09 May 2024

Don't Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

Also don't resort to violence over disagreements with your neighbors. Man shot in Grand Rapids, may face charges

They'd been in a dispute that morning and, according to our conversation with Grand Rapids Police, the man had left the homeowner's property to get a gun.

He came back after the daughter had arrived, pulling what turned out to be a knife from his waistband and charging.

The daughter is a concealed carry license holder, and when he charged, she shot him three times.

Cops arrived and had him taken to a hospital. The daughter is not expected to face charges, while the knife-wielding neighbor is, though nothing was announced.

So what disagreement with your neighbor could possibly be worth risking your life? He was shot in the abdomen, and the arm. He could have been shot in the heart, or the head, or the spine. What could be worth it? He not only got shot, but it is probably facing charges on the order of assault with a deadly weapon. What will that cost him?

Self defense is a human right, and it seems to be your legal right in Michigan.

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