27 May 2024

Self Defense Is Legal in Ohio

DAs hate that. Jury acquits Ohio man who said assault rifle shooting was self-defense

A Franklin County jury found a South Linden man not guilty of murder and other charges despite video evidence showing him firing more than 20 rounds from an assault-style rifle at his victims.

Franklin County, Ohio is the county that includes Columbus. It is the most populated county in Ohio, Columbus being the largest city in the state. Home to THE Ohio State University, it is a fairly liberal locale.

I think the thing that the DA really objected to was the AR-15 used by the defender, but that is only a guess.

The jury deliberated for about three hours before acquitting him on all seven counts. One juror wiped tears away as the verdicts were read.

That doesn't seem like it took them a long time to make a determination.

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