04 March 2024

Springtime In Chicago Brings Thoughts of Mob Action

It seems a bit early for this kind of thing, but I guess the weather is turning warmer in the Windy City. 2 teens shot, 1 fatally, as 'large group' floods the South Loop - CWB Chicago

Two teenagers were shot, one fatally, when a large gathering of mostly teenagers in the South Loop turned violent on Saturday evening, Chicago police said. Dozens of arrests were made as the crowd, drawn to the area by social media posts, overwhelmed community outreach workers and Chicago cops.

Hundreds of people converged in the area of Roosevelt and Canal after 7 p.m., and police officers were already arresting people within the hour. But the event soon turned violent.

You can click thru for the details. As for "mob action."

Saturday’s gathering was the first major “large group” incident in the downtown area since July 30, when up to 400 young people gathered in the same area and looted stores. Cops arrested 40 people—only three of whom were adults—and seized three firearms.

Mayor Brandon Johnson criticized a reporter who referred to the incident as “mob action,” a legal term in Illinois that relates to unlawful assembly and two or more people assembling to commit an unlawful act.

Johnson, apparently unaware that mob action is a crime, seemed to think the reporter was comparing participants in the gathering to the Mafia.

But that isn't the last time Brandon Johnson was caught spouting off at the mouth about stuff he clearly doesn't know about. I mean be fair. He's only the mayor of Chicago. He wasn't chosen for his intelligence. (Hat tip to HeyJackass! And also there's a poster for that.)

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