13 January 2022

Your Life Is Not Worth $20 to Criminals

And they Will kill you because they are mad about 20 bucks. Taco Bell employee fatally shot by gunman after apparent argument at drive-thru in South Los Angeles, LAPD says - ABC7 Los Angeles.

Relatives who spoke with Eyewitness News on Sunday said the dispute started over what they believe was a fake $20 bill. They say Garcia was working the night shift at the restaurant alongside his son. The argument started when the son allegedly refused to accept what appeared to be a counterfeit $20 bill from the suspected shooters.

They apparently were upset by that, and since there is no other reaction in the repertoire of criminals, they started shooting.

[Garcia] got shot in the heart, and that's what killed him, and he died there ... in front of his son's presence."

Garcia leaves behind three children. Family members say he worked at the restaurant one night a week to earn extra money for his family.

Western Civilization was built, among other things, by ideas of Right and Wrong, and the Rule of Law. Western Civilization was nice while it lasted.

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