05 February 2024

7 Egyptian Migrants Rape 13-year-old Italian Girl

Don't expect to see this story covered by the mainstream media. Police: 7 Egyptian migrants raped 13-year-old Italian girl in public bathroom, beat up boyfriend who tried to protect her | Not the Bee

They dragged her into a public bathroom and two of the teens, aged between 14-19, sexually assaulted the girl while the other five guys watched and kept the boyfriend out.

Mass immigration and the destruction of law and order.

Click thru. There is more on the current Italian government, such as the fact that Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni ran on a platform of deportations, but changed her tune as soon as she was in office.


  1. And just think, the Italians make some world class firearms. I own several myself. Sounds like it's time for Italians to start using them.

    1. Europe is too far gone to ever get back to the place of believing that self-defense is a human right. You MUST rely on the state for your safety, even though the state cannot provide it, and is actively working to erode what safety there was.

    2. There was one article in Italian referenced, but for the past decade or so, the European press has declined to even cover these stories. Doesn't fit the narrative, Far-right propaganda, the Far-right will gain ground, it will encourage discrimination, ...


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