05 August 2022

Good Guys 4, Bad Guys 0

They thought it was a good idea to rob a liquor store with AR-15-style rifles. They were wrong. Store Owner, 80, Fends Off Armed Robbers With Shotgun Blast: ‘He Shot My Arm Off!'

Four guys in a stolen SUV drive up to a liquor store. One gets out and goes inside. The owner/clerk watching on his newly-installed cameras is ready, and shoots one with a shotgun.

A couple more were on their way into the store, when the shooting took place. They all ran like rabbits.

The injured suspect was found in a nearby hospital where he was being treated for a gunshot wound, the sheriff's department said. He remained hospitalized in critical, but stable, condition and will be booked into jail after he's released from the hospital.

The other three suspects were found in the hospital's parking lot inside the BMW, which had been previously reported as stolen. They were arrested and booked on suspicion of robbery and conspiracy charges, authorities said. They are from Inglewood, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and are being held on $500,000 bail.

"In this case, a lawfully armed member of our community prevented a violent crime and ensured their own safety while being confronted with multiple armed suspects," the sheriff's department said in a statement.

The store owner did suffer a heart attack after going through this, but he is recovering.

So how do the gun-haters think an an 80-year-old store-owner should defend himself from 4 thugs? If you eliminate all guns, then what is he to do? Four 20-something miscreants could beat him to death.

Hat tip to The Daley Gator: Wrong store thugs:

Thus always to thugs.

Self-defense is a human-right.

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