03 February 2023

Friday Links - 3 February

Legal Insurrection starts things rolling with Some British Universities Putting Trigger Warnings on Shakespeare Plays and Greek Tragedies. If you think fiction is "triggering" try reading History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides.

Shakespeare’s works are among England’s greatest contributions to the world. How is this happening?

Zerohedge - "It's Time For The Scientific Community To Admit We Were Wrong About COVID & It Cost Lives"

The problem was not people's ignorance of the facts, it was the organized antagonism and censorship against anyone presenting data that was contradictory to the mandate agenda. This is setting aside proclamations like those from the LA Times, which argued that mocking the deaths of "anti-vaxxers" might be necessary and justified. After two years of this type of arrogant nonsense it's hard to imagine people will be willing to pretend as if all is well.

Jihad Watch - Belgium: Man stabs three people in Metro station, witnesses say he was screaming ‘Allahu akbar,’ but cops rule out terrorism

What do you think accounts for this discrepancy? Were these witnesses all under the influence of hallucinogens? Or do police desperately want to cover up the extent of jihad violence?

Independent Women’s Forum - Why Pessimism is Worsening in America

President Biden said last week that he has “never been more optimistic about America’s future than I am today” but he is increasingly alone in his view.

Moonbattery - 6,000 Gallons to Put Out Spontaneously Igniting Tesla

It can take tens of thousands of gallons to put out the fire after EVs spontaneously ignite. The fires are hotter than normal engine fires and difficult to extinguish with traditional methods. Then they might spontaneously reignite a few days later, due to latent heat, like a trick birthday candle coming back to life after you blow it out.

The Other McCain - You Can’t Run From ‘Air One’

Well, I’m not sure what students are taught at Father Lopez High School, but I’m pretty sure they’re not taught that fleeing from police at 100 mph is legal, if you think you’ve got a child support warrant.

Gateway Pundit - Judge Rules Mysterious People Who Bailed Out FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried from Jail Should be Disclosed by Feb. 7th. SBF didn't kill himself. (I want to get out ahead of this one!)

SBF’s attorney tried to keep the names anonymous after the donors signed a $500,000 and $200,000 bond to spring him from jail.

Sister Toldjah at Red State - The One Thing Missing From Media 'Reports' on FBI Search of Joe Biden’s Rehoboth Home

Already, questions are being raised as to why the public is being made aware of this search – which includes the FBI – from the president’s attorney versus, say, the DOJ or more importantly the mainstream media, whose responsibility it is to learn of these things in advance from their sources and have teams on standby for live reports/photos as they apparently did when former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was raided by the FBI last August

The Political Insider - The Ukraine First Crowd Is Now Advocating Giving Them Nuclear Weapons

The latest push by the pro-war think tank American Enterprise Institute’s (AEI) most ridiculous ‘scholars’ would make you think they are doubling as content writers for the Babylon Bee, except they aren’t, which is sadder than it is funny.

Again from The Other McCain - ‘A Very Minuscule Number’

So, in a state currently spending more than a million dollars a day to build this “Train to Nowhere,” you can’t dismiss California’s talk about reparations as a joke, because California is a place where political jokes have a way of becoming catastrophic realities.

Power Line - The Daily Chart: Liberal Students Are the Worst

Yesterday the University of Wisconsin released the results of a student survey on campus free expression issues taken on all of its campuses, and many of the results demonstrate that the censoriousness to typical of campuses today is driven largely by students who classify themselves as “very liberal.”

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