04 December 2021

Absolute Insanity or Liberal Policy?

Or both? It can be hard to tell the difference. From The Other McCain - ‘Killadelphia’ D.A. Turned Loose Teen Carjacker Who Murdered Marxist Student

Latif Williams (17) was charged with 8 crimes in relation to a carjacking, including aggravated assault and robbery.

Ah, but need I remind you that this is Killadelphia, where Joe Biden got 81% of the vote? The city’s “progressive” District Attorney Larry Krasner has a policy of turning loose criminals, and on Sept. 30, “Judge Martin Coleman granted the D.A.’s motion to withdraw all eight charges against Williams, and he was a free man.”

Shortly after that, he went out and killed 21-year-old college student Samuel Collington.

Are we shocked that with a complete lack of consequences that he went back and did more of the same? I'm not.

But the crazy thing is that Collington's friends don't want his death to impact his work for "social justice."

A friend of Collington’s, Douglas Leake “described his friend . . . as a ‘devout Marxis’ who ‘would not want his death to be used to push any sort of right-wing pro-police agenda such as stop and frisk’

Click thru for more of the insane details.

“Radical justice”? Progressives turn loose the criminals who kill them.

Hard not to view this as a win-win. Way to go, Killadelphia.

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