03 April 2024

Division World

Sometime back during the dark times of the Lockdowns, I stopped reading the music press. Even before that a couple of sites had become less than useful. But recently I stumbled over a couple of outlets concentrating on Progressive Rock, which has lead to a couple of Progressive bands. Today we have one such band. (I'm not sure I recommend them... time will tell.)

Jane Getter Premonition is lead by vocalist and guitarist Jane Getter. The band also includes Adam Holzman on keyboards, guitarist Alex Skolnick, bassist and singer Paul Frazier and drummer Gene Lake. As I type this, I have only heard a few of their songs, but I like what I've heard.

I've only heard a few songs by Jane Getter Premonition, and as usual I like some of it, and I don't like some of it. We shall have to see how they stack up overall.

This song is "Division World" by Jane Getter Premonition from their February 2023 album. It is the title song to that album.

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