23 April 2024

Journalists and the Concept of Self Defense

It is not a concept that journalists seem to be able to wrap their minds around. Two killed in homicide police are investigating as 'justifiable'

All murders are homicides, but not all homicides are murder. Murder is a crime. Homicide may be a crime and it may not be a crime, depending on the totality of circumstances.

Two people are dead, and a third was wounded in a shooting that took place in an apartment complex in Indianapolis. They are not providing many details, or any really. But there is an examination of what is self defense, and a note that self defense is increasing in central Indiana since 2023.

Attorney Guy Relford gives an overview of the self-defense laws in Indiana, but I get the impression that something was missed in the editing. Be that as it may, click thru for those details.

“It's becoming quite normal for a lot of people in Indiana, to have the means to defend themselves,” shared Relford. “Unfortunately, given the amount of crime that we have in Central Indiana, people are called upon to defend themselves, but where they do, and that's legal, and that's justified.”

Legal self defense may be bad for the bad guys, but it is good for the law abiding citizens. The "professional journalist" in this instance doesn't really seem to grasp that. But then I wouldn't expect them to understand.

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