05 July 2022

The NYPD Exodus of 2022

Are we shocked? NYPD exodus 'has become a stampede:' PBA leader Patrick Lynch

The Progressives wanted fewer police. They got fewer police, and they got more crime. They probably wanted that as well.

The NYPD’s rank-and-file took another huge hit in June, as 523 cops are leaving the force, with 123 of those officers resigning — the most in a single month in at least a decade, according to staggering pension fund stats obtained by The Post.

Of the total number of cops exiting, 400 are retiring, according to a police source.

The line at NYPD HQ where officers turn in their ID and shield was described as looking like "a concert ticket giveaway," on June 30th, with 100s of cops lining up.

To date, 2,119 cops have left the job in 2022, with 1,472 retiring and 647 resigning, a 38% spike over the previous record of 1,535 for the first six months of 2020, the attrition numbers show.

And it is noted that fewer cops, will mean more overtime, which eventually will mean fewer cops as more of them burn out.

New York City's vaccine mandate is currently on "pause." If they reinstate it, my guess is that a lot more will be gone.

I am not an apologist for cops. If you read this blog you have probably seen an entry in either the "Cops Behaving Badly" category, or the "Cops Behaving Stupidly" category. Cops generally should strive to be better, and certainly to get rid of bad cops, and stupid cops. But we need to enforce the Rule of Law. Because without order there is chaos, which is what we are starting to see in the large cities. Shoplifting as a way of life, carjacking that results in no time in jail, and more as non-prosecutors like NYC's Alvin Bragg, and Chicago's Kim Foxx decide that punishing crime is an outdated idea.

It is really hard to blame the cops in NYPD, or in any of the big cities, for heading for the exits, when the conditions that they have to work under are so horrible.

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