04 March 2024

You Can't Just Shoot at People On Your Property

This is one of the least-surprising verdicts of the last few years. ‘You just don’t get it.’ Judge admonishes NY man who fatally shot woman in his driveway and sentences him to 25 years to life

They turned into his driveway by mistake. He shot at a car full of people - as far as anyone can tell - without cause. He killed 20-year-old Kaylin Gillis. He was convicted of 2nd degree murder and sentenced to 25 years to life.

As Tam, at View from the Porch has pointed out, your property is Not a free-fire zone. And as we used to tell students in the NRA classes I helped teach, every bullet comes with a lawyer attached, so you should be sure of your actions before shooting someone.

The judge said that the defendant just didn't get it. He didn't get that what he did was wrong. They were on his property, and even though they posed absolutely no threat, he opened fire. Hint: Being lost and asking for directions is not grounds for killing someone.

[Washington County Judge Adam] Michelini added, “Any remorse you have isn’t for the harm you’ve caused. The only regret you have is that you’re finally facing the consequences for your actions. You murdered Kaylin Gillis. You shot at a car full of people and you didn’t care what would happen and you repeatedly lied about it. You deserve to spend the maximum time in prison allowable under our law, and I don’t make this decision because it’s easy. I make it because it’s what’s deserved. I make it because it’s what’s just.”

Don't be stupid. Don't be reckless. You might end up spending a long time in prison, because even if felony stupidity is not a crime, manslaughter and murder are crimes.


  1. He's an idiot, and needs to be punished, but he gets 25 to life for a first offense while a gang banger who kills a baby in her bed gets 7 years... or 12 or 14...

    Justice is supposed to be blind, but it sure doesn't look like she is.


    (not saying he should get less for killing someone, he should get less because his sentence is out of line with what is normally given for even worse crimes. OR the other criminals should be getting the longer sentences they deserve- which is what I would prefer.)

    1. I will sign up for "the other criminals need to get longer sentences" camp.

      This guy was basically found guilty of Felony Stupidity. He is the kind of gun owner that makes all law-abiding gun owners look bad. Don't be stupid. (I almost used that meme in place of the statue of Justice)


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