29 May 2023

Mary On A Cross (Cover)

So I thought about not having a regular Metal for Mondays post, and just use the "Hymn for the Fallen." (See my previous post.) The thing is that I really like this version of "Mary on a Cross." The original studio version by Ghost is good, and a couple of the live recordings are worth listening too, but I do love Charlotte Wessels' voice, and I think I am going to come to appreciate Zora Cock of Blackbriar.

Charlotte Wessels was the lead singer of Delain, until the keyboardist/composer of that band decided that he could go it alone. (Or with a group of unknowns.) Zora Cock is the lead singer for Blackbriar. Blackbriar is an up-and-coming Alternative Metal/Gothic Rock band.

Charlotte Wessels took advantage of the COVID lockdown by writing a song a month. That resulted in two albums Tales From Six Feet Under, volumes one and two. Since she recently published volume two, a concert tour has been organized for this year.

Blackbriar and Wessels are touring together this year, and so we have a duet.

This is "Mary On A Cross" by Charlotte Wessels with Blackbriar Singer Zora Cock. The song/duet was apparently inspired by the upcoming concert series. It is a cover of a song by Ghost, an always interesting band. The cover video was released May 12th

This is what Metal Hammer had to say about the album: Charlotte Wessels’ Tales From Six Feet Under Vol. II is the sound of singer throwing off her own past.

Charlotte Wessels has become a veteran of the lockdown record. The feat of writing a song a month for the past two years has certainly done wonders to sharpen the ex-Delain frontwoman’s skills. Much like the first Tales From Six Feet Under – a compilation of a year’s worth of these self-produced tracks – Vol II is an accomplished and eclectic exercise in song- writing.

I featured a live version of "Mary On A Cross" by Ghost back in February, in case you wonder where you've heard this song.

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