27 September 2021

A College Student Able to Rely on His 2nd Amendment Rights?

Pearl Clutching ahead. Shooting at The Mark in Midtown Atlanta leaves 1 dead.

In a statement, Landmark Properties said police confirmed to them that a tenant came home and found an intruder inside their unit. The resident confronted the intruder who was shot and killed. Officers said the shooter was taken into custody for questioning and was cooperating.

The apartment complex is not associated with any university, but is set up to cater to students and draws its residents from several Atlanta institutions, namely "Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, Emory and [Savannah College of Art and Design - Atlanta]."

The intruder was let into the building and onto the floor by another resident, who has since had his access revoked.

And of course they have to have a quote from a university student on how "scary" The Real World™ can be.

"So we all locked [our] doors locked everything and just stayed inside, and yeah it was just very scary last night," [Georgia Tech junior Tate Niekemp] said.

Self-defense is a human-right, even if you're a college student. No word yet on whether Atlanta will recognize it as a legal right in this case.

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  1. "Cooperation" is what Lawyers are for. The shot that saves your life is only the beginning. ID yourself and give the basics. Beyond that, every word you utter will be twisted against you. Officer "Friendly" knows his job which is to convict you and he is good at his job.


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