17 May 2022

The Lone Voice In Russia Is Still Speaking

I am surprised that they keep having this guy on Russian TV. And to be fair, he isn't the ONLY voice in Russia... Ukraine war: Retired colonel tells Russian state media 'the whole world is against us' | Daily Mail Online. That would be Mikhail Khodarenok.

Russian state media's trumped-up narrative of Putin's glorious war in Ukraine was last night shattered by a retired colonel who gave an unusually frank and damning assessment of the situation on the frontlines and world stage.

Mikhail Khodarenok, a former air defence commander and graduate of some of the Soviet Union's top military schools, used his platform on one of Russia's most-watched talk shows to warn that the war is going badly and is likely to get worse

This is not the first time Mikhail Khodaryonok has spoken up as a voice of dissent. I would love to believe that his latest remarks - at length, on a popular TV show - mean that something is afoot in the Kremlin. But I doubt it.

There is more, on the propaganda arm of the Russian media, on a few admissions of failure coming from official Russian sources, and some genuine updates on the fighting, including the fact that it appears Putin is now micromanaging the fighting at the level usually handled by brigadiers or colonels. Click thru.

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