10 May 2024

Biden's Treatment of Israel Finally Getting to the Never Trump Crowd

From The Other McCain we get a bit of political analysis, and a lot of snark. Red-Pilled at Last? ‘Reliably Anti-Trump People … Have Had It With Biden’

The Never Trump Neocons were sure that anyone opposed to the uniparty was doing so out of  antisemitism. But now with college students chanting Hamas chants and screaming about death to Israel (and America) some of them are beginning to see the antisemitism on the Left. And there's a lot.

Biden is pandering to the extreme left — the college “camp-out for Hamas” crowd — and in the process alienating more moderate voters, including ex-Republican neocons like Goldberg, some of whom hated Trump because of the perception that his coalition harbored anti-Semites. Well, that shoe is now on the other (Democratic) foot, and Goldberg’s like the once-reputable sorority girl doing the “walk of shame” after pulling a train with the varsity basketball squad.

Read the whole thing.

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