30 May 2023

Tuesday Links - 30 May

Ace of Spades HQ starts things moving with It's Memorial Day Weekend. Stay on target.

We have seen a lot of details about Target's marketing plans recently. But Dr_No is right. Clothes suggesting that transgenderism for toddlers is a great thing was just the beginning.

There was also the decision to hire a Satanist to design part of their 'Pride' line.

The Other McCain - CNN Warns of Weather ‘Misinformation’

Why do these people expect to be immune to criticism? Doesn’t this have something to do with the fact that they exist inside bubbles of groupthink, where everyone shares the same beliefs and opinions? Don’t they realize that the “consensus” agreement about climate change is an artifact, created by systematic exclusion of skeptics from the institutions responsible for producing The Science™?

Wombat-scocho - FMJRA 2.0: Take It Away, Harry

This year I arrived at Balticon for the first time since 2019 only to find that without a face panty, I couldn’t attend panels, enter the dealers room, or visit the art show. But hanging out in the consuite was fine! WTF, Balticon. I can’t breathe through a face mask and the NIH says they don’t do shit anyway. 0/10.

SiGraybeard - Memorial Day 2023

There are times I wonder how many more of any holiday that our republic will survive to see, but this one is the hardest to come to grips with. Memorial Day is the day to honor those who fell fighting to preserve the republic and if it falls, that's dishonoring every one of them. Every one of them gave themselves, their lives, their futures, for something bigger than themselves.

American Thinker - The Nanny State Stains a Deck

How many candidates run for office promising to do any of this? How many won their races, and could honestly claim a mandate, for forcing low-flow toilets, tacky peeling deck stains, curly-Q lightbulbs, and electric cooktops on the American people? Darned few, if any.

The Other McCain again - How White Is @TizzyEnt?

Film editor and social-media SJW Michael McWhorter (@TizzyEnt on Twitter) “can safely be described as white as a debutante’s taint,” in the immortal words of Jeff Goldstein, and the excellence of that phrasing was sufficient to call my attention to a story I’ve been trying to ignore for more than a week, the “CitiBike Karen” saga.

Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony - Daily News Stuff 28 May 2023: Frostbite Falls Edition

Amazon office workers are planning to go on strike over, uh, over having to work in an office. (CNN)

Thanks, said Amazon in a short note, though we weren't planning to announce the next round of layoffs just yet.

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