10 February 2024

The Sad State of Oakland, CA

From The Other McCain we get the following. Foxes, Henhouses, Crime and Oakland

The first thing you have to know about Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price is that the first time she ran for the office, she got $130,000 for her campaign from George Soros. Price lost that 2018 race to the incumbent, who chose not to seek reelection in 2022. Price ran again and won with 53% of the vote, “defeating a veteran local prosecutor and making history as the first Black person to hold the office.”

Joe Biden got 80% of the vote in the county. And Price ran on an "anti-incarceration" platform. That's right, the people of Oakland, and surrounding area voted for a prosecutor who is not in favor of law and order. Can you guess everything that happened after that? Here's one thing...

Between this insane “criminal justice reform” and the fact that the local prosecutor is a Soros-funded leftist who got elected on “an anti-incarceration platform,” it has become practically impossible to operate any kind of retail business in Alameda County. Denny’s and In-and-Out both closed their Oakland locations in recent weeks, citing the out-of-control crime that jeopardized the safety of restaurant employees.

Think about that. Here you have a community so dangerous that they don’t even have burger joints and diners because the city is overrun by criminals

There is more. RTWT.

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