27 February 2024

I Need Your Help Diagnosing Problems With YouTube Embedded Videos

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone for your help. I'm still not completely sure what the problem was - probably something on my side together with something done at YouTube. They really hate anything that looks like privacy, and the newer versions of Firefox are all about privacy. And as I mentioned in the comments, they really hate my VPN, to the point that I have to deactivate it to comment on my own blog. Even though I can edit the posts without deactivating the VPN, I can't comment. Which I suppose explains why I am now sourcing video from Rumble and looking at Odysee. (I like Rumble except for the always on autoplay feature.)

Update to the Update: And it's broken again. Since I haven't changed anything - I spent the day dealing with car trouble - I have to assume it is on their end. Since there is virtually no way to get any support out of Google/YouTube/Blogger/Alphabet, I will just continue my drive to use Rumble and Odysee for video, and maybe I will relent and use Spotify for music.

I don't know about all of you, but I am having problems with YouTube videos. Videos that I have embedded from YouTube are not playing, but giving me an error message. I usually (always?) provide a link to watch on YouTube, or you can click on the video title in the embedded video to be sent to that site. They work on YT, just not when embedded.

Since both YouTube and Blogger/Blogspot are Google products, support is nonexistent. I have been trying some stuff. I can't figure out if it is my environment or them.

Videos embedded from Rumble are working. I haven't checked other sources. YT and Rumble being the 2 main places that I find video content, with Odysee gaining on Rumble. I'm not sure I have embedded any Odysee content, but maybe I should check that as well.

If you could let me know in the the comments what behavior you are seeing that would be great. So I've embedded the same video from two different sources below. While I can recommend the video, I'm not asking you to watch it twice; only tell me if it is working/not working on YT and/or on Rumble. Thanks.

Here is a YouTube video. Benny Johnson - CRITICAL DRINKER: They Removed Testosterone & MEN From Movies, Now The Hollywood Sign is in FLAMES🔥

And this is the same video from Rumble. Benny Johnson - CRITICAL DRINKER: They Removed Testosterone & MEN From Movies, Now The Hollywood Sign is in FLAMES🔥


  1. If you have the time, the entire conversation between Benny Johnson, Critical Drinker (Will Jordan) and Nerdrotic (Gary Buechler) is worth the time. Critical Drinker & Nerdrotic: How The Internet DESTROYED Woke Hollywood | ‘We Are The Culture Now’🔥

  2. I resorted years ago to convert the YT videos, download and then upload, which takes a bit more time, but is less the hassle than using their embed, which I too find glitchy at times. Or if the video is pulled, I still have it. Sorry I can't diagnose any better.

  3. Both worked for me, although youtube used my much lower volume setting from my last watched video and the other was full blast.

    Win8, FFox a few iterations old, uBlock Origin. I'm signed in to youtube though, so that might make a difference.


    1. Thanks.

      I have been trying to figure out if the extensions - like uBlock Origin - are in the way. I will try logging on. I will have to look at Firefox version issues. Google also really hates my VPN...


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