05 July 2024

Friday Links - 5 July

The Other McCain is up first with When You’ve Lost Nate Silver …

You’ve got to understand that Silver was one of those 20-something lefties who jumped into the political fray during the years when the Iraq War made George W. Bush very unpopular on college campuses. (One reason most conservatives my age roll our eyes at rhetorical symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome — the Hitler comparisons, etc. — is that it’s basically the same thing we heard about Dubya during the Bush Derangment Syndrome epidemic two decades ago.)

Clayton Cramer - Lots of People Want Machihe Guns

But when you use your position as a,police chief, thst is not okay. [SNIP]

He tried to buy a mini gun. Somehow, I am having trouble imaginingfor what a small town Iowa police department needs that.

Tam at View From The Porch - Automotif DXVII...

Here's a 1969 Corvette Stingray coupe in Can-Am White, out enjoying an ideal day for open-air motoring.

Instapudit (Glenn Harlan Reynolds) at Substack - Chevron, The Supreme Court, and the Law

So there we are. Rather than “brazenly seizing power from the other two branches,” the Supreme Court has returned power to Congress, where the Constitution put it to begin with. The brazen seizing, in fact, was undertaken by the unelected administrative state, what even FDR’s Commission on Administrative Government called a “headless fourth branch of government.” And that was in 1937; there’s been a lot more seizing since then.

The Daily Caller - ROOKE: The Sad Truth Joe Biden Is Realizing Right Now

Here is a man who is quickly losing his mental faculties, and the people around him, his closest family members, are actively feeding him to the wolves. In Biden’s moments of clarity, he realizes that his family doesn’t care about him or his dignity. He is a man dying alone.

Jews Can Shoot - The Founding Fathers and Guns– In Their Own Words

Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, said this in that same year in drafting Virginia’s Constitution: “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”

Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony - Daily News Stuff 3 July 2024: Centrifugal Bumblefuck Edition

Everything new is old again: A critical vulnerability in OpenSSH that was fixed all the way back in 2006 is back again. (ZDNet)

Oops. Also, fuck.

Dubbed regreSSHion - it has a cute name, so you know it's serious the bug lets you log into a server by not logging into it.

Again from The Other McCain - Dumbest Car Thief Ever?

Anyway, don’t steal cars, but if you do, don’t steal a 30-year-old Honda and then expect to out-run the Georgia State Patrol, because we’re all going to be laughing at the video of the PIT maneuver, dummy.

And again from The Other McCain - Thinking of Christmas in July

Does it occur to you that, instead of celebrating the Fourth of July, when the Declaration of Independence was published, that instead we should celebrate our independence on the Nineteenth of October?

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