21 March 2023

Why Does This All Sound Like Operation Blue Beam?

I didn't used to be much for conspiracy theories, but given that so many appear to have been proved true, you have to look at the rest... Pentagon Officials Suggest that Alien Mothership May Visit Our Solar System and Launch Smaller Probes to Earth (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Pentagon officials suggested in a draft paper that alien visitors to our solar system might be sending out smaller probes to Earth similar to NASA’s missions studying other worlds, New York Posted.

From the UFO patents, to the San Diego Tic Tac, to the Air Force shooting down "UFOs," there is a whole bunch of news stories that are surreal.

First off, do you really think that the Air Force could shoot down craft from a civilization that can cross interstellar space? Yes, you can be killed by a club or a spear, but it would be like a stone-age human, or an 18th Century farmer, shooting down a stealth fighter. And if it happened, don't you think a "no one left behind" motto might mean that the survivors/victims/debris would be scooped up and carried away? The whole thing has always been suspect.

Now we are all but being told that UFOs exist, and are apparently hostile. Blue Beam said that a 'simulated alien invasion' would be the pretext for impossition of a dictatorial world government.

The idea that an external threat would be used to "unite the world" was not new in 1994, with Operation Blue Beam. There was a 1963 episode of The Outer Limits entitled "The Architects of Fear" in which a group of scientists were going to simulate an alien invasion. In 1971 Ursala K. LeGuin wrote a novel titled The Lathe of Heaven where an alien invasion was seen as the only way to unite the world.

Of course I still see the Fermi Paradox as something that the true believers haven't explained away. Hand-waves do not constitute proof, not even it you want them to.

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