Practice

A request for comment emailed to Twitter’s press office returned an automated reply containing a poop emoji.

You can click thru for the details on what the EU wants, versus what Twitter is planning to do.

Hat tip to Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony - Daily News Stuff 28 May 2023: Frostbite Falls Edition.

The media, and the bureaucrats, who believe they have the sole right to spread disinformation, are taking this about about as well as can be expected, with Thierry Breton, head of the European Union's Josef Goebbels Memorial Happy Fun Time Administration, issuing unveiled threats.

Tuesday Links - 30 May

Ace of Spades HQ starts things moving with It's Memorial Day Weekend. Stay on target.

We have seen a lot of details about Target's marketing plans recently. But Dr_No is right. Clothes suggesting that transgenderism for toddlers is a great thing was just the beginning.

There was also the decision to hire a Satanist to design part of their 'Pride' line.

The Other McCain - CNN Warns of Weather ‘Misinformation’

Why do these people expect to be immune to criticism? Doesn’t this have something to do with the fact that they exist inside bubbles of groupthink, where everyone shares the same beliefs and opinions? Don’t they realize that the “consensus” agreement about climate change is an artifact, created by systematic exclusion of skeptics from the institutions responsible for producing The Science™?

Wombat-scocho - FMJRA 2.0: Take It Away, Harry

This year I arrived at Balticon for the first time since 2019 only to find that without a face panty, I couldn’t attend panels, enter the dealers room, or visit the art show. But hanging out in the consuite was fine! WTF, Balticon. I can’t breathe through a face mask and the NIH says they don’t do shit anyway. 0/10.

SiGraybeard - Memorial Day 2023

There are times I wonder how many more of any holiday that our republic will survive to see, but this one is the hardest to come to grips with. Memorial Day is the day to honor those who fell fighting to preserve the republic and if it falls, that's dishonoring every one of them. Every one of them gave themselves, their lives, their futures, for something bigger than themselves.

American Thinker - The Nanny State Stains a Deck

How many candidates run for office promising to do any of this? How many won their races, and could honestly claim a mandate, for forcing low-flow toilets, tacky peeling deck stains, curly-Q lightbulbs, and electric cooktops on the American people? Darned few, if any.

The Other McCain again - How White Is @TizzyEnt?

Film editor and social-media SJW Michael McWhorter (@TizzyEnt on Twitter) “can safely be described as white as a debutante’s taint,” in the immortal words of Jeff Goldstein, and the excellence of that phrasing was sufficient to call my attention to a story I’ve been trying to ignore for more than a week, the “CitiBike Karen” saga.

Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony - Daily News Stuff 28 May 2023: Frostbite Falls Edition

Amazon office workers are planning to go on strike over, uh, over having to work in an office. (CNN)

Thanks, said Amazon in a short note, though we weren't planning to announce the next round of layoffs just yet.

Self-defense May Be Legal in Chicago

Reporters seem confused. Man wounded when he shoots at a concealed carry holder, and that guy shoots back

You can file this under "Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process."

West Lawn is one of 77 neighborhoods in Chicago, on the SW side of the city. It is notable for being one the areas included in the South Side Irish description, even if not the most prominent. (There are parts of the city, where even as recently as the 1980s, you would probably be asked, "What parish are you from?" if you ventured into a neighborhood bar.)

Chicago police said the suspect, 21, approached the concealed carry license holder on West Ford City near South Kostner in West Lawn around 6:22 p.m.

The suspect opened fire.

The 24-year-old concealed carry license holder shot back and hit the suspect in the thigh.

The concealed carry holder apparently had to surrender his legal firearm, though that is not explicitly stated, because the reporter seems confused about the guy who defended himself not being arrested.

Chicago police said the victim is not in custody.

In what world would "the victim" be in custody? Oh, that's right, in the communist utopia that exists in the reporters minds.

But then "FOX 32 Digital Team" are a bunch of reporters in The People's Republic of Chicago, the ideas of individual action, individual responsibility, and individual liberty never enter into their Communist world view.

Something That Can't Go On Forever, Won't

You cannot live on the credit cards forever. Someday, the bill will come due. Just Default Already.

Our government has spent almost $32 trillion more than it has taken in – about $95,000 per person or $250,000 per actual taxpayer – and there’s no way it will ever be paid off. I don’t say that because it’s impossible mathematically, I say it because it’s impossible politically. Only a handful of Members of Congress even pretend to care, fewer still actually do, and none of them are in a position to do anything serious about it.

So do you want to default on the debt, or wait until runaway inflation makes the US dollar worthless? Burying your head in the sand and pretending that the problem doesn't exist is not a viable third choice.

Republicans and Democrats have all pretended to care – the Reagan era national debt of $2.6 trillion seems quaint compared to what these people have done – so make them face the music.

Every politician who’s been in office since 2010, which is a whole lot of them, has been involved in adding $17 trillion to the national debt, or since 2017 has $10 trillion on their hands. They deserve all the scorn possible for the measures needed to get spending under control.

Between this and all the woke insanity in the world, people are noticing similarities between America of today and 1930s Germany, or similarities between today and France before the French Revolution. Those two examples would be bad enough, but there are also people talking about late stage Rome, which is a bit more disturbing. It took France decades to recover from the Revolution. Ditto Germany, and only because they got completely hammered into the dust. It took Western Civilization centuries to recover from the Fall of Rome.

Scottish Wind Turbines Rely on Diesel Generators

A story from February that somehow didn't get much coverage. Dozens of giant turbines at Scots windfarms powered by diesel generators

You can't make this stuff up.

Dozens of giant turbines on Scotland’s windfarms have been powered by diesel generators, the Sunday Mail can reveal. Scottish Power admitted 71 of its windmills were hooked up to the fossil fuel supply after a fault developed on the grid.

The firm said it was forced to act in order to keep the turbines warm during very cold weather in December. But a whistleblower has told the Sunday Mail the incident is among a number of environmental and health and safety failings.

That was to keep them from icing up in the cold weather.

Other problems include:

  • Turbines left operating on half power for long periods due to faulty convertor modules.
  • Others in “test mode” where they take rather than contribute electricity to the grid.
  • Over 4000 litres of oil leaked from hydraulic units on turbines and sprayed over the countryside.

There is more, plus some political fallout.

Chicago Man in "Peacekeeper" Vest Charged in Robbery

How do you tell the good guys from the bad guys? Don't trust the yellow vests is all I know. No bail for Chicago 'peacekeeper' charged with beating, robbing man in Little Village - CWB Chicago. There is no indication if this guy is really a peacekeeper.

Little Village, is a neighborhood in Chicago. It is not one of the official 77 neighborhoods, but is part of South Lawndale on the West Side of the city. It styles itself "Mexico of the Midwest."

Peacekeepers are the brainchild of the Defund-the-Police-and-spend-the-money-on-other-stuff crowd. They are spending $11 million in the current year.

So hire a bunch of "street smart" people, pay them $100 a day to wear yellow vests and try to put a lid on crime. I can't wait to see how that plays out in the long run.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker authorized funding the anti-violence strategy in 2021 when he signed the Reimagine Public Safety Act, creating the state Office of Firearm Violence Prevention.

More than 500 people have been hired as Peacekeepers, trained to deescalate conflicts in 102 “hot spots” in 14 Chicago communities. They’re on duty from Tuesday through Saturday. [Ref. Chicago Sun-Times.]

What could possibly go wrong? Well, a guy in one of yellow vests being involved in assault and robbery is one thing that seems to have gone wrong. Though apparently no one is claiming he was an actual member of the organization.

A 37-year-old man was pulled from his vehicle by “multiple offenders,” including one wearing a neon vest, a Chicago police spokesperson said Saturday. During Montes’ bail hearing, prosecutor Charles Golaszewski said six or seven men joined Montes in pulling the victim from the driver’s seat.

The group punched and kicked him on the ground. Montes took the victim’s phone and beat the man with it, Golaszewski alleged. Another man took the victim’s wallet before everyone scattered as Chicago cops returned to the scene.

This is just one incident in what is shaping up to one of the more violent Memorial Day Weekends of recent times in Chicago. But that is another story.

The Other McCain has some additional info on the organization responsible for the "Peacekeepers." Chicago Group Hired Gangsters to Be ‘Peacekeepers’ and It’s Working Out Just About the Way You Might Expect.

Doing a heckuva job keeping the peace. As of 10 p.m. Sunday, there had been 47 shootings in Chicago this weekend, including 11 fatal shootings, plus another homicide by stabbing. No comment from Arne Duncan.

Arne Duncan being the genius behind this effort. The Other McCain has info on where the money is coming from (no surprise) and some of the insanity going on. And just because it is failing is no reason to cut off funding...

29 May 2023

Mary On A Cross (Cover)

So I thought about not having a regular Metal for Mondays post, and just use the "Hymn for the Fallen." (See my previous post.) The thing is that I really like this version of "Mary on a Cross." The original studio version by Ghost is good, and a couple of the live recordings are worth listening too, but I do love Charlotte Wessels' voice, and I think I am going to come to appreciate Zora Cock of Blackbriar.

Charlotte Wessels was the lead singer of Delain, until the keyboardist/composer of that band decided that he could go it alone. (Or with a group of unknowns.) Zora Cock is the lead singer for Blackbriar. Blackbriar is an up-and-coming Alternative Metal/Gothic Rock band.

Charlotte Wessels took advantage of the COVID lockdown by writing a song a month. That resulted in two albums Tales From Six Feet Under, volumes one and two. Since she recently published volume two, a concert tour has been organized for this year.

Blackbriar and Wessels are touring together this year, and so we have a duet.

This is "Mary On A Cross" by Charlotte Wessels with Blackbriar Singer Zora Cock. The song/duet was apparently inspired by the upcoming concert series. It is a cover of a song by Ghost, an always interesting band. The cover video was released May 12th

This is what Metal Hammer had to say about the album: Charlotte Wessels’ Tales From Six Feet Under Vol. II is the sound of singer throwing off her own past.

Charlotte Wessels has become a veteran of the lockdown record. The feat of writing a song a month for the past two years has certainly done wonders to sharpen the ex-Delain frontwoman’s skills. Much like the first Tales From Six Feet Under – a compilation of a year’s worth of these self-produced tracks – Vol II is an accomplished and eclectic exercise in song- writing.

I featured a live version of "Mary On A Cross" by Ghost back in February, in case you wonder where you've heard this song.

Hymn to the Fallen

I thought something special was in order for Memorial Day. A video that is a tribute to America's fallen. (Shamelessly stolen from myself, from 2020.)

You've heard music by John Williams. He wrote the soundtracks for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, the first 3 Harry Potter movies, Saving Private Ryan, and a host of other movies.

This is "Hymn to the Fallen" by John Williams, but really watching the video, and not just listening is worth the six minutes of your time.

Officer Who Shot Homeowner Charged

The Homeowner had called 911. Officer who fatally shot homeowner who called 911 seconds after arriving at scene charged with manslaughter - CBS News

In responding to a 911 call the officer shows up, and in the space of a few seconds, shoots the homeowner multiple times.

Investigators determined that Oldrati gave no verbal commands or warnings before shooting Sharp.

I doubt that this will amount to anything. My guess is that on appeal it will be determined that the officer had Qualified Immunity, which should really be known as Unlimited Immunity. It is (nearly) impossible to hold cops accountable for doing stupid shit.

Google versus Fair Elections

Because if you can cheat, why bother trying to convince people you are right? From the NY Post: How Google manipulates search to favor liberals and tip elections.

While the focus has been on Twitter and Facebook’s censorship and liberal bias, the worst Big Tech culprit of all has been getting a free pass — and now it’s coming for our children.

That’s the warning from research psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein, a Californian Democrat with a Harvard Ph.D, who has spent the last decade monitoring Google’s manipulation of newsfeeds, search results and YouTube suggestions.

It has been a long time since Google Alphabet stopped using "Don't Be Evil" as a motto. It seems that they have pretty much turned 180 degrees from that and are just in the "Let's censor anything we want" phase.


The Economy Sucks - European Edition

And the future remains strangely difficult to predict. (Or should that be "unexpectedly" hard to predict?) Germany enters recession following economic 'collapse' as IMF sharply upgrades UK growth forecast | Daily Mail Online

The German economy suffered an unexpected dip in the first quarter of the year, formally putting the country into a recession, new figures show. [SNIP]

The figures come as a major blow to Germany's government, which just weeks ago boldly doubled its growth forecast for this year after a feared winter energy crunch failed to materialise.

By that last statement, they mean that Germans weren't freezing in the dark. German industry has suffered.

And since this is from a British paper they have to include some British news.

It comes as the International Monetary Fund was forced to admit it had miscalculated its prognosis of the post-Brexit British economy, which is now set to avoid recession, despite doom and gloom from Remainers who portrayed EU membership as an economic necessity.

All those people who claimed leaving the bloated bureaucracy that is the European Union would be the end of the British Economy were wrong. Don't expect any of them to admit that.

Things are bad. Food is up 19 percent in the UK, the worst inflation in 45 years. In Germany, overall inflation is 7.2 percent. But hey, the IMF - who got all the previous predictions "unexpectedly" wrong - are on the job!

What We Have Today Is NOT The Golden Age of Hollywood

The Other McCain has that part right. From the ‘Golden Age of Hollywood’ to the Bulls–t Age of Wokeness: A Brief History

You may not recognize that long-legged young bathing beauty, but she was one of Hollywood’s biggest stars back in the day when the movie business was run by men who knew how to make money by producing movies that people actually wanted to watch. Strangely enough, while many today would scoff at the old-fashioned capitalist greed that motivated Hollywood producers in mid-20th-century America, many of the movies they made were artistically superior to anything produced by the soi disant “progressive” filmmakers of our own era, including the 1947 classic in which our long-legged bathing beauty starred.

Some history of film, some great ideas, and the fact the underlying idea that entertainment should do just that.

Was there some kind of uplifting message in the movie? Not at all. As the mogul Sam Goldwyn allegedly said, “If you want to send a message, call Western Union.”

The movie business used to be a business. It had its problems - what doesn't? - but it didn't try to hit you over the head with "The Message™" the way they do today.

28 May 2023

First He Got Shot

Then he was charged with a crime. Several crimes, actually. Man who was shot while breaking into Cumberland County home has been charged: police - PennLive.

New Cumberland, Pennsylvania is basically a suburb of Harrisburg, which is not quite halfway from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh.

Elvin M. Blanco, 49, of Harrisburg, was shot May 14 on the 300 block of Second Street in New Cumberland when he forced his way into a home and threatened the homeowner, according to police. The homeowner has not been charged.

He fled, was captured, taken to a hospital, and now is being charged.

Police said Blanco was arraigned Thursday on charges of burglary, trespassing, terroristic threats and DUI.

Even in Pennsylvania, it seems that self-defense might be a legal right. Self-defense is a human right.

AB-InBev CEO Does NOT Understand America

This is not the first time that a European company has purchased an American brand and driven it into the ground. Anheuser-Busch InBev CEO on Dylan Mulvaney: This was one influencer

Once upon a time Brachs was a huge candy brand. The largest chocolate (or maybe candy) factory in the world was in Chicago. Then they got purchased by a European candy company, and that European company preceded to to tell old man Walton that they were NOT going to do what Walmart wanted them to do. Why? because in Europe the manufacturers were in charge, and they didn't understand that Walmart could bury you. They were buried by Sam Walton.

Then there was a European aluminum can manufacturer that bought an American can company. They tried to raise prices by 10 cents per 1000 cans. Everyone bought from someone else. I'm not sure that the American company ever recovered.

How do I know this? I know people who worked at both companies in question.

In the case of Budweiser, as I said, the first thing In-Bev did was fire all of the American marketing team and bring in Europeans, who - sing the refrain with me - didn't understand the American Market. So they admitted defeat, and hired American marketers, but they made a critical mistake. The put the marketing team in New York, and hired Ivy League business people. They also did NOT understand the American market for Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Light or any other (truly) American product.

Witness the result. Six weeks into the boycott and the volume of Bud Light sold is STILL decreasing week-over-week, and as compared to the same week a year ago.

The European CEO is pissed, but he still has not apologized. He hasn't fired anyone. He hasn't resigned. The American CEO of the Anheiser-Busch subsidiary hasn't apologized, hasn't resigned. Two marketing execs are "on leave." The official Bud Light Twitter account hasn't produced anything since April 14th - more than a month - because until the say "We are truly sorry," in a way that makes Americans believe them, they will only be mocked.

And it is not limited to Bud Light. Other brands have been silent. Even Stella Artois has been radio silent (on Twitter anyway) since the end of March.

I'm not 100% sure, but April 14th seems to be the day that Anheiser-Busch released their "let's pander to America" Clydesdale advert. How did that work out? It didn't.

Here is a look at the current state, since the link above is old. 'Nobody imagined it would go on this long': Bud Light sales continue to plummet over Mulvaney backlash.

According to data cited by the beverage industry trade publication Beer Business Daily, sales volumes of Bud Light for the week ending May 13 sank 28.4%, extending a downward trend from the 27.7% decline seen the week before.

Those numbers are (I believe) referenced from the same week a year ago. And we are not even into the prime, summer, beer-drinking season.

All Bureaucracies Protect Themselves

It is just in their nature. NYC hospitals covered up abuse by rapist Dr. Ricardo Cruciani, lawsuit says

So much for that "Do no harm" oath.

A group of prominent Manhattan hospitals is accused of covering up a neurologist’s repeated sexual assaults and malpractice for more than a decade, according to a recent lawsuit.

The doctor in question killed himself on Rikers Island after being convicted.

The details are disgusting, and apparently at least some people did know what was going on, and did nothing. See my comments on bureaucracies above.

27 May 2023

How Should a 77-year-old Deal With a Home Invasion?

Without a firearm that is? What should he do? (When seconds count, police are only minutes away.) Ann Arbor man, 77, scares off suspect who broke into his house

According to a preliminary investigation, a male suspect forced his way into the house through the kitchen window while the owner was home.

The victim told officers that he was in his bedroom when he heard what he thought was someone trying to open a screendoor. He went to the kitchen where he saw a strange man in the kitchen.

The homeowner fired one shot, which missed, but caused the intruder to jump out the window. He probably had to change his shorts later, but he was not injured.

This wasn't the middle of the night, this all took place at 6 PM.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Saturday Roundup of Link Roundups - 27 May

Slightly abbreviated Saturday Roundup. With luck next week will be better. (I've just jinxed myself, haven't I.)

Wombat-socho starts us off with In The Mailbox: 05.24.23 (Morning Edition)

Don Surber: What Reparations Are Really About, also, Ending The Lies
Gates Of Vienna: Tariq Ramadan Gets His Day in Court

The Right Way - Top of the News

How many miles of high-speed rail will $10 billion get you in Marxifornia? - The Daley Gator
“This has FBI written all over it…” - IOTW Report

EBL - Tina Turner, RIP 💃🏽😢 (Click that link for some great images!)

Tina Turner, RIP
Deadline, THR, Variety, Billboard
AoSHQ: Morning Report 05.24.23

The DaleyGator - Daily Top 5

The Left Has Pushed the Envelope
Why are our government, corporations, and popular culture colluding in mass suicide—to the delight of our enemies like Communist China?

Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony - Daily News Stuff 26 May 2023: Let's Not And Say We Did Edition

An idea so bad even the crazies at Ars Technica are calling it out: Google Search has started rolling out "ChatGPT-style" generative AI results. (Ars Technica)
The only thing we want from a search engine is to report accurately on what has been said

A View from the Beach - Flotsam and Jetsam - DeSantis Breaks Twitter, IRS Whistleblower Speaks

Don Surber notes the media is Already lying about Trump's second term. Why would you expect the scorpion not to sting? In the GOP VP race, Da Caller reports CNN To Hold Nikki Haley Town Hall In Key Early Primary State.

Vlad Tepes - Putin’s threats, Muslim trashes Japanese shrine and more: Links 1 for May 25th, 2023

4. Does anyone speak enough Russian to confirm or deny this translation?
5. Japan: Unemployed Gambian Migrant Vandilizes Shrine, Warns Worshipper ‘The Only God is Allah’

Gates of Vienna - News Feed 5/25/2023

CBS Evening News has blown one of the many scandals surrounding Democrat President Joe Biden wide open by scoring an interview with whistleblower Gary Shapley.
Shapley is a supervisory special agent for the IRS.

Cafe Hayek - Some Links

Brian Albrecht exposes the errors of Daron Acemoglu’s recent repetition of an old argument – namely, that with access to goo-gobs amount of computer power, central planners can overcome – can ‘solve’ – the knowledge problem as identified by Hayek.

J.J. Sefton at Ace of Spades HQ - The Morning Report — 5/25/23

"We are witnessing the most malicious voter registration campaign in human history."
Send Them Back

Maggie's Farm - Wednesday morning links

Target Under Fire for Selling Clothing Made By Creepy Satanic Transgender Designer That Promotes Drugs and Violence
The escalating madness of woke dogma on college campuses

Doug Ross - Larwyn’s Linx: “I Don’t Want to Do Any of This”: IRS Whistleblower Defies Joe Biden and the Media

• When The 'Climate Scientists' Are Actually Sociologists: David Blackmon
• SCOTUS unanimously yanks chain on EPA in Sackett: Ed Morrissey
• Target Loses $9 Billion in Market Value After Boycott: Matt Margolis

Anonymous Conservative - News Briefs – 05/25/2023

A secret recording of a George Soros-backed, Northern Virginia prosecutor captured her railing against efforts to oust school board members following a rape coverup scandal, even though she insisted in court she was unbiased and capable of overseeing the recalls.

I leave you with Wednesday gifs from Wirecutter, Quick Hits Of Wisdom, Knowledge And Snark #1117 from 90 Miles from Tyranny, and Happy Fundermuffin Friday ~ 1 from Woodsterman.

Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

She apparently thought it was a good idea to break into a home in the middle of the night. Would-be burglar shot dead by homeowner in Huntsville; no charges filed, police say

A woman who tried to break into a Huntsville home early Friday morning was shot dead by the homeowner, police said.

No charges have been filed because Alabama has not morphed into New Jersey.

Weaponization of Government Agencies? Don't Be Ridiculous!

The thing is, you are NOT paranoid if they truly ARE out to get you. IRS opened probe into Matt Taibbi's taxes after Twitter dump

The IRS opened an examination of journalist Matt Taibbi’s 2018 tax return on Christmas Eve of last year — three weeks after he exposed sensitive documents about government officials pressuring Twitter to censor content.

The House Judiciary Committee said Wednesday it obtained that detail and other information about the case from the IRS following the outcry over a tax agent visiting Taibbi’s home on March 9, 2022 — the same day he testified to Congress about the “Twitter Files.”

Because doesn't everyone at the IRS work on Christmas Eve. Since Christmas Eve that year (2022) fell on a Saturday, my guess is that it would not have been a work day. But that is only a guess. Maybe that entire part of the government was hard at work, getting ready to audit reporters who were reporting on the government being up to no good. I'm sure it was just a coincidence. Nothing to see here. Move along!

But really, the IRS was not up to no good! They just wanted to be sure that the reporter in question hadn't been the victim of identity fraud. They sent him letters, which he never got and they could not produce, but trust them! After all, they work for the government.

Jordan’s request for even more records comes as an IRS whistleblower prepares to testify privately Friday before the House Ways and Means Committee about an alleged coverup in the five-year-old tax fraud investigation of first son Hunter Biden.

When there are two sets of rules, you no longer live in a free country.

Rock 'n' Roll Is Here to Stay

Every once in a while I run across a modern band that sounds like it would have been at home on a 1970s Top 40 Rock station. This is one of those bands.

I found this group by way of some YouTube videos, and one person compared the lead singer to Ronnie James Dio and Bruce Dickinson. Yes, he is that good. Though I have not heard much by the band, and sometimes the songwriting can bring them down. But I do like today's song, and I think you might as well. They are not a new band, just new-to-me, so maybe they have that part down.

This song is "Rock 'n' Roll Is Here to Stay" by Girish And The Chronicles from their 2020 album Rock the Highway.

Girish And The Chronicles are from India. They sound like they should hail from Ohio.

26 May 2023

Solar Storms Increased Dramatically

Hence the increase in the Northern Lights. Why Solar storms have dramatically increased aurora activity this year | BBC Science Focus Magazine

That is interesting, but the really fun part is from Maggie's Farm.

I blame climate change

No Friday Links Today

Maybe next week.

Check out the blogs you can find in the sidebar.

Texans Are Still Armed

Bad Guys are still getting shot. Midtown shooting: Houston Police Department looking into alleged self-defense after man attempted to open shooter's door - ABC13 Houston

A man was shot and killed in a busy Midtown parking garage on Saturday afternoon in what police believe may have been an act of self-defense.

He was sitting in his car, when a stranger, who was armed with a knife, tried to open the driver's side door. That didn't work out too well.

Still, [a legal analyst] said he believes this will likely be considered a case of self-defense because the shooting victim opened the car door.

That is because this happened in Texas, which has not morphed into New York City.

The investigation continues, and it is my understanding that in Texas every homicide is presented to a grand jury to determine if charges will be filed against the shooter. Self-defense is a human-right.

France in the 1930s versus America Today

From David Foster at Chicago Boyz - An Unexpected Defeat

The French defeat by the Germans in 1940 was not what most people think it was.

This campaign has never received much attention in America; it tends to be regarded as something that happened before the “real” war started. Indeed, many denizens of the Anglosphere seem to believe that the French basically gave up without a fight–which is a considerable exaggeration given the French casualties of around 90,000 killed and 200,000 wounded. But I think the fall of France deserves serious study, and that some of the root causes of the defeat are scarily relevant to today’s world.

The political landscape in France of the 1930s was poisonous.

Many military factors were involved in the defeat–obsolete doctrine on armored forces, inadequate use of radio communications, a strange and cumbersome military organization structure. But the roots of the 1940 debacle are not to be found only–or perhaps even primarily–in strictly military matters. A major role was played by certain characteristics of French society and politics of the time–and some of these factors are spookily similar to things that are going on in America today.

Political Parties hated each other more than they hated the Germans. That is only one example that resonates today.

All Your Messages Are Belong To Us

Dictators hate privacy, and so apparently do a lot of EU politicians. Leaked Document Shows The EU Countries That Want To Ban Private Messaging

Makes you almost think they want to be dictators.

But, "It's for the children!" (That is what the almost always say. Next up would be, "It's for national security!")

“Ideally, in our view, it would be desirable to legislatively prevent EU-based service providers from implementing end-to-end encryption,” representatives from Spain said.

End-to-end encryption ensures that only the sender and receiver can see the content of a message. Even the owner of the platform does not have access to the content.

So people who don't understand math or encryption or computers are going to make laws covering all of those things. What could possibly go wrong?

(And yes, this did get stuck in the drafts for a while; it is worth noting.)

Is Canada Still a Free Country?

How dare you give your own money to causes the government does not deem worthy! Canadian cop punished for giving $50 to Freedom Convoy, forced to work 80 unpaid hours | Not the Bee

At the time Brisco made the donation, he wasn't even working for the police department since he was on unpaid leave for personally refusing the Covid jab!

This ruling is a vindictive punishment because this cop dared assert his rights.

So he didn't shut up and do what he was told, and he didn't shut up. I'm surprise the Canadian government didn't throw him in prison.

25 May 2023

The People in Charge of Blogger/Blogspot are Morons

They have made changes around how they are managing images, So I can upload nothing right now. And of course Alphabet has no support mechanism, and their help is on the level of "Have you made sure that your PC is plugged in?"

I have stuff scheduled, but my tolerance for changes that serve no purpose, programmers who are incapable of documenting anything, or bothering to talk to anyone actually using their system, and the general insanity that is application development was used up a few decades back. (Being out of corporate America hasn't helped my tolerance for insanity recover.)

All that amounts to: I may or may not be posting anything.

Texans Are Still Armed, Home Invaders Still Getting Shot

You can file this under, "Another failure of the victim-selection process." Armed Texas homeowner thwarts suspected burglar, leaves him wounded in bathroom | Fox News

The Beaumont Police Department responded to a report of a burglary in progress just after midnight on Friday, the police department reported. On the way to the home, dispatch told the officers that the homeowner had shot the suspect, who was located inside the home.

Police applied a tourniquet, saving the would-be bad guy's life. He is currently in the hospital recovering from his wounds. When release from the hospital he will be taken to the county lockup.

A police spokesperson said the homeowner will face no charges and was acting within his rights when shooting the suspect.

That is because self-defense is a human-right, and also because Texas has not morphed into New Jersey.

The Catch and Release Strategy Does Not Work in Criminal Justice

What happens when you continually release offenders - in this case juvenile offenders - with little in the way of consequences? The Deadly Menace of Feral Youth

What happens is that you get more consequences, worse crimes, until someone dies.

On Sunday, police in Baltimore County, Maryland, wore black mourning bands on their badges to mark the five-year anniversary of the death of one of their own. Officer Amy Caprio was responding to a 911 call of a burglary in progress west of U.S. Highway 1 near Perry Hall when she confronted the driver of a stolen Jeep, who ran over her — a death captured on the officer’s bodycam video. Her death highlighted the problems in a juvenile justice system that endangers public safety by failing to incarcerate repeat offenders.

This one "kid" had 17 incidents, either arrests, missed court dates, or reported AWOL from his electronic monitoring. This was all in course of about 6 months.

He had his wrist slapped, but faced no real consequences until he killed a cop. Instead of being given a chance to learn from his mistakes, Dawnta Hall killed someone and then was sentenced to life in prison. His three accomplices were convicted of felony murder and also went to prison.

So in the end, what did all that Social Justice accomplish, aside from killing a cop?

Click thru for the details and conclusions.

Young People and Mortality

From Meep at Stump we get the following: Mortality Nuggets: "Young People", Actuarial Club Meeting, and Disparate Results Pre-Pandemic

As the title indicates, there are several topics covered by Meep, but I am interested in the shot she took at something from the Wall Street Journal. A publication that should be, but apparently is not, used to dealing with statistics. Numbers anyway. (I guess math is hard when you're a "professional journalist.")

It seems that the WSJ can't be bothered to do more than look at everyone under 24 as "young people." Which, of course makes no sense. Or do you think that the reasons 2-year-olds die, have anything in common with why 18-year-olds die?

Which really points out the problem of this analysis. It shouldn’t be lumping all “young Americans” together, because this is absurd. For mortality trends, there is a reason I split it up 1-4 (preschool or little kids), 5-12 (school age or just plain old “kids”), and 13-17 (teenagers). I don’t include 18-19 with these groups — 18-24 can be its own group of young adults.

The graphs are a bit disturbing, and I was going to include one, but you should click thru for that. If you look at the graph for cause of death, for 13 to 17 year olds, suicide, homicide, drug-overdoses, motor-vehicle accidents, and even cancer have all been increasing steeply since 2018 or 2019. Some appear to have been growing since 2013 or so anyway. Suicide for that age range has been generally increasing since 2007 or so.

Suicide death rates had been steadily increasing 2007-2016 and had a peak 2017-2018. Rates came down in 2019, and somewhat increased in 2020-2021, but were still below the 2017-2018 peak.

Now you can screen out COVID-19 and cancer as being out of anyone's control, and even if you don't consider drug overdoses in the age of fentanyl, the increase in suicide and homicide is a bit disturbing. Even some things, like motor vehicle accidents, which had shown great improvement over the years, got substantially worse. Suicide and homicide increasing the way that they are seems to indicate something fundamentally wrong with the culture.

24 May 2023

“Indiana Jones and the Insufferable Feminist”

The continuing decline of Disney is more entertaining than any of the actual entertainment coming out of the various Disney divisions. Where Bud Light has been an exercise in "Get Woke, Go Broke" (almost) over night, it is taking Disney some time to get there, but they are getting there.

The current piece of "entertainment" to come out of Disney is from their Lucasfilm subsidiary. Namely, the latest Indiana Jones movie. Since the last one was so bad, I had no intention of seeing this one, even before the trailers were released.

This is the Nerdrotic video Disney PANICS! Indiana Jones 5 ROASTED | Lucasfilm is Sad and Broken. It is a 13 minute video, so plan accordingly.

As a bonus, this is the Critical Drinker video Indiana Jones 5 Destroyed - The Final Nail In Lucasfilm's Coffin. This is a 9 minute video.

Lucasfilm is, quite simply, a joke now. A cruel, expensive, destructive joke to be sure, but a joke all the same. A company founded by geniuses and inherited by morons. A studio that spent billions of dollars, and hasn't produced a single worthwhile product in decades. A parasite that sucks the life and soul out of everything it touches and leaves behind broken, withered husks in its wake.

Wednesday Link Roundup - 24 May

Don Surber is up first with Highlights of the week

ITEM 6: The Children’s Health Defense org bragged, “New York to Track Residents’ Food Purchases and Place ‘Caps on Meat’ Served by Public Institutions

Pirate's Cove - Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Bookworm Room has the Bookworm Beat.
Bunkerville has passel of fun and mayhem.

Political Hat - News of the Week (May 21st, 2023)

Liberals Say: Let’s Kill Half the World’s People
The global liberal movement is trying to destroy modern, scientific agriculture. Liberals want organic farming–no intensive nitrogen fertilization–along with an end to animal husbandry

Wombat-socho - In The Mailbox: 05.23.23 (Morning Edition)

American Conservative: The FBI Is Not Your Friend
American Greatness: Jim Jordan Threatens to Cut Funding for FBI

The DaleyGator - Weekend Politics/News/Opinion links

Pirates Cove reacts to DeSantis….
Pacific Pundit- OH This is sad
PJ Media- John Brennan-Enemy of America

EBL - Sai Varshith Kandula tries to crash White House security barriers in U-Haul with Nazi flag? 🤔😬

Legal Insurrection: 60,000 lbs of ammonium nitrate missing?
Townhall: Evidence in U-Haul van raising questions
The Blaze: Sai Varshith Kandula rams WH barrier

Small Dead Animals - Monday On Turtle Island

Biden’s America: The FBI is not your friend. Another Biden success story. The next election.
Trudeau’s Canada: Justin’s CBC warns about going to Florida

A View from the Beach - Flotsam and Jetsam - The Debt Ceiling Approaches, Scott Thrown Hat In Ring

At Da Caller, If You Liked The 2008 Crisis, You’re Going To Love Biden’s New Mortgage Rule. MRC TV, House Cmte.: “There Is No Such Thing as Debt ‘Forgiveness;’” Joint Resolution to Block ‘Biden’s Student Loan Scam’ Advances.

Vlad Tepes - Best not to injure yourself and sue after: Links 1 for May 23rd, 2023

2. Gates of Vienna did a story on how Sweden has changed its laws specifically to foil one man. Rasmus Paludan. Sweden felt it had to abandon freedom of speech in favour of blasphemy laws, likely because of fear of muslims. This means that Sweden didn’t actually have freedom of speech

Gates of Vienna - News Feed 5/23/2023

Former Child Star Speaks Out About Satanic Ritual Sacrifice
Beneath the glitz and glamor of Hollywood lurks a dark secret protected by the elite for ages.

Cafe Hayek - Some Links

Chris Edwards warns of the collateral damage of increased ‘enforcement’ by the IRS.
Mike Munger explains that all housing is indeed still affordable.

Maggie's Farm - Monday morning links

Deaths of Despair Now Significant Among the Young
How rotten is the FBI?

Bacon Time!!!! - Sunday Linkage

The Air Vent - Fixing Election Law
Watts Up With That? - The Snows Of Greenland

J.J. Sefton at Ace of Spades HQ - The Morning Report — 5/22/23

Victor Davis Hanson: "What cannot go on, will not go on and all the absurdities of the present will end with a bang not a whimper. "
The Absurdities of Our Age

Doug Ross - Larwyn’s Linx: Why The Durham Report Matters – Remember the Russian Diplomats Expelled by Obama?

• California: The encampment state City Journal
• North Carolina’s Democrat Governor Declares Emergency Over School Choice ‘Scheme’ Tony Kinnett

Anonymous Conservative - News Briefs – 05/21/2023

The FBI continued to abuse a powerful digital surveillance tool even after the Bureau promised reforms following its Trump-era abuses, according to a newly-unsealed Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court document.

I leave you with Night Off from SiGraybeard, Sunday Funnies For 05-21-23 by Stately McDaniel Manor, Quick Hits Of Wisdom, Knowledge And Snark #1111 from 90 Miles from Tyranny, and The shit I posted on Facebook from Wirecutter.

Self-defense in Philadelphia

Because the state is not keeping crime in check. Homeowner shoots intruder in Holmesburg, police say - 6abc Philadelphia

A homeowner shot an intruder in the city's Holmesburg neighborhood.

The suspect fled, and despite a trail of blood has not been apprehended. Police are checking hospitals.

The homeowner was not injured, nor was he arrested.

So how would you respond to an intruder at 2 AM in your home? In this case the name "Kiladephia" was bestowed on the city because it has a high per capita murder rate.

Self-defense is a human-right.

“Euthanasia mutates a society’s soul.”

Western civilization was nice while it lasted. Quick Takes – Killing In The Name Of Welfare: Killing The Poor; Killing The Homeless; Killing The Mentally Ill

Canadians are already killing the old and the sick, the British are killing kids who are sick. Now we find that about ⅓ of Canadians are on board with "end of life" care to end the suffering of being poor or homeless.

Remember when it was the Left used to accuse the Right of wanting to kill the poor and homeless because they were such uncaring monsters who wanted to get the human speed bumps out of the way for their glorious economic future utopia?

Of course the Dutch are years ahead of the Canadians. They kill people who cannot consent. 115 mentally ill people and 288 people with dementia were killed in the Netherlands by the medical community. (Somehow that doesn't sound like "Do no harm" to me.)

But hey actual medical care is expensive, compared to a lethal injection.

There is more. Click thru.

Make It Rain

Shoshana Bean sounds like she came from the Big Band era, though Blues was really a bit later than that. I think you will enjoy this.

This song is "Make It Rain" by Shoshana Bean. It was recorded live at the Theatre at Ace Hotel at the album release party for her 2018 album Spectrum.

Quote of the Day - It's All Florida's Fault Edition.

From Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony - Daily News Stuff 20 May 2023: Hairy Wizard Edition

Curse you DeSantis probably: Disney is removing dozens of TV shows and movies from its Disney+ and Hulu streaming services because of those evil Nazis in Florida and totally not because the company is bleeding cash from every orifice. (The Verge)

23 May 2023

Tuesday Links - 23 May

Gun Free Zone starts things rolling with You will not be allowed to call for help

The goal is to make people understand that when they are attacked by thugs from an oppressed group, they must not resist or call for help. They must submit and subjugate themselves. To resist or even call for help makes them more guilty of moral crimes. The black man may be stealing something, but resisting their stealing is racist.

Meep at Stump - Spending Dreams of Mayor Brandon Johnson and Waking to Reality

In which I discuss some of the fiscal plans for Chicago of the new mayor Brandon Johnson and some of his political friends… and the constraints they will labor under: a population that has already shrunk and a significant revenue target that has already threatened to up stakes and move out of Illinois entirely.

Tam at View from the Porch - Top. Men. Regarding Jack Teixeira.

So, basically this kid was caught multiple times and repeatedly told "Mr. Bunny Rabbit, those carrots aren't for you! Or the kids in your War Thunder Discord channel!"

I swear to Vishnu, this is the by-gawd dumbest Clancy novel I've ever been stuck in.

The Other McCain - Math Teacher Goes Berserk

In other words, this guy had been a known problem before he went berserk in the classroom.

Pirate's Cove - FBI Misused Surveillance Tool “Thousands” Of Times In Relation To J6, Others

Remember back during the Bush 43 years, when it was found that foreign surveillance picked up American citizens to a small degree, and the entire media freaked out? Was top news at all the Credentialed Media sites? Not now, and, it’s interesting to see where Credentialed Media outlets, like The Hill, are going with this

Again from The Other McCain - The Romance of Radicalism

Neo-Communists, generally influenced by older leftists who were objectively pro-Soviet during the Cold War, refuse to accept the verdict of 20th-century history, and wish to believe that Communism can exist without producing the kind of totalitarian horrors it produced in Russia, China, Cambodia and elsewhere.

Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony - Daily News Stuff 21 May 2023: Burning Trees Edition

Is the Internet of Things - what I call the Internet of Insecure Pieces of Crap - insufficiently broken? If so, surely the solution is to add ChatGPT. (Atomic14)

Yep. If it's not broken enough now, that will solve the problem.

The Other McCain again - NAACP: ‘Stay Out of Florida, Negroes’

As Karen Townsend of HotAir.com points out, the purpose of this bogus “travel advisory” has nothing to do with the safety of African-Americans — who are far more likely to get killed in Detroit or Baltimore than anywhere in the Sunshine State. Instead, this is about smearing DeSantis

Georgia Taking on Rogue DAs

There are apparently DAs in Georgia who are not interested in enforcing the law. One Georgia prosecutor feeling the heat of new law empowering the state

"The whole point of the bill is to restore public safety in places where you have rogue district attorneys who aren't doing their job," [Republican state Rep. Houston] Gaines said.

This article concentrates on one DA, Athens-Clarke County District Attorney Deborah Gonzale, who has apparently decided that Social Justice is more important than actual Justice, but I believe that there are actually more DAs than just the one mentioned.

In part this is in response to a writ of mandamus filed in the disctrict court, to get her to do her job. Despite what people think, DAs do NOT get to decide what is and is not against the law.

There are various claims about Gonzalez, but one centers on a memo Gonzalez allegedly sent to her office saying they would not prosecute any marijuana-related offenses or drug possession offenses, per WXIA.

“It is the legislature’s role to decide what conduct is criminal. Judges interpret their laws. Prosecutors enforce them," [Senior Judge of Superior Courts David] Emerson said in the ruling allowing the case to proceed.

Gonzalez of course disagrees; she believes she can do whatever the fuck she wants.