29 September 2021

Prosecutors HATE Self-defense

And especially New England prosecutors. Auburn man’s acquittal in shooting death is rare example of a successful claim of self-defense

It’s rare for Maine juries to hand up “not guilty” verdicts in murder trials. What’s even rarer is what happened Wednesday: A jury concluded a defendant who claimed he was acting in self-defense was guilty of neither murder nor manslaughter. More often than not in that circumstance, a jury that finds a defendant not guilty of murder finds him guilty of a lesser manslaughter charge.

But in the end, the jury was convinced that he was threatened with death or grave bodily harm.

Defense attorney Luke Rioux of Portland argued that Ortiz was choked before he fired three shots. The fatal one hit Jonathan Methot, 30, of Biddeford in the face on Sept. 26, 2016.

And in Maine, prosecutors have had their own way, winning on Manslaughter if they lose on Murder. And the love to win, even when Justice says they should lose.

Self-defense is a human-right, though it may not be your legal right Maine. (Hat tip Keep and Bear Arms.)

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  1. Prosecutors hate self defense - well yeah you did not say Mother may I


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