10 June 2022

Shoplifting Is Not a Crime in NYC

Or not much of one. NYC DA downgrades Macy's-loving serial shoplifter's charges

The DA doesn't want to prosecute this guy, even after he has repeatedly struck at Macy's stores around the city.

Gonzalez, 35, had also been freed to strike again after his at least five other arrests so far this year, including at Manhattan and Queens Macy’s outlets, according to police sources.

And they are a loss to determine why crime is on the rise.

His case is just the latest in a spike in shoplifting in the Big Apple that has retailers concerned about staying afloat despite the rash of thefts.

“Serial shoplifting is one of the most debilitating crimes for retailers,” Kathy Wylde, president of non-profit business group Partnership for New York, said Tuesday.

As they say, elections have consequences, and the people of NYC and New York State have elected a bunch of Woke, Social Justice Warriors who don't care if stores go out of business, or restaurants close. I'm not sure they care about crime at all, not if it interferes with signalling their virtue.

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