05 February 2024

Concealed Carry and Self-Defense in Chicago

Both are becoming a thing, but I doubt the bad guys will get that memo and change their ways. Chicago shooting: Man with CCL gets into Edgewater shootout with would-be robber on North Winthrop Avenue, CPD says - ABC7 Chicago

A would-be robbery victim with a concealed carry license got into a shootout with a suspect on the Far North Side early Tuesday morning.

Edgewater is one of the 77 neighborhoods in Chicago. It is on the far north side of the city, and as the name implies, is bordered by Lake Michigan to the east. It had been a lesbian and gay enclave in the 1990s, as the gentrification of Lakeview, generally known as Boystown, pushed a lot of people out of that neighborhood due to rising rents.

He was walking, in Edgewater, VERY early in the morning, when two cars stopped and one person got out and demanded his stuff.

The victim, who has a Firearm Owners Identification card and CCL, also pulled out a gun, and there was a shootout, police said.

The would-be victim was not injured. It isn't clear if the would-be robber was injured or not. The bad guys drove away.

Police are investigating, but I doubt anything will come of this.

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