12 April 2024

Friday Links - 12 April

A somewhat abbreviated Links post today due to technical difficulties that I am still digging out from under... Having to reinstall an operating system is never fun, but I will give Microsoft this much credit... They have made it a lot easier than in was in years past... This is only the latest indication that I need a new PC.

The Other McCain starts things off with an update on the police shooting in the news. What CNN Didn’t Tell Its Audience About the Police Shooting of Dexter Reed Jr.

Tuesday afternoon, CNN launched their election-year “let’s start a race riot” campaign, showing newly released police bodycam video of the fatal shooting of 26-year-old Dexter Reed. As I watched the coverage — featured hourly — I knew that the last-place news network wasn’t giving its viewers the whole story. And this could not be an accidental omission, because the most important facts were easily discovered in other media accounts, which anyone could find with Google...

Clayton Cramer has some thoughts on Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee. We Have Some Unmet Education Needs

The ignorance goes to 11 later in her remarks. I fear where a country goes when people this ignorant get elected and re-elected to Congress where she was the ranking Democrat on the space subcommittee. I do not expect every member of Congress to understand "event horizons" or even the gravitational force equation but I do hanker for them to know as much as my 11-year-old grandson.

SiGraybeard has some space news: Two Small Unrelated Stories

  • So Why Did the Delta IV Heavy Set Itself on Fire at Every Launch?
  • A Giant of Theoretical Physics Passed Away This Week

Irons in the Fire - In which Biden demonstrates again he doesn't know what he's talking about

and much of the media is in the tank for him.

Tam at View From The Porch - Gratuitous Gun Pr0n #253...

Hotel room nightstand shot from TacCon: Taurus 856 T.O.R.O. with a Holosun 507k in a PHLster City Special, six rounds of Hornady Critical Defense ...

Middle of the Right - Odd coincidence, innit?

BLM is rising in power and activism (and Media coverage!)….funny that, just in time for the election

The Other McCain has a reaction to the news about O.J. Simpson. America Cries Out in Agony: ‘If Only Norm Macdonald Were Still Alive Today!’

Amid all this uproar — three months after the murders, but before the trial started — Norm Macdonald began his stint as host of “Weekend Update” on Saturday night live, and he hammered away on the O.J. case week after week, continuing to do so years after the trial ended. The real beauty of his overkill approach was how Norm would be doing a story about something else and then — surprise! surprise! — it was just a setup for another O.J. joke. Yes, sir, you could say Norm Macdonald had a comedic killer instinct, and you know who else had a killer instinct?

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