04 December 2021

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Rock & Roll"

The Feral Irishman asks Where Were You On August 1, 1981??

Click thru for the first 2 hours of MTV. Or at least the 1st 10 minutes or so.

The classic space shuttle start, followed by "Video Killed The Radio Star" by The Buggles, the evolution of music and TV, culminating (of course) in MTV. That was followed by Pat Benatar, and "You Better Run" from her album Crimes of Passion, and everything that followed in the years after that.

They took the music out of MTV. They changed the Sci-Fi Channel's name to SyFy, and eliminated science fiction. The History Channel was talking about alien invasions the last time I had access to cable, which was a decade or more ago...


  1. A two hours well spent walking down memory lane.
    Gosh, everybody looked so... young...

  2. It was 40 years ago. We were all young.


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