03 June 2024

Propaganda About the Border Begins to Flow

From The Other McCain we get the following: Amid Tsunami of Illegal Immigration, ICE Brags About Deporting One Criminal. It may be a slow start, but I expect a deluge by summer, to convince us that Creepy Joe is doing a great job.

While the details are important enough that you should click thru I will include his statement on the "Oh no, we can't do anything to upset The Message™" nature of the released statement.

Did you notice what’s missing from that? There is no name of this foreign killer, and ICE didn’t issue a mug shot, either. From the standpoint of a journalist, this press release fails at a very basic level. To report the arrest of a dangerous international fugitive without even including his name? Sorry, you just flunked Journalism 101. As for why the feds would do this, I suppose some bureaucrat might be apprehensive that to include the name and mug shot would inspire xeonophobic bigotry.

And while this is a press release, I'm tempted to file it under Media Bias, because for the same message preserving reason, the "professional journalist" apparently never asked for a name.


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