03 June 2022

Uvalde - Expecting "The System" to Save You is Foolish

American Thinker is up next because this story has important details. Uvalde: The new face of policing

The cops will suffer no repercussions for doing nothing at the Uvalde school shooting. That has been shown time and again. They do nothing. (OK so the Sheriff in Broward County, FL lost his job after that school shooting.)

The story grows worse with each new detail. Cops took nearly twenty minutes to get to the school in a ten-minute-wide town. Once there, they entered the school, took some fire resulting in minor injuries, and fled — no Fallujah vets here. Outside, they harassed, attacked, and arrested fearful parents begging them to do their jobs. At some point, a number of off-duty Border Patrolmen arrived but were denied permission to engage. As many as eighteen locals finally entered the school, but their tac chief decided it had transformed into a "barricade situation," which, according to the book, evidently means that no action is necessary, so instead, they moped about in the hallway.

So they couldn't be bothered to save kids, but they could arrest unarmed parents. A great use of taxpayer funds.

American Conservative has a more philosophical take on Uvlade: Courage Unto the Breach

It has been often said, and truly, that the man who does not know when to die, does not know how to live. I wonder then how some of the police of Uvalde, Texas, can live. For surely if there was an occasion to die, and die well, it was last week, when dying children were calling 911 from just behind a door. But they waited instead, and let a Border Patrol Tactical Unit do what they should have done: go into the breach and risk death to kill the gunman and save the children.

You should read both of those articles.

Oh... Apparently Uvalde PD is no longer cooperating with the State of Texas to investigate exactly what happened.

Here is a photo of the Uvalde SWAT Team. I have seen reports that they suck up 40 percent of their department's budget, but I can find no definitive source on that. (I have not looked too hard.) Whatever the percentage, do the people of Uvalde get anything aside from snappy photos on the internet? They may look cool. They are definitely not cool.

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  1. Dear God! I truly have no words for such as this.


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