05 July 2022

Tuesday Links - 5 July

A slightly short Tuesday Links post. Between life and a holiday... Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Techno Fog starts us off with The greatest threat to "democracy" is from our elected representatives.

Federal policies have caused inflation to hit a 40-year high of 8.6% (or, using Carter-era calculations, 16%) for this past year, with energy prices rising 34.6%, eggs up 32.2%, and gas prices up nearly 50%. The cost of meat – ground beef, steaks, pork, poultry – might more than double next year, as the costs to raise livestock skyrockets. The average national price for gas exceeded $5 for the first time in history, causing the typical American household to spend “$160 more on gas a month than a year ago.” Overall, “typical US household is spending about $460 more every month than they did last year to purchase the same basket of goods and services.”

The Other McCain - Annual Bruce Catton Appreciation Post. A History Lesson: You might learn something. (It will only hurt for a minute.)

This is, of course, the third day of the Battle of Gettysburg, the day of Pickett’s doomed charge against the Army of the Potomac’s center on Cemetery Ridge, and Custer’s more successful charge against Wade Hampton’s cavalry brigade in the East Cavalry Field.

Townhall Democrats Burned Money to Meddle in Republican Primaries in Colorado, and It Backfired Terribly

On Tuesday, many primary races took place across the country, including in Colorado, where Democrats made news for meddling in Republican primaries, a move in violation of state and federal law, which backfired terribly. Overall, Democrats looked to have spent what looks to be $14 million, including an estimated $10 million in the Senate race.

Legal Insurrection - Having Scoffed at Trump’s Warnings, Germany Now Fears Complete Russian Gas Cut-Off. A crisis of Angela Merkel's making. Well, others in her government helped.

The U.S. and German media regularly mocked the former president for his prescient warning. Even members of Chancellor Merkel’s government ridiculed him for these earnest warnings. [SNIP]

As Trump’s predictions come true, the German political elites and the media aren’t laughing anymore. And with all German eggs in Putin’s basket, Berlin fears a “gas crisis” that could cripple the nation’s industry and disrupt everyday life.

The Other McCain - A Story Too Good to Check? A story with NO details, just happens to appear to support some Leftist's narrative on abortion.

I don’t trust this kind of “just so” anecdote anchoring a story like this, especially when there is nothing else about the case reported in the story. While I’m not willing to go so far as to call it “fake news,” my editor’s eye immediately noticed the omission of any corroborating details. [SNIP]

Nothing to see here, folks. Just another tiny example of how the news media are slowly destroying their own credibility.

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