27 February 2024

Tuesday Links - 27 February

Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony starts things rolling with Daily News Stuff 24 February 2024: Turkeys All The Way Down Edition

The Florida state legislature has passed a law banning children under 16 from social media. (Associated Press)

I'll have to read the text of the bill, but this seems doomed both constitutionally and practically. Children under 13, you may have a case, and that is essentially the law already. But if you're trying to ban teenagers from YouTube and TikTok, that's simply not going to work.

Meep at Stump - Classics on Leadership

My argument: read the classics — they’re chock full of stories relevant to leadership.

Drake's Place - 100,000’s More Gun Safes Added to RECALL… Safes from MAJOR RETAILERS AFFECTED. Biometric guns safes are not safe.

What is going on with the gun safe bio-metric option? Something is either seriously flawed or is it being done deliberately? Why do I ask this? 1) I don't believe in coincidences. 2) If I did believe in coincidences, the number of instances of this happening with bio-metric options greatly exceeds what I would consider or define as a "coincidence."

The Other McCain - Trump Stomps Haley in S.C.

There are a lot of sad faces on CNN tonight (I watch CNN so you don’t have to). All week long, they’ve been hyping up Nikki Haley’s chances in the South Carolina and . . . Well, it ain’t happening.

Legal Insurrection - Media Doesn’t Want To Talk About How Murder Of Georgia Nursing Student Was By Illegal Alien With Criminal Record

Scrambling to obscure that he’s in this country illegally, that the open border policies they support have lead directly to this bright young woman’s death, they have called him everything from an “Athens [Georgia] man” to just plain old “suspect.” Heck, Newsweek even found a way to tie this horrendous crime by an illegal alien to . . . MAGA. You can’t make this stuff up.

Again from The Other McCain - Anti-Israel Protester Does What Every Anti-Israel Protester Should Do (Is #SelfImmolateForPalestine Trending?)

But the main thing is, how can we encourage the whole kook-mob of lefties to emulate the late Aaron Bushnell? Like, wouldn’t it be great if the entire student body of Harvard University just decided to light themselves on fire, en masse, in support of Hamas?

Pirate's Cove - Retailers Test Out New Way Of Reducing Crime In San Francisco

It’s a hardware store. And customers have to wait for help like this is a high end jewelry or suit store, getting waited on. But, they also cannot come in to the store. They’re literally blocking customers from coming in to get what they want. Would you wait?

Adaptive Curmudgeon gets the last word with Curmudgeon’s Non-Vacation: Part 4: The Joys Of Home Ownership

I walked to the basement and found an inch of water on the floor. BAM! My simple little plans took a headshot!

Adulting sucks.

Every hope, dream, positive vibe, and spring in my step evaporated. Game over man!

I alerted Mrs. Curmudgeon that there was a leak, that the mini-vacation was canceled, and also that life was a useless slog of misery. (I was not a happy camper.)


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