10 May 2022

Pro-Crime Policies Have an Impact

Just not the ones that the people of NYC thought they would get. Or so I'm guessing. Crime rates keeping workers out of NYC offices not COVID, study shows | Fox News

Less than 40% of office workers in Manhattan go into the office on a typical week day, according to a study by the Partnership for New York City that is set to be released Monday.

Tolls. Transit. Lunch at restaurants. Coffee on the way into the office. These are all things those "missing" workers are not paying for.

Kathryn Wylde, who is president and CEO of the group, said during a radio Sunday interview on WABC that the city's declining office attendance is not because of COVID-19 but rather "the public safety problem" and rampant homelessness.

With the conditions that apply in NYC today, I would not work there. Or in LA, or any one of a bunch of other cities.

What conditions you ask? Consider my recent post on the status of Subway crime in NYC: Ride The Subway? Not Until It Is Safe. Cops won't arrest anyone, because they are back on the street before the paperwork is finished. "Why bother" should be the new motto of the NYPD. It is hard to blame them for feeling any other way.

So how bad will things have to be before NYC decides that enforcing the law is a good idea, and votes accordingly?

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