28 September 2021

Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

He was given the opportunity to walk away. He didn't take it. Detectives believe Tranquillity shooting that killed one was self-defense

How would you deal with an intruder who refused to leave, and then threatened you? This all took place in the middle of the afternoon.

Mark Castro, 27 of San Joaquin, was shot and killed Wednesday after detectives believe he had forced his way into a trailer and was confronted by the homeowner. Investigators say the homeowner told Castro to leave and instead of complying, Castro “presented a threat to the homeowner.”

I am seeing more self-defense stories from California.

Self-defense is a Human-right. And it may be your legal right in California, though that may depend on the jurisdiction you find yourself in. (Hat tip Keep and Bear Arms.)

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  1. This situation seems to have ended reasonably well, since the police were intelligent and, apparently, both the homeowner and the "perp" were "White", "White Adjacent", or whatever. In many jurisdictions, "self-defense" can be expensive if the DA/Prosecutor goes with "he was a good boy, but troubled, and he was turning his life around. Did ja have to shoot him?" So, always be polite and concise to the responding LEO, ID yourself and remember that further "cooperation" is spelled "L A W Y E R". That is expensive and "unfair" but it is the way of the world. The alternative may be a murder or manslaughter charge. And don't try and "fix" the scene. No telling what recorder was running or what security camera has images.

    Do what you gotta, notify the authorities, then shut up. Don't think that you can improve the "narrative". Every word that you utter is something to be twisted if the authorities lean that way. There are numerous websites that discuss this portion of an "incident". Look them up.

    Self-defense may be a Human-right, but don't assume that the authorities will always agree.


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