20 October 2021

What's the Opposite of Diversity? University

I find the two stories in the linked article as a glimmer of hope in bad days. How To Be A Conservative Student On A University Campus Today

Two stories of conservatives on college campuses fighting back against the cancel culture.

It gets harder and harder to be an independent thinker in the midst of one of those indoctrination and groupthink factories known as a university. Step out of line, and at any moment someone can claim to be offended or “triggered” by something completely bland that you may have said. Next thing you know, someone will have tattled on you to the administration. And you know exactly what the administration will do: They will simultaneously mouth platitudes about “free speech” while making every kind of threat, veiled or not, to bring you into line.

Is there any way for you to come out ahead? Within the last few days, a small number of students — one at Yale and two at Arizona State — have given tutorials on how to win at this game.

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