14 November 2023

Tuesday Links

Zero Hedge is up first with an explanation of the bond markets Treasury Auctions Explained For People With Short Attention Spans

Given that the market took a sharp turn lower on Thursday afternoon after the results of a dogsh*t (technical finance term #8203) 30 year treasury auction that posted a stunning 5.3 bps tail and a bid to cover that was the lowest since December 2021, I thought it would be a good idea to refresh myself and my readers on…well, exactly what the f*ck all that stuff means.

Small Dead Animals is next with a story from the country formerly known as Great Britain. Whatsisname’s Britain – Bumped For More Chewy Diversity Goodness!

Where the foxes caper unmolested, the government packs your school lunch and Bobbies bar native born British “right wing thugs” from reaching the Cenotaph on Remembrance Day.

Or, they attempted to.

The Other McCain on Trump and his hold on the Left: Still Living Rent-Free in Their Heads

For some people, politics is a sort of religion, and the defeat of their favorite candidate is an unbearable blow to their sense of identity. They actually believe all the overblown rhetoric of political campaigns, so that when you tell someone like Kevin Allred that the Republican candidate is “literally Hitler,” they behave as if this were really true.

The New American - Judge Awards Christian Student $150K After School Compelled Idol Worship

A young Christian woman who sued after her high school allegedly coerced her into participating in a Hindu meditation program has been awarded $150,000 by a federal judge.

Marginally Compelling - Playing By The Cancellation Rules

But a place like Harvard is playing on their own game board. They define the rules. And, if they cancel a group or individual for their speech, they have communicated that it is within the bounds of the game to demand consequences for speech. It is not a hypocrisy to demand that they play by the rules that have themselves set down and that they apply the same rules to everyone who is under their jurisdiction.

Again from The Other McCain - The Strange Return of ‘Radical Chic’

This simplistic reduction of the Mideast geopolitics to a formula of victims (Palestinians) and their oppressors (Israel) is very reminiscent of Lenny Bernstein’s belief that raising money for the Panthers was the height of enlightenment in 1970. The Panthers were a gang of dangerous criminals using Marxist rhetoric as a masquerade for what was, in fact, a racketeering operation.

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