31 May 2024

Friday Links - 31 May

Professor David Yamane of Gun Culture 2.0 starts things off with Let’s Talk Guns Project Launch

As I argue in the conclusion to my book, Gun Curious, we need to have civil conversations across our differences on the issue of guns.

Blazing Cat Fur - Disabled Canadian ‘traumatized’ after being offered euthanasia multiple times

A Canadian with a chronic, painful disability says he feels “pillaged” and “traumatized” after being denied good care, yet offered euthanasia “multiple times.”

Chicago Contrarian - Lawmakers, Media Gaslighting Won’t Solve Chicago’s Intractable Crime Problem

Chicago is a violent city — one that is significantly more violent than in the pre-pandemic year of 2019.

In 2023, while homicides were down 14 percent from 2022, violent crimes overall — led by a surge in carjackings — were 11 percent higher, according to the Chicago Data Portal.

There were 625 murders last year — that figure was 45 percent higher than a decade ago.

The Other McCain - Rigged Jury in Show Trial Delivers Guilty Verdict Demanded by Corrupt Judge

Was there ever any doubt about this predetermined outcome? The way that Judge Juan Merchan instructed the jury made anything but a guilty verdict impossible, if there was ever any doubt to begin with (which there wasn’t).

Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony - Daily News Stuff 30 May 2024: In Alaska In February With The Windows Open Edition

Google has confirmed that leaked technical details of its search engine are genuine. (The Verge)

Experts believe this is likely to make Google Search worse, though they were unable to explain how this is possible.

Moonbattery - Met Curator Joins Racial Impostor List

Don’t be too hard on racial imposters. These days you no longer get ahead by working hard, but by whimpering belligerently that your privileged identity group was once oppressed. Those unlikely enough not to be born into such a group may feel they have to fake it.

Watts Up With That? - Noah’s Ark Weather, Or A Normal British Summer? Will The Met Office Make Its Mind Up Please?

It must now be abundantly clear that the climate change wing of the Met Office is totally out of control, feeling able to put out whatever climate propaganda they can get away with.

Pirate's Cove - Weird: Britain Warned They Need More Subsidies For Wind Power

Huh. So, no one wants to lose money on wind power? They do not want to do this without government giving them vast amounts of money? Remember, these would be in addition to all the tax breaks.

Don't Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

You might also consider that breaking into homes in Texas is a losing proposition. Armed intruder arrested after being shot by homeowner in Taylor, police say

First he got shot by the homeowner, then he was arrested.

Taylor, Texas is about 25 or 30 miles northeast of Austin, Texas, or about a 45 minute drive from the heart of Austin.

Taylor police say Austin Sumpter was armed with a knife when he broke into a home in the 2300 block of Donna Drive on Monday around 11:35 p.m.

The homeowner called 911, and as officers were on the way, Sumpter made his way inside and the homeowner shot him, police say.

And he won't get much sympathy in Taylor.

Officers collected a large knife with a sheath that was inscribed "Hail Satan" that Sumpter had been carrying, and Sumpter was taken to a hospital.

Once the doctors released him, the cops arrested him.

Self defense is a human right, and this didn't take place in Manhattan.

3D printed and Metal Tube Hybrid AR9 from Brazil

From Impro Guns - Hybrid 3D printed AR9 type submachine gun (Brazil)

A 9mm submachine gun made using 3D printed AR9 parts combined with a steel tubing upper receiver. A number of these have been confiscated from criminals mostly in and around Bahia state.

As always with Impro Guns, click thru for the photo.

How To Set Fire to Half a Billion Dollars

The investors are finally waking up to the problems at Disney. From Forbes: The ‘Spectacular’ Failure Of Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ Hotel Is Going Viral

The Forbes article doesn't go into cost of the hotel. I've seen estimates from $350 million up to close to $1 billion, but Valiant Renegade pegs the number at about $500 million, and he makes (part of) his living analyzing the numbers.

There is a 4-hour video on by Jenny Nicholson (link below) about a trip she took to the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel. Despite the 4-hour length (I have not seen it) it is going viral with up to 5 million views and counting.

The failure of Disney’s “Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser” — a spaceship-themed hotel marketed as an immersive roleplaying experience — is under the spotlight thanks to a viral YouTube video.

The hotly anticipated Star Wars hotel opened its doors in 2022, only to close them a year later. In the wake of the unexpected shutdown, the Washington Post concluded that the Starcruiser was too niche and too expensive to attract a consistent flow of guests.

YouTuber Jenny Nicholson took a deeper dive, releasing a four-hour video essay titled “The Spectacular Failure of the Star Wars Hotel,” arguing that Disney oversold and under-delivered.

The article goes into some details about her stay, but this one is one that jumps out at you.

Nicholson says that she paid more than $6,000 for a two-night stay in the hotel, which in her estimation, amounted to $2 per-minute, and spends a great deal of time explaining why the Star Wars hotel just wasn’t worth it.

The Valiant Renegade video Disney Star Wars Hotel DEMOLISHED Again in 4 Hour Viral Video As Wall Street Watches is how I found all of this. It is 16 minutes.

In which it was pointed out that for all the problems that have been visited on the Star Wars franchise, no one has been fired for burning 100s of millions of dollars, for making movies that fans hate, nothing. Except for Gina Carano. She was fired for having the wrong political opinions.

The Jenny Nicholson video is The Spectacular Failure of the Star Wars Hotel. While it is 4 hours, it is divided into chapters that are more manageable in length. People listen to it while doing other stuff. I will probably start "watching" while I'm cooking/cleaning/whatever.

Never Underestimate How Crazy People Can Be

From The Other McCain we get The Craziest True Crime Story, Ever?

Two women are dead and five suspects from Cimarron County, Oklahoma, are behind bars, charged in a murder conspiracy so bizarre that, when my brother first told me about the story, he said, “You’re going to need some stick pins and a lot of yarn to explain this one.”

It's worth a few minutes of your time.

30 May 2024

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Self defense is legal in Georgia. Also, don't pick fights with your neighbors. Georgia Man Forced to Shoot Neighbor in Self-Defense During Confrontation, Sending Him to the Hospital - USA Carry

One man assaulted his neighbor. Things didn't go his way.

According to police, the confrontation led the injured man to commit aggravated assault, which under Georgia law, involves the use of a dangerous weapon. Although specific details of the weapon used were not disclosed, the severity of the charge suggests that a significant threat was posed during the altercation.

So after he assaulted his neighbor, the neighbor shot him. He was still in the hospital on Friday.

This incident took place May 20th, in DeKalb County, Georgia, which is the county immediately to the east of Atlanta. The county line is only a few miles east of Downtown Atlanta.

The shooter is not being charged because self defense is legal in Georgia.

As for picking a fight with neighbors... This guy got shot, and is in the hospital. He could easily have ended up in the morgue. When he gets out of the hospital is going to face some serious charges.

He could have (should have) stayed home and watched a movie. His life would be better.

Israel Reverses Stance on Armed Citizens - Issues 100,000 Licenses

The attacks of October 7th were enabled by the fact that Israel had largely become a defenseless-victim zone. The powers that be didn't trust the citizens with weapons. From Jews Can Shoot we get the following: Ben Gvir celebrates issuing 100,000 gun licenses since October 7

Putting more weapons on the streets has made Israel safer, National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir declared on Monday, celebrating the fact that his office has approved 100,000 gun licenses since October 7.

“This week, we reached a milestone at the National Security Ministry: The 100,000th citizen received their firearms license,” said Ben Gvir, standing in front of a poster with an image of a handgun and the slogan “100K Israelis armed.”

Ukraine had disarmed its citizens before the Russian invasion. Israel had (mostly) disarmed its citizens before 7 October of last year. Why? In both cases the answer was the same. To keep people safe. That didn't work out too well in either case.

The Reality of Calling 911 in Chicago - You Are On Your Own

They had no one to send to a home invasion. The response time was measured in hours. Chicago Police Response Time: A Wicker Park Incident

A Chicago mom is questioning the police response time after two men broke into her Wicker Park home, causing her to wait over four hours for officers to arrive following her 911 call.

Wicker Park is a part of West Town, which itself is one of the 77 neighborhoods in Chicago. When I was living and working in Chicago in the 80s and 90s it was sort of an artists' area. Boys Town, and River North, and Lakeview were already becoming expensive, and so it was one of the areas people were moving into. Not sure what it is like today.

She made 6 calls to 911. In the last call, she was able to speak to a supervisor. He admitted that the simply did not have any police available to send.

“He recommended I call my alderman to encourage him to hire more police,” she recounted. The dispatcher also asked if she would consider defending herself, suggesting she get a firearm.

When the people taking you 911 calls tell you to get a firearm and defend yourself, in a blue city no less, you no things are not as they are advertised to be.

Calling 911 is a fine thing to do in an emergency. They can send all kinds of help to you. But they can't always do that, and the system is not perfect. You might want to consider what is "Plan B," in case they can't send help. There was another story, about a father waiting for an ambulance that didn't come. The problem isn't about police. The problem is about depending on the state.

29 May 2024

Wednesday Link Roundup - 29 May

Pirate's Cove starts us off with Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

  1. Dissecting Leftism features more on over-reporting deaths from COVID
  2. Cold Fury has the first legit UFO photo being released

Don Surber - Highlights of the News

ITEM 9: The Gladstone Institute said, “Nearly 70% of Gaza Aid from US-Built Pier Stolen.”
It isn’t stolen when it is a gift.

Wombat-socho - In The Mailbox: 05.28.24 (Morning Edition)

Don Surber: Trump train keeps a-rollin
STUMP: A Time To Remember – Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning

EBL - MAGA Meltdown: Bobby DeNiro Rages Outside Trump Trial 🙀😭☀️

Breitbart: Raging Bull DeNiro
Instapundit: Bob DeNiro is a mess and Beyond Parody
EBL: Prosecutor Jack Smith's Team Is Throwing Temper Tantrums 😡🤯🤣

Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony - Daily News Stuff 28 May 2024: Sue All The Things Edition

Stop making brightly coloured toys, say anti-waste reasearchers. (The Guardian)
If everything is grey and nobody buys anything, we will all lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

A View from the Beach - Flotsam and Jetsam - Trump Trial Resumes

Reagan Deese at Da Caller reports Biden Pays Visit To Daughter-In-Law Ahead Of Expected Testimony In Hunter’s Gun Trial. Matt Margolis at PJM wonders Umm... Did Joe Biden Just Commit Another Crime To Protect Hunter? Witness tampering.

Vlad Tepes - A couple of items on the vaxx from James Thorp and a flashback of Trudeau, the pope surprises everyone, and Canadian law changes are proof of Aufhaben der Kultur: Links 1 for May 28, 2024

2. Pope Francis shocks bishops by allegedly saying gay men should not be admitted to church seminaries because ‘there’s already too much f*****ry’
(Did not expect this one)

Small Dead Animals - Monday On Turtle Island

Justin will be burning jet fuel to France for the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Perhaps He/She can give a speech on how his father bravely fought in the war. Justin’s antisemitic coalition partner.
Today In Islam: The anti-Israel celebrities. Moderate Muslim Americans.

Bacon Time!!!! - Sunday Linkage

The Air Vent - NOAA Sea Level Trends
Watts Up With That? - Of Heat Engines and Refrigerators

Gates of Vienna - News Feed 5/27/2024

Bill Gates Funding Research to Create Deadlier Bird Flu Strains
Billionaire Bill Gates is funding dangerous gain-of-function research that seeks to create far deadlier and more contagious strains of bird flu

Cafe Hayek - Some Links

Tom Savidge warns about the explosion in so-called “entitlements.”
GMU Econ’s Alex Tabarrok explains that the FDA is blocking your access to effective sunscreen.

Doug Ross - Larwyn’s Linx: Saving our Democracy This Memorial Day

• Meltdown in Florida - Julie Kelly, Declassified
• Tlaib blasts Biden for shielding ‘genocidal maniac’ Netanyahu - JNS

J.J. Sefton at Ace of Spades HQ - The Morning Report — 5/28/24

Unconditional defeat of Russia, no matter how it is framed, is a fantasy.
The New Theory of Ukrainian Victory Is the Same as the Old

Maggie's Farm - Tuesday morning links

The Debate Over Lab-Grown Meat - Are concerns about cultured meat justified?
How Finding a “Third Place” Can Boost Your Well-Being

I leave you with Sunday Funnies For 05-26-24 from Stately McDaniel Manor, Sunday Memes .., from MaddMedic, and And you thought your Monday was bad gifdump from Wirecutter.

Don't Bring a Pizza Cutter to a Gunfight

And neighbors were shocked. Man armed with pizza cutter charged at Nash deputy before being shot, sheriff says

I'm not even surprised that I got to write that post title.

Nash County, North Carolina is about 20 miles east of Raleigh.

A couple was going about their morning routine when it was interrupted by a stranger, who burst into their kitchen and stole the pizza cutter out of the sink.

According to Sheriff Keith Stone, the homeowner provided a description of the man who had broken into his home and stolen some items. The man then took off on foot down US-64 Alt. and encountered the deputy on Big Jim Road.

Stone says the man, who was armed with a pizza cutter, then charged at the deputy, who fired one shot.

The deputy was not injured. The guy with the pizza cutter is in critical condition.

As for the neighbor homeowner, he is shocked to discover that he is not protected by his zip code.

"I'm still shocked [because] you just never expect this," Vandermeulen said.

I don't usually features stories about cops defending themselves, because that is not what I'm focused on, and it is a good way to get wrapped up in controversy, but this story is too perfectly bizarre to ignore.

As the Other McCain always says, Crazy People Are Dangerous.

Self-Driving Cars Are Racist

Or just badly designed. Maybe the designers are racist, or maybe the designers are just not up to the task. Study finds a potential risk with self-driving cars: failure to detect dark-skinned pedestrians - Vox

If you’re a person with dark skin, you may be more likely than your white friends to get hit by a self-driving car, according to a new study out of the Georgia Institute of Technology. That’s because automated vehicles may be better at detecting pedestrians with lighter skin tones.

The authors of the study started out with a simple question: How accurately do state-of-the-art object-detection models, like those used by self-driving cars, detect people from different demographic groups?

The difference in detection is 5%, which is not insignificant.

This has nothing on what will happen when the self-driving systems get hacked. And they will get hacked.

Falling Free

I know how much foreign languages make most people's heads ache, so I am featuring a song in English by a singer who doesn't always sing in English. Eivør is from the Faroe Islands (about halfway between Iceland and Norway), and a lot of her songs are in Faroese, but not today's song.

Here is a link to the lyrics. You may need them.

Something about her singing reminds me of Kate Bush. Not always, just now then. I think it is her upper register. She does have an amazing voice.

This song is "Falling Free" by Eivør. It was recorded live at the Old Theater in Tórshavn (Thor's Harbor), the capital of the Faroe Islands. It was included as a bonus track on the English version of her 2015 album Slør. That 2017 album is Slør (English Version). Overall, I prefer the original, but it does have some redeeming qualities.

The studio version of the song was part of the 2012 album Room.

28 May 2024

Memorial Day - The Unofficial Start of Summer in Chicago

HeyJackass! has the stats from the opening of the silly season in Chicago. Memorial Day Weekend

The Summer of Silly Decisions has arrived! Starting this weekend and for the next 100 days, be prepared to experience more silly decisions than one thought possible only this year will be extra silly with the DNC in town in August. And remember, please, no demonizing.

The final tally - from noon Friday to 6 AM Tuesday - was 11 killed, 41 one shot and wounded.

Click thru for comparisons to earlier years, details on what happened when, etc. Also, see my earlier post on the "big brawl" that opened the festivities. Let the games begin.

Tuesday Links - 28 May

The American Conservative if up first with To Fix the FBI, Abolish It. A review of a book by J. Michael Waller.

A skeptic might accuse Waller of having interviewed too many grumpy old federal agents with nostalgia for the higher standards of a bygone era. But the argument of Big Intel is that America’s enemies intentionally sowed, a century ago, the seeds of Marxist-inspired critical theory radicalism in universities and influential intellectual circles in America and Europe. It was a long-term strategy of subversion.

Moves Like Jagger

Here are a couple of fact bombs you can drop into a conversation if you need to blow some minds...

Wombat-socho - Rule 5 Sunday: Pool’s Open

When I was a young spud growing up in the suburbs of DC, my father used to haul me along on his weekend trips to the Knights of Columbus; in addition to the usual council hall with bar, this council had a swimming pool, which always opened on Memorial Day weekend and closed after Labor Day – never mind that it was usually hot an humid enough to open the pool at the beginning of May and keep it open until early October.

Second City Cop - COVID Lawsuit in NJ

COVID Civil Rights Violations cases are still wending their way through the courts....and citizens are winning, even in deep-blue New Jersey.

Adaptive Curmudgeon - Poutine And Bears: Part 3. It is always tough to decide which part of AC's writing to highlight, because it is always multi-part. (There are 4 parts - so far.)

Trying to embrace “urban living” I drank a stupidly over-hoppy IPA (hipsters and IPAs go together like saltwater and rust). I finally got that plate of poutine I’d been craving! The dog sat with us in the outside dining area of a fancy microbrewery and basked in the activity like a rock star. Everyone loved the fluffy dog. They inched around the grumpy owner until Mrs. Curmudgeon said “you can pet the dog, she doesn’t bite”. She never said “my husband doesn’t bite”. I suppose it was implied. But if any of them had reached for my poutine, I’d have taken a finger off!

Don Surber - Trump train keeps a-rolling

The trials in New York — one of them for taking out a loan and paying it back with interest — have turned him into a martyr. He drew 100,000 people to a rally in New Jersey, a state he lost by 16 points four years ago.

Then he went to South Bronx.

AR-15 Figures in Self Defense Case

My guess, which is only a guess, is that the DA in question HATES AR-15s more than they hate self defense. Man charged with attempted murder cleared as self defense | Miami Herald

Rafael Martinez argued he crashed his vehicle into a curb while being chased by his former wife and her new husband. Then, he said, he unloaded four rounds from his AR-15 at the couple as a green laser sight from a gun in the couple’s possession was pointed at him.

If a gun with a laser sight is pointed at you, and the laser is activated, I would say your expectation that bad stuff is about to happen is reasonable. That seems to be the position of the judge, anyway.

“The issue in this case is what was on the defendant’s mind the time of the incident, and was it reasonable for him to believe that his life was in danger under the circumstances,” Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Teresa Pooler said in her seven-page opinion. “Since there were two versions of what happened, and no conclusive evidence, this determination rests on the credibility of the witnesses.”

There was history of his ex-wife's new husband harassing him.

This is a Florida Stand Your Ground case, so even though the Trayvon Martin case did not hinge on stand your ground, it gets brought up, because "Professional Journalists" hate self defense even more than DAs do.

Paranoid Cops, Going to the Wrong Address, Shooting Innocent People

From Reason Magazine: The Police Killing of Roger Fortson Shows the Conflict Between the 2nd Amendment and Paranoid Cops

The two narratives illustrate a problem Reason has written about time and time again: The government insists that its citizens have a Second Amendment right to own guns and defend their homes with them, but it also insists that it's reasonable for police to respond with deadly force when they're startled by the sight of a gun, or what could be a gun but might be a harmless object, or the knowledge that a gun is nearby, as in the case of Philando Castile.

Click thru for the story of Roger Fortson, and more victims, and politicians who won't call police to account.

Rooftop Solar - The New Big Scam

I'm shocked that people would swindle homeowners based on all the hype - from government and elsewhere - around solar power. NBC 10 I-Team: Several Rhode Island solar panel companies under investigation. OK, so I'm really not that shocked.

From rooftop solar installations that cause massive roof leaks, to deceptive sales tactics, it seems a lot of solar companies are scamming the public.

“People started doing their taxes, and they noticed that some of the promises they were made, or some of the things they were led to believe about the tax benefits of solar turned out to be a little misleading,” [Steve Provazza, the chief of the Attorney General’s Office Consumer Unit] said. “They were surprised they did not receive a larger tax return, or a check from the federal government, as they had been promised by the solar panel sellers.”

The article focuses on one company, but it is not the only company under investigation for these kinds of issues.

Other problems include...

  • Promised energy output falling short
  • confusion over electric bills
  • federal tax breaks that were never received

Math is hard, and taxes are harder, but one thing should be clear to anyone. If you don't pay taxes you can't get a tax break.

“There are some taxpayers that because of their low income status don’t pay taxes or may not have to pay a lot of taxes,” [Attorney General Peter] Neronha said. “If you don’t have a tax bill you can’t get a credit, and that is not very well explained if it’s explained at all.”

The Start of Summer In Chicago

The next few months should be interesting in the Windy City. Huge brawl leaves migrant stabbed, cop injured as police declare emergency outside downtown Chicago shelter (Video) - CWB Chicago

With the Democrats planning to reenact the 1968 convention, the summer season got off to a start quite a start the Memorial Day Weekend. A brawl in downtown involving 70 or 80 "migrants," in which one person was stabbed, and an officer injured, and police declaring an emergency to draw cars from around the city.

A brawl started, but the crowds dispersed when cops approached with lights and sirens.

Just three minutes later, cops again called for more units, saying migrants were fighting inside Pritzker Park. An officer in the Central (1st) District police district’s surveillance room estimated that 70 to 80 people were involved.

It goes downhill from there.

The Democrats are going to be in the city in August for their convention. There was talk of making it a virtual convention because crime in the city is expected to be bad. Crime is down in comparison to the past few years, but still way up in terms of how it was a decade ago. Personally I think it will be poetic justice if the Radical Left manages to disrupt the Democrats, since the Democratic Party and their band of non-prosecuting attorneys around the country have been responsible for the Radical Left disrupting everyone else.

27 May 2024

A Fool’s Parade

Within Temptation has had a dim view of Russia's war in Ukraine. This is another song that reflects that.

We will donate all royalties of the song to Music Saves UA, for the duration of the war.

The song itself serves as a condemnation of Russia's deceitful actions and sheds light on the harsh realities faced by Ukraine.

Here is a link to the lyrics.

This is "A Fool's Parade" by Within Temptation featuring Ukrainian producer and vocalist Alex Yarmak. It was released on April 4th.

A Political Hat Musical Interlude - Sort of

Forget about "Do no harm," Canada's doctors kill people. Quick Takes – Canada Killing: Specialized In Killing; Plethora Of Killing; Hidden Killing

The meat of the post is about Canada's death care.

In Canada, the most important part of being a doctor in their socialist system isn’t about curing diseases or treating injuries… it’s about killing people.

There are 3 sections on the killing. But...

First, a little mood music:

Click thru for "Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!" by Megadeath from 1985.

A Wombat-socho Musical Interlude

If you don't recognize where Wombat-socho gets this post title, all I can say is that you need some remedial music education. FMJRA 2.0: There Must Be Some Kind Of Way Out Of Here

Click for linkage of the week, a review the mysteries of fantasy baseball, and the Song of the Day.

Click the SOTD link for "All Along the Watchtower" by the Jimi Hendrix Experience, from the 1967 album Electric Ladyland.

The lyrics begin:

"There must be some kind of way out here"
Said the joker to the thief
"There's too much confusion
I can't get no relief"

The Other McCain on Memorial Day

Animals live in the perpetual Now. Humans have the capability to look forward and back. It seems that we don't like doing that in the 21st Century. Why Memory Matters

The Other McCain starts with a quote.

“People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors.”
    — Edmund Burke

Some probably think I see that as an attack on millennials or zoomers, but the truth is that the Baby Boomers are the generation that sacrificed the prosperity of future generations for their current comfort. Which goes a long way to explain why the younger generations are so pissed off.

As Americans, we are the heirs of a tradition, profoundly indebted to earlier generations, and owing them a certain duty of gratitude. We must recall that “We the People” ordained the Constitution in order to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” If we are grateful for that inheritance — as we should be — then we ought to act in such a manner as to show ourselves worthy of our liberty, considering what tremendous sacrifices were required to obtain and keep it.

Today we discount the achievements of the past, and don't think twice about sacrificing the future to ensure that our stock portfolios stay healthy.

What could be more narcissistic than the impudence of the soft-handed intelligentsia who think themselves superior to that heroic generation of Patriots who fought for American independence?

Read the whole thing.

Self Defense Is Legal in Ohio

DAs hate that. Jury acquits Ohio man who said assault rifle shooting was self-defense

A Franklin County jury found a South Linden man not guilty of murder and other charges despite video evidence showing him firing more than 20 rounds from an assault-style rifle at his victims.

Franklin County, Ohio is the county that includes Columbus. It is the most populated county in Ohio, Columbus being the largest city in the state. Home to THE Ohio State University, it is a fairly liberal locale.

I think the thing that the DA really objected to was the AR-15 used by the defender, but that is only a guess.

The jury deliberated for about three hours before acquitting him on all seven counts. One juror wiped tears away as the verdicts were read.

That doesn't seem like it took them a long time to make a determination.

He Literally Shot Himself in the Foot

The jokes are writing themselves these days, which is a good thing, because I am no comedy writer. Man accidentally shoots himself while trying to break into Madison home, police say

He broke into an occupied home and confronted the homeowner.

The suspect shot himself in the legs or feet with his own gun, according to police. The shooting happened in the home’s backyard.

Cops arrived and took him to a local hospital for treatment. No word on what charges he will face.

Not a Darwin Award, but he was sure trying. I guess we have to tally this as Bad Guys -1. You just know that he was convinced having a gun made him dangerous. In a way, he was right. This is an "Own Goal" if ever I read about one.

Portland Wakes Up to the Reality of Crime

From the Daily Mail, we get news on Portland. Portland kicks out woke Soros-backed DA and elects tough-on-crime rival after murders soared and downtown died

Mike Schmidt won in 2020 with 77% of the vote in Portland, and then crime went crazy, and the downtown imploded.

The Soros-backed progressive was elected with 77 percent of the vote in 2020 after touting a host of 'equity'-focused policies, in a county that has not voted for a Republican president since 1960.

Reality is true whether you want believe it or not.

As for Portland, homicides jumped from 57 to a 96, 2,600 businesses had fled the city center by September 2022 as shoppers avoided downtown, and fatal overdoses surged from 280 in 2019, to 628 in 2023. In short, social justice turned Portland from a beautiful city with some problems, to a drug-infested, crime-ridden ghost town.

It will take a lot to bring Portland back.

Click thru for more. Statistics on homelessness, crime, and the fact that new DA, Nathan Vasquez, considers himself to be "fairly liberal," but is dismayed by what is happening in that city.

26 May 2024

Professor David Yamane Celebrates an Anniversary

You should be reading his writing, and watching his videos! The 12th Blogiversary of Gun Culture 2.0 and Your Support Going Forward

I didn’t have a chance to post on the day itself because I was so busy preparing for the 7th and final webinar in my series on “Ten Essential Observations on Guns in America” and also working on the launch of my book, Gun Curious, which will be published on June 1st.

Click thru and offer your support!

Felony Murder in Mississippi

This story is a week old, but worth taking a look at. Teen charged after MS homeowners shoot 2 men during robbery | Biloxi Sun Herald

And while 17-years-old does qualify as a "teen," I think there is a good chance that he will be charged as an adult. But then journalists love to paint the criminals as the victims.

One interesting note is that Lorenzo Stennis, 21, of Pascagoula was arrested January relating to a shooting in Gulf Port, MS that left several vehicles hit with bullets. He was not held in jail. Now he is dead. So how is that social justice working out?

On Monday night [May 13th], Gulfport PD officers arrived at a residence of 27th Street in response to reports of a shooting. They found [Temi] Lawal on the ground, dead of an apparent gunshot wound. They also learned that Stennis had been taken to a local hospital with multiple gunshot wounds, where he later died.

And in a move that will have the Social Justice Warriors screaming that "Felony Murder is Unfair," because you shouldn't be held accountable for the completely foreseeable consequences of your actions.

Lawrence Corley IV, 17, of Gautier is charged with two counts of capital murder.

Someone died while you were committing a felony. In Mississippi that is apparently known as capital murder, though most of us non-lawyers just think of it as felony murder.

The homeowners who defended themselves won't be charged, because self defense is a human right, and it also your legal right in Mississippi.

The NFL and Chess

Those are two things most people probably don't associate, but that isn't really fair. A lot of people play chess, at least casually, and these guys are certainly competitive. From Chess-dot-com: BlitzChamps III May 22, 2024: Reid Emerges As NFL's Top Chess Player

So the NFL and the world of Chess got together to raise some money for charity, with a chess tournament among NFL players.

Kansas City Chiefs' safety Justin Reid was crowned the winner of BlitzChamps III after sweeping Cardinals' quarterback Kyler Murray 2-0 in the Grand Final of an eight-player double-elimination bracket on Wednesday. Outplaying BlitzChamps I winner Chidobe Awuzie en route to the title, Reid showed that the NFL is taking their chess up a notch.

For his victory, Reid won $30,000 for his charity of choice, JReid Indeed, and put on a tactical masterclass for fans tuning into the event. BlitzChamps III was broadcast live from the NFL studio which was turned Chess.com green for the day.

Kyler Murray got $20,000 for his charity of choice, since he came in 2nd, Mac Hollins got $15,000 for coming in 3rd, etc. Click thru for the list of players.

Searching for Bobby Fischer

Sort of ... This is about 10-year-old Faustino Oro, of Argentina. 10-Year Old Phenom Makes Podium As Kovalev, Duda Win Titled Tuesday

Faustino Oro finished 3rd in the May 21st tournament ahead of 3 of the strongest players in the world (by rating) Grand Masters Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana, and Hikaru Nakamura. Oro made a name for himself last year when he become the youngest player, at 9 years, to reach a rating of 2300. He made the (chess) news in March of this year when he beat GM Magnus Carlsen, former world champ, and still one of the strongest players in the world.

Argentina loves him, and compares him to Lionel Messi, their football (soccer) star.

And the title to this post is shamelessly stolen from a movie of that name, that is one of two movies about chess that I'm aware of. Searching for Bobby Fischer is quite good, even if you don't play chess. The other movie about the game is Fresh, about a kid growing up in the ghetto learning to play and applying to rules to the world he finds himself in. I think I actually like that one more. There is also The Queens Gambit, a mini series from a couple years back. I didn't care for that as much, though a lot of people thought it was great.

25 May 2024

Saturday Roundup of Link Roundups - 25 May

Animal Magnetism starts things rolling with Animal’s Hump Day News

What states will Trump try to flip this year?
Maybe. Not our problem.
This is known as belaboring the obvious.

The Right Way - Top of the News

Top 3 Mike Johnson Staffers Resign - IOTW Report
The Ignatius report on the war in Rafah: will Israel scale back? - The New Neo

Wombat-socho - In The Mailbox: 05.22.24

Chicago Boyz: Norms
Da Tech Guy: Never Forget that the Same People Who Insist that Election 2020 Was on the Up and Up…

EBL - Hayek is right

Instapundit: Keynes vs Hayek, Hayekians, Socialist Exploitation, and McDonalds Trapped
People need to study economics and read more Hayek.

Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony - Daily News Stuff 24 May 2024: Eaten By A Grue Edition

Spotify is going to break every Car Thing device it has ever sold. (The Verge) ...
Yes, they are trashing the device you bought directly from them.
No, you don't get a refund.

Again from Wombat-socho - In The Mailbox: 05.23.24

CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Da Tech Guy: What kind of dark magic do you think they’ll use to animate Biden for the debates?

Flopping Aces - The Week in Radical Leftism, 05/24/2024

05/19 – Yahoo Finance Seems Upset That You Peasants Have An Issue With Biden’s Great Economy
05/20 – The Left’s Funny Definition of Fascism

A View from the Beach - Flotsam and Jetsam - Hunter Trial Delayed

Atop Da Hill, Trump on Biden’s continued candidacy: ‘I doubt he will even be running’. NYPo, Trump reveals new debate format for upcoming showdown with Biden "Donald Trump revealed Wednesday that he has agreed to “sit at a table” with Joe Biden

Vlad Tepes - Rubin Report misses the strategic alliance between weaponized homosexuals and Islam: Links 1 for May 24th, 2024

2. Peter McCullough: Chloroquine Highly Effective Treatment for Acute H5N1 Infection in Preclinical Model
(Before anyone runs out and gets a vaccine for Bird flu…)

Small Dead Animals - Friday On Turtle Island

Dementia Joe’s America: Fighting for common sense. A memorial service in Dearborn. The George Floyd movie. And Pervert Joe.
Blackie’s Canada: Jewish advocate removed by police. Trudeau trashes Canadian history again.

Wombat-socho again - In The Mailbox: 05.24.24

First Street Journal: Lies, damned lies, and statistics
Gates Of Vienna: Iran’s Mullahs Quake at the Sight of Strong Independent Women, also, Sauce for the Gander

Gates of Vienna - News Feed 5/23/2024

30% of Americans Believe College Isn’t Worth It
The value of a college education is spiraling lower as youngsters realize it’s a giant scam. Racking up $100k in college debt for worthless gender degrees in liberal indoctrination camps

Cafe Hayek - Some Links

Also warning against ending Section 230 is J.D. Tuccille.
Martin Gurri is insightful.

Maggie's Farm RETURNS! A Friday trial run for linking

Is Oreo About to Be the Next Bud Light?
Trads on Offense
Plant-based meat alternatives are trying to exit the culture wars – an impossible task?

Disinformation Expert Ace at Ace of Spades HQ - The Week In Woke

Oh no! That's an accurate read of reality, and therefore, Illegal.
Last week, the NYT lowered itself to interview Hillary Cass, who told them that the U.S. is out-of-date on "gender therapy" science.

Doug Ross - Larwyn’s Linx: The Trumpire Strikes Back

• Vivek Ramaswamy Buys Activist Stake In BuzzFeed DC
• This Is What State Harassment Looks Like David Strom

I leave you with Meme Dump... from View From The Porch, Your Mid-Week Memes from Wirecutter, and Fowl play from Bluebird of Bitterness.

Dog Walker Shoots Homeless Man

The powers that be are not happy about self defense. Dog walker shoots man to death after confrontation in Garden Grove

Why do I say he was a homeless man? Because a witness saw him sleeping on the sidewalk earlier in the day. I don't know too many people with a home who sleep on a public sidewalk, but maybe it is a new thing in greater Los Angeles.

The dog walker called the police shortly after opening fire. Paramedics rushed the victim to a local hospital, where he later died.

Police said the shooter has been cooperating with detectives. He had a valid concealed weapons permit and turned over his firearms to officers.

The dog walker said that the homeless guy attacked him. The police clearly want to charge someone with something.

"Obviously, you can't just shoot random people," said Sgt. Nick Jensen. "Everyone likes to say there's two sides to a story. Well, unfortunately in this, we only have one side."

Jensen that investigators are determining what led to the fatal shooting before sending the case to the Orange County District Attorney.

And I have no idea what the Orange County DA is likely to do, except that I do know that District Attorneys HATE self defense. A California DA will probably REALLY hate self defense, but that is just a guess on my part.

The End of The Great American Dream

Critical Drinker revisits an interesting movie from 1993, Falling Down, staring Michael Douglas, as Bill, a man who has been left behind by life.

This movie is interesting for several reasons. It was mildly successful at the box office, and the key to that was that it was made for $25 million in 1992. It brought in 96 million at the box office, which even including the cut theaters take, and the cost of marketing means that it made a few million dollars for the people who made it.

It was also an interesting study in what it would take to push someone over the edge, from a law-abiding citizen, to an outlaw with nothing to lose.

As the Drinker notes, this has ramifications for the world today.

I say this because I want to come back to the point I made at the beginning of this little essay. Why this film is even more relevant today than it was in 1993. Well I'll tell you why.

In a world where the gap between rich and poor has never been wider, where kids are pushed into expensive colleges to get useless degrees that leave them with debts they can never hope to repay, where people are making six figure salaries but can barely afford the rent, where the very idea of owning a home is a crazy pipe dream belonging to previous generations where people are more Angry, more isolated, more medicated, more exploited, and more overwhelmed than at any time in human history, where young people are quietly giving up on a society that blatantly doesn't care about them anymore this movie is more relevant than it ever Fucking was.

This is Critical Drinker's video Falling Down - The Great American Lie

Hear Me Now

Bad Wolves is a Heavy Metal Band that crosses my playlists from time to time. They did a cover of "Zombie" by the Cranberries that propelled them to some fame in 2018. Today's song is more of a Power Ballad than a Metal song.

Diamante is a singer/songwriter in the Rock/Alternative Rock genre. She has a beautiful singing voice. The combination works.

This song is "Hear Me Now" by Bad Wolves, featuring vocals by Diamante. It was part of their 2018 album Disobey.

Lone Star Parson Musical Interlude

A classic video from LSP. Lone Star Parson: Weapon Of Choice

After sharing "Weapon of Choice" from Fatboy Slim, we get the following:


You probably feel cheated by this brief pop music post and were expecting a firearms comparison. Which gun would you take as your weapon of choice depending on various contexts.

Click thru for the song, the award-wining (I think) video, and LSP's  discussion of which weapon.

24 May 2024

Friday Links - 24 May

The Other McCain is first with an update on the "trial" in New York. I’d Call This a Kangaroo Court, But That Would Be an Insult to Honest Kangaroos

Ed Morrisey points out that Alan Dershowitz has literally been practicing law since before Judge Juan Merchan was born. This lends greater gravity to what Dershowitz said on Hannity last night after spending Monday in Merchan’s courtroom for the Trump trial: “This judge has committed more reversible errors in the one day I was in the courtroom than I’ve seen in years and years of practicing law.”

Meep at STUMP - Taxing Tuesday Podcast: Chicago Teacher and Illinois Dreams: Tax and Spend

Recently, the Chicago Teachers Union took a little field trip to Springfield, Illinois to lobby for a bunch of goodies. Too bad that Illinois can’t really afford all the stuff it already promised in the past, as taxpayers scatter to other states.

From Glenn Harlan Reynolds - This Is How You Get More Ants. On a trip to Columbia University...

But there wasn’t much to see. Commencement was cancelled, the students were mostly gone, and other than guards scattered around, there wasn’t much sign that anything had happened. The Hamas crowd seemed way behind in the sticker wars.

Again from The Other McCain - Cognitive Decline as a Policy Principle: Understanding Biden’s Confused Agenda

When you combine Biden’s personal grudge against Netanyahu with the pro-Hamas sympathies of the Democratic Party’s left-wing grassroots, you have a situation where Biden (who, as Treacher notes, has a habit of smearing Republicans as Nazis) becomes a de facto ally of anti-Semites, and the elderly occupant of the White House is too feeble-minded to find a way to extricate himself from this situation. Why do you think the White House staff is always having to “walk back” things that Biden says? Because he doesn’t even understand his own administration’s policies.

Tam at View From The Porch - Landlords From Hell

What happens when a pack of internet investors buy your apartment complex?

Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony - Daily News Stuff 23 May 2024: Revenge Of The Bleen Edition

Microsoft Edge will begin blocking screenshots at work. (PC World)

So you can't take screenshots when you want to, but Windows will take screenshots when you don't want it to. Got it.

Lawrence Person's BattleSwarm Blog - Hollywood’s War on Dwarves

I mean, if you were a ginger person with dwarfism, then you’d really be fucked.

Libs of TikTok gets the final word with Jimmy Heyward: The Young American Patriot. The blowback was epic.

When his school principal Mary Flock reviewed his speech, she claimed that it was too patriotic and demanded that Jimmy remove all mention of patriotism from his speech. When he refused, Jimmy was denied the ability to read his speech to the student body and was forced to sit on stage as others gave theirs.

How Should a Woman Defend Herself and Her Family?

If she didn't have a gun, what should she have done? Burglar shot by woman protecting her family inside Kissimmee home, deputies say

He was in the home. The woman retreated to a bedroom with her family. When the cops arrived they ordered him to leave the home. He didn't.

They said they ordered David Martinez-Estrada to exit a home, but he went further into the home instead.

Deputies said a woman then shot him when he forced his way into the bedroom that she and her family were in.

So I wish that the gun-hating part of the Left would tell me what else she could have done. She called the police and barricaded herself and her family in a room. When the cops got there, the situation got worse, and she was forced to defend herself. Would the world be a better place if this guy was able to hold her hostage?

Deputies in Osceola County said a burglary suspect is facing charges after being shot by a homeowner.

Osceola County, Florida is suburban Orlando, basically. It includes Kissimmee, and starts about 10 or 12 miles south of downtown Orlando.

Self-defense is a human-right, and in Florida, it is mostly your legal right.

Is DEI Just a Grift?

It seems that at least one "DEI chief" is a grifter. Meta Platforms Ex-Employee Furlow-Smiles Face 5 years in Prison for $5 Million Occupational Fraud

In a striking case of corporate fraud, Barbara Furlow-Smiles, a former global diversity executive at Facebook, now Meta Platforms, Inc., was sentenced to five years and three months in prison for stealing a total of more than $5 million from those companies.

Personally, I find it hard to get upset that F*c*book was taken to the cleaners for $5 million. That is chump change for the likes of Meta. I am glad to see that the nature of people running DEI at large corporations is being exposed.

To sustain her scheme, Furlow-Smiles recruited a diverse group of individuals, including friends, relatives, former interns, nannies, babysitters, a hair stylist, and her university tutor. These accomplices played various roles in receiving payments and returning kickbacks. Additionally, she manipulated company funds to benefit herself directly, such as paying nearly $10,000 to an artist for speciality portraits and over $18,000 in preschool tuition fees.

Her "university tutor" was involved. I take that to be a faculty advisor. They didn't mention the name of the university. Are we shocked to learn that a DEI (or whatever) mentor is willing to take part in a crime scheme? I'm not.

Road Rage In California

I didn't think there could be actual Justice in California. Man Who Killed Kindergartener In Road Rage Incident Sentenced

A Southern California man who fatally shot a 6-year-old boy on his way to kindergarten was sentenced Friday to 40 years to life in prison.

Well, actual justice might be the death penalty, but we are talking about California.

23 May 2024

Don't Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

Things generally won't end well for you. Woman shoots, kills man who came to her Southern California home armed with knives

Deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call about a possible violation of a restraining order. When they arrived, they found an Asian male suffering from a gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

LASD says the Asian male arrived at the home armed with knives and attempted to stab a White male and White female who lived at the property. Investigators determined that the female shot the deceased to stop him from advancing on her and the male.

More self defense in California, and in greater Los Angeles no less.

The reporter, excuse me "professional journalist," seems unclear on the nature of domestic disturbances. After noting that there was a "violation of a restraining order" (alleged), they include this statement.

It is unclear how the three individuals knew each other, or a motive for why the Asian man appeared the property with weapons.

Does anyone think it is a stretch assume that he is a stalker turned violent? Whether he was an ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, obsessed coworker, or the creepy guy from the coffee shop, it doesn't matter. There couldn't be a "possible violation of a restraining order" if there was no restraining order. I guess they don't teach logic in journalism school.

Feminism And the Attacks on Harrison Butker

First we have a opinion piece from the DailyMail. I'm single, childless and alone. Feminism has failed me and my generation, writes PETRONELLA WYATT

Petronella Wyatt is a British journalist. Her father was a politician aligned with Thatcher, and she even met Margaret Thatcher at a young age.

Every Monday I meet with a group of female friends in a London restaurant. We sit at a table near the window and discuss our lives.

We have many things in common. We are all in our mid-50s and highly educated career women. But there is a vacuum in our lives. We are all single and childless.

I increasingly feel, as do many of my intimates, that feminism has failed our generation. I grew up with its beliefs. No, strike that. I was force-fed them.

She had an aunt that gave her her books by Gloria Steinem and Simone de Beauvoir. Margaret Thatcher told her that career came before everything. 

Now she is not happy with her life.

This is in addition to the TikTok video of the 29-year-old who is single and very unhappy. There are a whole lot of reactions from Brett Cooper of The Comments Section, to Tim Pool of TimCast IRL to those videos; I'm sure you can find them if you're interested.

The best take I've seen is from Amala Ekpunobi and her video is She’s 29 And Single. She’s Asking Where She Went Wrong.

And of course all of this is backstopped by the commencement address given by Harrison Butker, in which he had the audacity to suggest that you might be happier with a spouse and a family, than you will be as a working, single office drone your whole life. But for this is was attacked by the Cancel Pigs, because "How dare you have an opinion that we disagree with!"

Strange times.

As for Harrison Butker, here's a take you won't see in the lamestream media. From Glenn Harlan Reynolds: Harrison Butker, Harbinger?

Speaking to a graduation crowd at conservative Catholic Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, Butker took on Joe Biden’s performative faux-Catholicism, transgender ideology and – most shockingly – suggested to female graduates that they would find a better, more rewarding, and more productive life as wives and mothers than in corporate-style careers.

Store Your Data on the Cloud They Said

It would be "safe" with the professionals looking after it. Or maybe not. From Ars Technica: “Unprecedented” Google Cloud event wipes out customer account and its backups

Buried under the news from Google I/O this week is one of Google Cloud's biggest blunders ever: Google's Amazon Web Services competitor accidentally deleted a giant customer account for no reason. UniSuper, an Australian pension fund that manages $135 billion worth of funds and has 647,000 members, had its entire account wiped out at Google Cloud, including all its backups that were stored on the service. UniSuper thankfully had some backups with a different provider and was able to recover its data, but according to UniSuper's incident log, downtime started May 2, and a full restoration of services didn't happen until May 15.

Ars Technica goes on to call this "the stuff of nightmares" for administrators.

It was a series of events culminating in an "inadvertent misconfiguration" that deleted everything. If you UniSuper had believed Google's advertising they would have been in bad shape. In fact the technical term for what happened is FUBAR. Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.

So. Does your bank, retirement account, business, rely on Google? Should you?

I'm almost ready to go back to paper statements.

As the image says. "The Cloud" is just someone else's computers. You are paying them to manage it. How good a job are they doing? Do you have any way to assess their expertise, or are you just going by reputation?

Shoutout to the hero at UniSuper who chose a multi-cloud solution.

UniSuper is a big firm that manages Australia's equivalent of 401(K)s. (Hat tip to Nobody Asked Me…)

22 May 2024

Wednesday Link Roundup - 22 May

William Teach of Pirate's Cove is first with Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

  1. Powerline discusses the Bragg’s case against Trump
  2. The American Conservative covers forever war with Ukraine

EBL - Happy Birthday Roadhouse

19 May 1989: Roadhouse released
10 facts about Roadhouse

Wombat-socho - In The Mailbox: 05.21.24 (Morning Edition)

Dana Loesch: The Mondays
Don Surber: Weekend of wins

Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony - Daily News Stuff 20 May 2024: First Catch Your Rabbit Edition

Hertz has been charging customers hundreds of dollars for fuel... For Teslas. (The Drive)
That's gotta, uh, sting.

Tam at View From The Porch - Tab Clearing...

The Connoisseur's Glock.
The pitfalls of using blanks in scenario training.

Don Surber - Highlights of the News

ITEM 2: PJ Media reported, “$7.5 Billion Later, Biden Is Up to 7 EV Charging Stations.”
I wish FJB would build me a gas station so I don’t have to drive all the way to the convenience store to fill up. Plus I could use the billion bucks.

Wombat-socho again - In The Mailbox: 05.21.24 (Evening Edition)

American Power: Sebastian Junger, How I Came Face to Face with the Idea of an Afterlife
American Thinker: Lessons from COVID Totalitarianism

Political Hat - News of the Week (May 19th, 2024)

Trump Needs Another Judges List
Two of the unprecedented things Donald Trump did in 2016 were to release a list of potential Supreme Court picks and to win the presidency.

Battleswarm Blog - Gun News Roundup for May 21, 2024

“Texas, Gun Owners of America Secure Court Order Against ATF.”
And speaking of Cornyn gun legislation, he filed a bill to undo the Biden Administration’s attempts to ensnare ordinary Americans in ATF regulations:

Small Dead Animals - Saturday On Turtle Island

Dementia Joe’s America: The Left is a hate group. Creating a poultry panic.
Blackie’s Canada: Nuns vs Natives. A tale of two fake genocides.
Woke World: Decline is a choice.

A View from the Beach - More Flotsam and Jetsam - Biden Claim to Have Been VP during Pandemic

Hat Hair's John Sexton thinks June Could Be a Tough Month for the Biden Family "So you have a president who has to kick his campaign into a higher gear next month at the same time that his son is involved in two trials, either of which could send him to prison.

Gates of Vienna - News Feed 5/20/2024

Biden Risks American Lives to Protect Hamas
The United States of America has been conducting backchannel talks with Hamas to ask the Islamic terrorist organization not to attack American soldiers helping deliver aid to Gaza.

Bacon Time!!!! - Sunday Linkage

The Air Vent - Esteemed Doctor, Coincidence Theorist and Deputy Director of the NIH — Dr. Tabak
Watts Up With That? - America’s Power Grid Could Buckle Under Sweltering Summer Heat, Watchdog Warns

Vlad Tepes - Leftists try to take sign away from people who want rapists to leave France, Pickton Pig farm murders look different today and more: Links 1 for May 21st, 2024

5. Paul Weston takes the trouble to track some of the Covid narrative drivers which has caused so much suffering and resulted in so much damage to our civilization and liberties.

Cafe Hayek - Some Links

Bryan Caplan talks with me about Bastiat and housing.
Bob Graboyes reports that “the United Nations casually concedes the falsity of its incendiary Gaza casualty data.”

Disinformation Expert Ace at Ace of Spades HQ - Quick Hits

So we learn in the NFL, you can be a rapist, woman beater, abandon your kids, a racist, misogynist, adulterer, you can be a number of things," but you can't be a conservative or a traditionalist.

Doug Ross - Larwyn’s Linx: Camp of the Dumbbells

• US Administration Abandons Israel, Empowers Enemies Majid Rafizadeh
• You Will Eat the Bugs Ace

Anonymous Conservative - News Briefs – 05/21/2024

“Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose ordered the state’s voter rolls to be purged of “non-citizens” Tuesday after a review found more than 100 Ohio residents who were registered to vote despite lacking U.S. citizenship.”

I leave you with Sunday Memes .. from MaddMedic, Quick Hits Of Wisdom, Knowledge And Snark #1771 from 90 Miles from Tyranny, and Mondays..... gifdump from Wirecutter.