27 September 2021

When Did Coal Become an "Alternative" Energy Source?

But it is an alternative to freezing in the dark, so there's that. Europe's energy crisis: A switch back to coal is on the cards

Renewables are unreliable. Natural gas is becoming incredibly expensive (at least in Europe). And since people have an aversion to freezing in the dark...

"While most may read 'alternative energy sources' as "renewables", the energy market may have an alternative definition: coal,”

While upping coal production will not be welcomed by many as Europe looks to lower its carbon emissions to meet climate change targets, it is a far more economic source of fuel, Mr Kiryushin said.

I'm sure they will force the cold and the dark on people. It is for your own good. Look at what Australia is doing "for your own good" and tell me they won't mandate freezing in the dark. (Hat tip to Pirate's Cove.)

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  1. Just jargon.

    "Renewable" is useless since there is no way to store electricity through the long dark winters or the cloudy summer doldrums. I suspect that the Leftist coalition of climate/environment/ "natural", the "socialists" and the Corruptocrats may split on cost of power. No population can afford the multiple costs of wind/solar as well as the cost of maintaining the backup fossil fuel capacity. As it is, the urban "poor", wind and solar depend on taxpayer support/subsidies. Political "theology" and great speeches don't keep the lights on, the beer cold and the TV going. The relationship between carbon use and climate is a fraud. I suspect (and hope) that there will be a more realistic view when the costs become obvious.


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