30 January 2023

One of Those Days

I featured one song off Ozzy Osbourne's 2022 album that featured Tony Iommi, and another that featured the guitar playing of the late, great Jeff Beck. So let's continue with that series and listen to the song from that album that features Eric Clapton.

This is "One of Those Days" by Ozzy Osbourne off his 2022 album Patient Number 9. It features guitarist Eric Clapton.

While there are more songs that feature more guest artists from that album (I believe that only 1 more guitarist is featured) that exhausts the list of songs from the album that I like well enough to feature. YMMV

As I said earlier, I expected to hate this album. I actually like a handful of songs from the album, and I don't hate the rest. Ozzy O. has never been my favorite music.


  1. I guess I forgot to include links to those other songs... When I looked, there were actually 3 songs, not 2.

    Patient 9 featuring the late, great Jeff Beck from earlier in January.

    No Escape from Now featuring Tony Iommi, a founding member of the band Black Sabbath. That was posted in December.

    Parasite featuring Zakk Wylde. I'm not sure you can count him a "guest musician" since he is the guitarist that usually works with Ozzy O. But he is also lead guitarist in the band Black Label Society.

  2. That was pretty nice - not 'angry at everything metal' but good use of the tones. Clapton has certainly slowed down, like the other 99+% of guitarists that make it to his age, but he replaces raw speed with easier to follow musicality.

    Not to mention a collaboration of two musicians I've been hearing as long as I can remember and members of the "older than me but still alive and performing club."


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