29 May 2023

What We Have Today Is NOT The Golden Age of Hollywood

The Other McCain has that part right. From the ‘Golden Age of Hollywood’ to the Bulls–t Age of Wokeness: A Brief History

You may not recognize that long-legged young bathing beauty, but she was one of Hollywood’s biggest stars back in the day when the movie business was run by men who knew how to make money by producing movies that people actually wanted to watch. Strangely enough, while many today would scoff at the old-fashioned capitalist greed that motivated Hollywood producers in mid-20th-century America, many of the movies they made were artistically superior to anything produced by the soi disant “progressive” filmmakers of our own era, including the 1947 classic in which our long-legged bathing beauty starred.

Some history of film, some great ideas, and the fact the underlying idea that entertainment should do just that.

Was there some kind of uplifting message in the movie? Not at all. As the mogul Sam Goldwyn allegedly said, “If you want to send a message, call Western Union.”

The movie business used to be a business. It had its problems - what doesn't? - but it didn't try to hit you over the head with "The Message™" the way they do today.

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