16 May 2023

Tuesday Links - 16 May

The Other McCain is up first with Crazy People Are Dangerous

While I don’t think the quality of psychiatric care in the Cook County correctional system is ideal, at least she won’t be attacking random strangers with baseball bats.

EBL - Saturday Girls with Guns

Saturday night is right for girls with guns...

Power Line - First Thing, Let’s Fire All the Teachers

Well, probably not all. But when did public school education become, on net, a force for evil?

Granite Grok - Twenty Years, $5 Trillion, 2% Results

Obviously, the Green Energy folks led by John Kerry, Al Gore, and the Wiz Kid, Greta Thunberg, are not mathematicians. In the last twenty years, the world has invested $5 Trillion, most of it in America, for a net reduction in fossil fuels of 2%.

Tam at View from the Porch - Disintegration

A lot of people are noticing an increasing fragmentation of social media, back towards some prior state.

The Other McCain again - I, For One, Welcome Our New Anti-White Racist Asian Academic Overlords

No, ma’am. Don’t think you can play that game as if we’re too dumb to see what you’re doing. Either the university is a meritocracy, or it’s not, and if you think you can split the difference, using wedge tactics to divide and conquer, you’re apt to learn a hard lesson about consequences. When that big Wheel o’ Karma turns, don’t come crying to me.

Meep at Stump - Did New Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Inherit The Worst City Pensions in the Country?

Brandon Johnson was sworn in as Chicago mayor on May 15, and I already sent my condolences when he “won” the election.

It’s not much in the way of winning when you have to deal with the disaster that are Chicago pensions.

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