30 January 2023

You Must Depend on the State - UK Edition

This is not really a story of self-defense. This is a story about the conditions that prevail when a government prohibits its subjects from having and using the means to defend themselves. In other words, when a government creates defenseless-victim zones. The violent cul-de-sac in Birmingham's most deprived area where scared locals prepare for the worst

Birmingham is the second largest city of the United Kingdom. Located in the West Midlands; it is roughly in the center of England.

Druids Heath is a "council estate" in Birmingham, UK. In the US we would call it a housing project, or just the projects. From the pictures, and the few stories I've looked at, It isn't as bad as some of the things I saw when I was living in Chicago, riding public transit, but it isn't good, and seems to be getting worse. Of course the worst of the places in Chicago have been torn down.

One dad in Druids Heath crime hotspot keeps weapon in doorway and has cameras covering every angle as other residents scared to walk streets

The "weapon" is just an old roofing hammer, but if he ever needed to use it, the crown would probably prosecute him for using 'excessive force.' You must rely on The State, even for things like your personal safety, that they have proven they cannot provide.

So what do people do, when they are denied the means of defense? They put up cameras and signs, and hide in their homes after dark. The hope that hammers or bent bits of metal (fire brigade drop keys) will give them some means to defend themselves.

Local representation - according to the info I could find - is from the Green Party. I'm not sure, but somehow I don't think crime is on the top of the Green Party's agenda. A companion story to the one I have linked about is about the loss of "revitalization" funds for Druids Heath, and author of the article is worried about "decarbonisation" of homes in the area. I'm sure that would improve people's lives. Or maybe not given the state of crime. More police? That is NOT a progressive stance.

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