23 April 2024

Tuesday Links - 23 April

Legal Insurrection starts us off with the latest insanity from the Biden Administration. Biden’s Title IX Protects Biological Males in Female Sports and Spaces

Let’s say the quiet part out loud: This is all about males in female sports and spaces. A little itty bitty tiny bit involves females in male sports and space.

Professor David Yamane at Gun Culture 2.0 - Without: Guns

Omar is an admitted skeptic about civilian ownership of firearms. I credit him for seeking me out as someone who is not. We need more civil dialogue across our differences on this issue.

The Other McCain - Max Azzarello: ‘Just Another American Driven Insane by the Past Few Years’

Despair is the essence of the kind of radicalism that leads people to engage in suicidal gestures (Azzarello died late Friday night). And despite my general cynicism about politics, I consider it my duty to remain hopeful

The Ultimate Answer to Kings - Bread recipe, desert hermit style

Keep in mind that bread in the developmental stage is very sensitive to environmental stuff, like altitude and humidity. I’m at 6000 feet with really low humidity and this is how I do it after seventeen years or so – your efforts may not work perfectly if you follow these instructions slavishly. Be prepared to adapt to your own circumstances.

Again from The Other McCain - Crazy People Are Dangerous

Got that? No more traffic stops in Chicago. This is insane — a demand to end enforcement of traffic laws, because Dexter Reed got killed after he shot first in a confrontation with five police officers.

Wombat-socho - FMJRA 2.0: Home For Tax Day

Both of these things happened, and oddly enough I wound up putting in the kind of hours at home the last weekend of the season that I had the last two years at the Damonte Ranch office in Reno. I haven’t checked to see if I brought in enough revenue to earn a post-season bonus, but by God I certainly worked hard enough on some complicated returns that I’m sure I came close.

Divemedic at Area Ocho - Warning Signs

Joe Biden’s economy is claiming more victims. I have been saying that restaurants don’t just compete against each other, they compete against home kitchens. When it becomes too expensive to dine out, people begin cooking more at home. That is what it looks like is happening.

Juliette Ochieng - Strategic Assault

In one of Mr. Gatto’s interviews, he cites a 19th century directive from a Cambridge organization, which I will paraphrase. Public educational systems were to begin emphasizing the memorization of personalities, events and dates without teaching context - that is explaining the connections between such items and/or teaching students how to make those connections themselves.

I leave you with a poem from Smitty - Para-Dogs

The thing about the Para-Dogs
Is: they are rooted in a ruse
That people are just pollywogs
Livestock for elite to use

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