27 May 2023

How Should a 77-year-old Deal With a Home Invasion?

Without a firearm that is? What should he do? (When seconds count, police are only minutes away.) Ann Arbor man, 77, scares off suspect who broke into his house

According to a preliminary investigation, a male suspect forced his way into the house through the kitchen window while the owner was home.

The victim told officers that he was in his bedroom when he heard what he thought was someone trying to open a screendoor. He went to the kitchen where he saw a strange man in the kitchen.

The homeowner fired one shot, which missed, but caused the intruder to jump out the window. He probably had to change his shorts later, but he was not injured.

This wasn't the middle of the night, this all took place at 6 PM.

Self-defense is a human-right.

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