19 April 2024

You Really Should Take Security Seriously

From Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony we get the following two stories about security - Daily News Stuff 16 April 2024: Bonfire of the Bathroom Vanities Edition

Roku is making two-factor authentication mandatory for all accounts after 600,000 customers got hacked. (The Register)

It doesn't seem that Roku itself was hacked, but that a lot of people still reuse passwords across multiple sites. Understandable, but not a good idea.

Meanwhile smart lock company Chirp still hasn't fixed 50,000 locks that it was informed were insecure in 2021. (Krebs on Security)

Yeah, with one of these here smart locks your home can be even less safe than your television channel.

People, do NOT reuse passwords. Pick a password manager, and use unique, hard to break passwords for every account. Any password that you used for email 10 years ago has probably been hacked and posted on the dark web. That is how bad security was on email 10 years ago. If you are using those passwords KNOW that they have been published on the dark web associated with your email address.

Also, don't use smart locks. Or smart lightbulbs. I would say, "or smart anything." But definitely NOT smart locks.

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