09 February 2024

Friday Links - 9 February

Clifton Duncan starts us off with a report from the Grammy Awards. How 2 Artists Healed America in 5 Minutes

For the first time in years, the Grammy Awards were relevant...for roughly 5 minutes. But that was all that was needed to temporarily ease the pain of an ailing nation.

National Shooting Sports Federation (NSSF) - ‘Suck it Up’ Gun Control Congresswoman’s Private Security Payments Get More Scrutiny

Rep. Bush is the latest – and possibly the most hypocritical – example of “Rights for me, not for thee.” Her gun control activism pushes restrictions on law-abiding Americans and severely limits their ability to protect themselves. In the same breath, she’ll casually explain away why she pays exorbitant amounts for private protection.

Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony - Daily News Stuff 6 February 2024:In The Year 3535 Edition

Oh, were you using that? Facebook is deprecating its Groups API. (Tech Crunch)

If you use that to maintain communication with customers, well, it's gonna be dead in three months. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Jim Treacher - Tracy Chapman and Shane Gillis Prove Everybody Wrong

Got that? It’s racist that Combs grew up loving a song by a gay black woman, and sang a cover version that became a smash hit, and brought that gay black woman a whole new generation of fans and put a lot of money in her pocket.

Chicago Contrarian - Chicago’s Worst in Media 2023

In many cities across the country, media outlets are seen as taking sides, often encouraging a polarized set of opinions. News media is also frequently criticized for refusing to call out lies, for deliberately holding back information, or creating a false equivalence of partisan opinions.

Nowhere in the country is media more guilty of creating news stories riddled with bias, errors, narrative setting, obscuring facts, and pack reporting than Chicago.

Impro Guns - Drug dealer SMG

A fairly new Brazilian creation following the trend of standardizing around Glock magazines.

The Other McCain - Blue Whales Are Decadent and Depraved

What kind of twisted West Virginia hillbilly freak show is this? “Mating with other species” and — AND! — “their hybrid offspring”?

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