19 April 2024

Disney+ Will Never Recoup Its Losses

This is an investment that Disney will NEVER recoup. If they achieve breakeven this year, as Bob Iger has promised, it won't be the great success that Disney would like you to believe. Bob has only said that running costs will be offset by current revenue. He is not counting the costs of purchasing Hulu, buying the tech base Disney+ sits on, etc.

$11 billion in operating loss. The purchase of Hulu, which is being merged into Disney+. And more. The quote starts at about 3 minutes and 30 seconds in.

Jonas, what's the total spend you expect Disney to finish paying off, to fully acquire Hulu?

Well it would be easy to say it's 8.6 billion dollars, but that's for the last remaining share, and only a down payment on the last remaining share of Hulu. That is the share held by NBC/Universal, otherwise known as Comcast. That payment is probably going end up being higher. The other third was purchased in the Fox acquisition, and if it's equal in value right now, we're talking about $16 billion for those ⅔ of Hulu.

So $11 billion, plus $16 billion, plus a 10% share of Hulu purchased from another player, and the cost of the purchase of BAMTech, which is the tech base that Disney+ was built on. That started with 30% purchase of that company for $1 billion in 2016. Disney has increased its ownership of BAMtech to at least 75% since then.

It is a long video, as WDW Pro videos often are. It comes in at 23 minutes, but it is an exhaustive look at that 30 billion dollars.

Why the focus on Hulu? Because Bob Iger's grand plan to say that D+ is "profitable" is to merge Hulu into D+. A lot of people think that will just kill Hulu, but hey, who can say at this point.

This is the WDW Pro video Exclusive: Disney Plus Is 30 BILLION DOLLARS in the HOLE! Bob Iger's Plan Puts Mickey on the Brink!

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