04 December 2021

The Curse of the Fold

YouTube suggested a playlist called "Dark Country," and while I don't like all of it, some of it is quite good. It is apparently part of a musical genre known as Gothic Country, which itself is a subset of Alternative Country. Some of the Country I've been listening too, reminds me of 1970s Rock. Even the stuff that is clearly in the Country & Western genre doesn't seem to annoy me the way old school Country usually does. Some of the new stuff is as annoying as Pop Music today. But not this selection.

Here's a link the lyrics, for completeness.

This song is "The Curse of the Fold" by Shawn James from his 2018 album The Dark & The Light.

Some video somewhere (Rick Beato probably) suggested that as what passes for Pop Music today has abandoned songwriting. Country, or at least some of it, has stepped up to embrace real songwriting. And I refuse to listen to the same 100 songs that were popular when I was in High School. (That is what most people listen too, the 100 or so songs that they loved when they were between 14 and 18.)

I was going to include a link the playlist, but most of the songs all sound the same, with a few exceptions. And it is easy enough to find playlists on YT.

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