23 September 2021

Dems VS Healthy Lifestyles

The media hates Florida's governor; did you think they would love his appointees? Heads Explode Over Florida's New Surgeon General

But what has the media and the left at large absolutely freaking out is how Ladapo wants to handle things like mask and vaccine mandates.

Ladapo also had the temerity to suggest that people should try to be…healthy. Yes, I know, it’s truly scandalous stuff.

You can't talk about comorbidity, especially if that goes against anything related to social justice. (Fat Acceptance!) That is an "assault on the sacred vaccine," or something. (Hat tip to Irons in the Fire.)

1 comment:

  1. Comorbidities may save us all from fatty, lazy dimocrats. Rejoice! Where is the down side?


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